[FEMDOM 2018]theenglishmansion – Lady Natalie Black & Mistress Vixen – Beach Maid (Part 4 of 4) [bikini ,crop ,enforced xdressing] HD download for free

Whilst relaxing in the sunshine, the two Mistresses decide they want to turn their beach slave into a maid, to wait on them hand and foot. After dressing and making him up, they demand some refreshment, but the maid’s poor level of service soon gets him into trouble. (This is a new HD upscale of this film, the SD version is still showing.)
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[FEMDOM 2018]humiliationpov Princess Ellie – Lonely Pillow Humping Loser [PILLOW HUMPING,JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, FEMDOM POV] HD

Princess Ellie

You’re so lonely. You can’t get a girlfriend. You’re just a sad, pathetic loser. But I have a solution for you. I know it’s just a pillow but if you use your imagination, you could have a soft, cuddly girlfriend. Now in order to improve this experience for you, you’re going to need some panties and a bra. Now put that bra on your girlfriend lol. Isn’t this kinda humiliating? LOL! Go on, touch her bra, feel how soft she is. This is the closest thing you’ll get to having a girlfriend. An inanimate object, lol.
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[FEMDOM 2018]theenglishmansion – Miss Marilyn & Mistress Inka – Wrath & Retribution (Part 2 of 4) [ball gag, ball stretching ,bondage cage] HD download for free

Mistresses Inka and Marilyn have caught a slave that was trying to escape and have locked him in the compound cage until they decide to administer a suitable punishment. First, he is told to worship and grovel for forgiveness, his balls are staked out and his back is whipped as he pleads for mercy. The slave is then taken to the copse and he is subjected to a waxing from the beautiful dommes and a more severe whipping, to make sure he learns his lesson.
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ballbustingchicks – Brazilian Bitch: She made me impotent! [TEASE & DENIAL, MASTURBATION,EBONY FEMALE DOMINATION] Full HD download for free

After the Brazilian Bitch jerked him off in the movie "Too horny to feel pain" in a very sadistic way, she now tries to make him cum a second time. Before that she canes his ass, slap his cock and balls and she takes a cigarette break. She tortures his cock and his tied up ball sack with her cigarette! Then the female sadist tries to make him cum again, but his sore cock is not able to squirt again for his Mistress. Her slaves should be able to cum two times in a row! At the end she gets so angry about this loser that she kick him again brutal in the balls with her high heels…
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Mandy Flores & Barbie: Better Than Your Boyfriend: Bondage Sex & Futanari [BONDAGE SEX,LESBIAN, GAGGING, CUMSHOTS]

Mandy is having an office party at her house. She is looking at her shy coworker who is sitting by herself. Mandy walks up to her confronts her about checking her out. "I saw you checking me out, I didnt know you were into girls" Barbie has a boyfriend and nervously rejects Mandy’s claim. Mandy brings up Barbie’s sex life. "That your boyfriend over there?…he looks pretty boring..does he give it to you rough?" Barbie says her boyfriend is scared of being too rough with her, and that he doesn’t do anything exciting. Mandy moves her hand up Barbies dress.. "Exciting, like start playing with you when no one’s looking?" She’s rubbing Barbie’s pussy and Barbie enjoys it. Mandy takes Barbie’s hand and leads her to her room, she wants to show her something…

They walk in and Mandy starts fondling, kissing and then fingering Barbie. "Wow, you are really wet!" Mandy puts her hand over Barbie’s mouth for being too loud, someone will walk in. She handgags her tight and continues to finger. Mandy then cuffs Barbie’s wrists and tosses her on the bed face first. Mandy continues to grope Barbie. "You are getting me so hard Barbie." Mandy begins rubbing her hard cuck under her dress. "Im going to give it to hard." Mandy walks around and slowly lifts up her dress to show Barbie her surprise. Barbie eyes are wide with shock, mouth opens wide and before she can say anything, Mandy puts her cock in Barbies mouth. Barbie starts sucking it…

Then Mandy starts to penetrate from behind… Barbie says to give to her rough….Barbie can’t be quiet. Mandy puts a cleave over Barbie’s mouth. She continues to penetrate Barbie.."Did your boyfriend ever gag that mouth you dirty slut?" After Barbie orgasms, Mandy pulls out and cums all over Barbies tight little ass. She takes off her gag, kisses her. Barbie is pleased, say’s Thankyou…"That it was much better than my boyfriend!" Mandy Flores
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[FEMDOM 2018]theenglishmansion – Cybill Troy – Rubber Clinic Dilation (Complete Movie) [cock teasing, fetish clinic, latex] HD download for free

Cybill Troy is in the clinic, wearing her stunning, skin tight rubber, her slave is prepared, only his cock exposed for her treatment. She has her favourite steel probes to use on him, his cock rock hard as she masturbates him internally, over and over, as she squeezes his balls and takes total control of his body.
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[FEMDOM 2018]theenglishmansion – Miss Eve Harper & Natalie Goth TV – Doll In A Box Pt2 (Part 3 of 3) [satin blouse ,sissy ,slut doll] HD

Natalie has been blanked and turned into a perfect little sissy doll, she lives in her own bondage box, ready to be played with when required. Mistress Sidonia is continuing her training today, wrapped in bondage, mouth opened wide with a gag, Natalie’s deep throat skills are tested with the fucking machine, as it thrusts rhythmically into her slutty mouth. The dumb doll’s chastity device is then removed, the straining cock standing to attention as Mistress starts the ritual humiliation, writing labels and making her repeat the degrading words as her cock is teased until she can’t help but shot her sissy cream cumload out. Natalie is then returned to her box and left until she is wanted again.
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[FEMDOM 2018]theenglishmansion – Mistress Kiana – Owned By Kiana (Part 3 of 3) [smoking ,spanking ,spitting] HD download for free

Dressed in her sexy leather, Mistress Kiana retrieves her slave from the dungeon, making sure he worships her boots, following them around the floor at her command. She then spanks his ass and spits on him, reinforcing his lowly status in her World. Mistress takes him to the garden and smokes a cigarette, using him as her ashtray, finishing with a hard whipping against the cage, the stinging nettles adding to the torment and her amusement.
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bratprincess – Lola – Post Op Castration Consult [FEMDOM POV,GELDING, MENTAL DOMINATION] Full HD download for free

You’ve been visiting my office for a year now, under the urging of your mother. Your mother has been following my instructions, keeping you locked in chastity and milking you in a specific way devised to maximize efficiency for her. Even though the milking is done in a way to ensure that you receive almost no pleasure, you have no complaints about your treatment. I think you are progressing well. I reveal in this session that after a year of conditioning, I feel that you are ready to be castrated. I go over some of the different methods of