SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 27, 2016: Iona Grace’s Big Natural Breasts Bound As She Is Throatboarded and Made to Cum! | Iona Grace | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 27, 2016: Iona Grace's Big Natural Breasts Bound As She Is Throatboarded and Made to Cum! | Iona Grace | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

If deepthroating were a sport, Iona Grace would have an Olympic gold medal. She is tied down on her back, her naturally huge tits tied so they are thrust rigidly upward and Matt and Dee Williams take turns assaulting her mouth. There seems to be no limit to how much cock she can manage down her throat or how long she can hold her breath. They throat board her without mercy and only after they have railed her pretty face past the point that would leave most girls in a panic does Iona even begin to show signs of wearing down. They add a vibrator to increase the challenge and she has no problem cumming with cock crammed down her open throat. Great work Iona. We are thoroughly impressed.
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HARDTIED: Jul 27, 2016: Morph | Marica Hase/Bondage Babe Gets Used Non-Stop for Forty Minutes

When Marica Hase starts our shoot she is cute and composed, all done up in an outfit and makeup that make her look like the girl next door, with her wrists tied up to our ceiling. Matt Williams isn’t about to let that last long, though. He is intent on transforming Marica into a drooling fuckpuppet by the end of her time here. The best way he can think to do that is to keep her going non-stop until she breaks.

Matt attaches clamps to Marica’s nipples and hangs weights from them before clipping clothespins all up and down her torso. All of them are attached to the same string, so with one little tug they all tear loose. It’s easy to see how much it hurts Marica from both the sexy little yelp she lets out and the fresh red marks all over her tits and stomach. Matt sits her down on a table and vibrates her pussy until he has heard enough of the whimpering, little noises she makes. Then he takes the table out from under her and leaves her hanging, suspended by the rope binding her arms and legs, like a human wrecking ball.

Matt’s session with Marica Hase is not like other sessions we have in our studio. There are no cuts, no breaks, just one continuous feed of unending BDSM torment. Unlike other models, Merica does not get to take a moment to breathe and compose herself. She has to keep going, enduring whatever fun Matt wants to have with her in an endless stream of increasingly brutal rope bondage positions. Marica gets spanked, choked, and caned continuously, and each time, she lets out a little squeak or shriek encouraging her handler to keep going.
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FUCKING MACHINES: Jul 27, 2016 – Sophia Leone/Fresh meat, Sophia Leone gets machine fucked for the first time.

FUCKING MACHINES: Jul 27, 2016 - Sophia Leone/Fresh meat, Sophia Leone gets machine fucked for the first time.

Sophia is brand spanking new, and is ready for her first machine fucking. She is a little shy at first but once we get her naked and start fucking her, we get to see how much of a slut she is. We like sluts around here, especially the ones that look this fucking hot!!
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Jul 27, 2016 – Tommy Pistol , John Strong , and Mickey Mod/A “Daria” Parody – Daria’s Big Bang

HARDCORE GANG BANG: Jul 27, 2016 - Tommy Pistol  , John Strong  , and Mickey Mod/A

Daria’s roommate Jane decides its time for Daria to finally lose her virginity & boy does she. Trent, his dirtbag friends & the principal make sure that Daria gets manhandled, face fucked, ass fucked, double penetrated, AND gets two cocks shoved in her ass until this cum hungry whore begs for a filthy bukkake mess all over her face. It is a Sick Sad World.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Bar Loser Bullied by Bratty Roommates (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Bratty roommates Charlotte and Gwen invite a loser form the bar to come home with them. He probably thinks hes about to get a threesome, but really they just invited him over to humiliate him. After talking about the loser behind his back while hes in the bathroom, the mean roommates make the bar loser sit on the floor instead of next to them on the couch. We were curious, how big is your penis? Charlotte blurts out. Its small, isnt it. Gwen states. The loser just looks at the floor in shame without answering. Lets see it! Charlotte demands. The roommates make the loser stand and drop his pants. They point and laugh at the losers small penis. No girl will ever fuck you. Gwen tells him. Charlotte adds, The only thing youre good for is rubbing and kissing feet. Charlotte makes the loser sit on the floor and smell her feet. Come on loser, kiss my feet, show me how bad you wanted to fuck me tonight. The loser kisses Charlottes feet while Gwen giggles behind her hand. Charlotte and Gwen humiliate the bar loser by making him lick the bottoms of their feet. They remind him again and again that he will never fuck a girl like them while he worships. The roommates decide that they like humiliating the loser so much, they want to keep him in a cage, so that they can have him service their feet whenever they feel like it. They actually have been looking for a third roommate, and the bar loser will be perfect. He can pay 100 percent of the rent and all of the utilities and have the cage for his room. Of course, hell have to stay in chastity the entire time. Its only appropriate for a pin dick loser living with two hot women to be in chastity the entire time. The loser theyve found at the bar will make the perfect slave for them.
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Mean Bratty Princess Makes Your Cock Throb With Only Her Words

HumiliationPOV welcomes Bratty Ashley Sinclair!

Every time I humiliate you it makes you cum. You can’t help it, you just love being humiliated by me. I mean I just stand here fully dressed, in my cute little skirt, my tight top, I’m not showing you any nudity at all. I just degrade you with my words and you get all worked up. The more humiliating things you hear me say to you, the harder your pathetic cock gets. And that makes you and your entire existence completely pathetic. You don’t crave sex or even nudity, just a mean brat, that’s all you need to make you cum. How fucking sad.

You’ve become so conditioned to this that you don’t even want sex and no woman wants anything like you. You’re a joke. You’re an idiot we laugh at. This whole ‘loser’ thing isn’t new to you, you’ve been a loser your whole life. And that’s never going to change. You will be a pathetic little loser for the rest of your lonely, sorry joke of a life. I know that sounds kinda harsh but you need to hear the truth in order to get hard, don’t you?

You can look at me fully dressed all you want loser. You will never have a girl like me and I’ll never get naked for you because I don’t have to! And not only will you not have me, but you’ll never be with anyone, because you prefer to spend all of your free time alone, jerking off. I know that you get really hard when you look at me, and think about me, and listen to me humiliate you, and you cum thinking about me but at least I don’t have to see it. Eww if I did I wouldn’t make these videos. And not only do I not want to see it, but neither does any other girl. Sucks to be you.

So here you are again, behind your computer, jerking off, paying to be humiliated by a hot brat fully clothed! This is your fucking life loser! And you love it. That’s so fucked up, do you realize that? You crave this abuse, you want more and more humiliation. And the meaner I am, the harder you get, the more you love it. I call you a fucking loser and your cock just throbs, it’s uncontrollable, there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ll bet I could make you cum just from being mean to you, without you even stroking.

You could probably sit there all day and listen to my voice as I tell you how ridiculously pathetic you are. I make you cum so hard, don’t I loser? That’s why you’ll never stop. I’m so amazing that I can make you cum fully dressed. And luckily for you I love humiliating guys like you.
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cfnmtv: Camera Shy (Part 1-2)

cfnmtv: Camera Shy (Part 1-2)

Ben has been distracted from his work. Something far more exciting and tantalising is happening to him after a female stranger starts to message him on his computer. Aroused and in her thrall, Ben finds himself displaying his pert young body for her viewing pleasure.
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