Month: February 2016

DIVINE BITCHES: Feb 26, 2016 – Lorelei Lee and Ryan Patrix

DIVINE BITCHES: Feb 26, 2016 - Lorelei Lee and Ryan Patrix

An hour with Mistress Lorelei Lee will make you a better man. Ryan Patrix learns this the hard way. Lorelei is sick of slave boys who think submission is all about getting their cocks rewarded. She teaches this new slut that real submission is pain. Her new slave endures ball busting, CBT, cock bondage, tease and denial, strap-on fucking and being made to clean up all his mistress’ cum.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Feb 26, 2016 | London River | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Feb 26, 2016 | London River | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

The one. The only. The London River. This flexible fucktoy is back in all of her glory and ready to. As she does. And we have a special set up to put this one through her paces. Not many are as flexible as London. We plan on taking full advantage of that fact.

A custom made wooden bondage device spreads her thighs wide and leaves that shaved pussy wide open and ready for access. That glorious ass is ripe and juicy and that pussy calls out for the cock. We oblige as London does what she does best, namely lose her everliving mind. Cock as that effect on her.

As London cums and cries and screams and cums. As she is wont to do. 10 inches of massive black cock reshapes her to a custom fit as she goes cross eyed from pleasure. The bondage keeps her firmly in place as we rail her down. She can not escape, all she can do is take the dick. Which we dish out in spades.

The two cocks tag team her down into a drooling and destroyed glassy eyed mess. London is undone. She gleefully dives deep into sexual subspace as we remove her brains by dick via her cunt. Bless this sexual animal, we simply can’t get enough. She will be back. And soon.
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WHIPPED ASS: Feb 26, 2016 – Veruca James and Christie Stevens

WHIPPED ASS: Feb 26, 2016 - Veruca James and Christie Stevens

When blonde bombshell Christie Stevens meets with expert divorce lawyer Veruca James she strikes a deal to free her from her marriage to a neglectful husband. Veruca seduces Christie to make her payments with kinky lesbian sexual servitude including kissing, spanking, pussy liking, finger banging, flogging, face sitting, ass worship, bondage, and pussy and anal strap-on fucking!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Feb 26, 2016 – Izamar Gutierrez and Mimosa

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Feb 26, 2016 - Izamar Gutierrez and Mimosa

Izamar Gutierrez is taking on the biggest girl on our Roster. Mimosa is over 200lbs of voluptuous woman! This BBW brings the heat to Izamar. Winner rides the loser hard in a hard core round 4. Tit slapping, Spanking, Pussy fucking and Anal orgasms
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: February 26, 2016 | Lobster Girl | Abigail Dupree

INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: February 26, 2016 | Lobster Girl | Abigail Dupree

Abigail Dupree came here to quench her thirst for intense BDSM. Jack Hammer came here to take a sexy, young woman, strip her down and put her to the ultimate test of her limits. She was expecting a lover who would dote on her and pay attention to her needs. What she got instead was a strong man, dispassionately going about breaking her body and her will.

He comes to her, splits her pantyhose with a knife, and begins fucking her with Mr. Pogo while she screams into her gag. She should count herself as lucky that he didn’t use the knife. All three of her holes are going to get a work out. The metal hook will take her ass, and the dildos and gags will teach her the two most important things she can do with her mouth, sucking cock and keeping quiet.

But she is lobster girl for a reason. Jack has a huge bath of water ready, and a blow torch making sure it’s nice and hot. Caged and drooling, Abigail is in a state of complete panic as he begins to lower her into the pot. Screaming and crying, Abigail’s worst fears are coming true. Maybe she should have been better at enticing Jack to keep her around.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Feb 26, 2016 – The Pope and Kacie Castle

DEVICE BONDAGE: Feb 26, 2016 - The Pope and Kacie Castle

Kacie says she can take pain. She says that she can take a lot of pain and smile. Kacie is about to find out exactly how fucking sadistic I am. She is as tough as she said she was, but that doesn’t mean that she can handle everything, and I intend to prove that. The corporal punishment is brutal, the torment is relentless, and the suffering is monumental. Her orgasms may be the most intense thing of the entire day.
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cfnmtv: Peter’s Story (Part 1-2)

After football practice all Peter wanted to do was take a shower and relax. But the privacy of the bathroom has been rudely interrupted when his cousin and a group of her friends spy on him as he towels himself dry. Now they’ve grabbed hold of him in his bedroom and are determined to have some fun.
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Subby Hubby: Marsha May Boot Jerk Off/Free Rent Jerk

When Marsha May shows up to see his room for rent, her potential landlord is happy that such a pretty girl might be moving in. But Marsha is not convinced that the tiny room is worth that much, and besides, wouldn’t he rather work something out? The potential landlord is totally down with the idea, and soon Marsha has his dick in her hands, jerking him off!

But just when he is about to cum, Marsha takes her hands off his dick, then goes back to stroking it again. After this happens a few times,Marsha stands up, so he does as well. He starts to confront Marsha about why she stopped, but she demands that, if he wants to cum, he had better get on his fucking knees right now! She just laughs as he complies. She then orders him to jerk off, making sure that, when he cums, it is all over her boot. Marsha orders him to eat his cum off of her boot and then the floor, which he does. Marsha tells him that he is now her bitch and, if he ever wants to cum again, he will have the keys to her free room ready when she returns with her things.
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Mistress Nikita: SSPOV Six Inch Studs

You wish you could be so close to these gorgeous Italian made black patent studded sandals with six-inch heels (no platform). Just look at the high arch they create for my super shiny hose smothered feet! How would you like to get your shoe rag of a tongue down there between the inner sole and my toes? I think not, but perhaps I’ll allow you to lick the dust from those beautiful shiny red soles. It doesn’t much matter as long as you understand your place at the end of my chain leash well beneath my fetish footwear. Who knows… maybe I’ll blindfold you so all you can do is listen to the click of those sharp six inch stiletto heels on the hard wood floor. Another Shoe Slave POV video!
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Humiliation POV Amyleen Moore: Finger Your Ass, Lick Your Fingers, Eat Up Your Cum

Goddess Amyleen Moore

Youre always jerking off for me, you cant stop. But today I want you to do something different to get yourself off. I want you to fuck yourself in the ass like a good little slut. (You can stroke if you want, I dont care, but no cumming unless I say so, an idiot like you should have your orgasms controlled at all times.) Now suck on your middle finger. Get it nice and wet so you can penetrate yourself. Suck on it like the bitch that you are. Now stuff that finger right in your asshole.

Fuck yourself loser. I know you like it. Now take your finger out and suck on it again you filthy whore. But this time I want you to suck on two fingers. Dont act like you dont want it loser, I know you want to stuff more in your ass. In fact, I want you to get on your knees and beg me to stuff two fingers up your ass. Humiliate yourself for me before you continue to degrade yourself by stuffing even more up your ass.

Do it, put both fingers up there and fuck that ass. Stretch out that asshole for me. Youre such a whore, youre desperate for this. It feels so fucking good doesnt it? Fuck it faster. It feels so good to fuck yourself as I laugh at you and tease you with my amazing body. Look how horny you are. Now take both of your fingers out and I want you to suck on them. Youre so disgusting. But this time add a third finger. Suck on them whore.

Now get back on your knees and beg me to stretch your asshole out even more. You have to be so pathetic to beg to fuck your own ass. Go on, stick all three up there. Force them in. And fuck yourself good. The more I put up there the better it feels. Ill bet I could make you cum just from fucking your ass. I love watching you make a fool of yourself. Look at you, on the floor with three fingers up your ass. Now I want you to say, Im an anal whore, please can I cum as I stretch my ass. Show me how desperate and pathetic you are. Im going to make you explode. Youre so pathetic, humiliating yourself just so you can cum. And when youre done Im going to make you clean up your fingers and your cum.
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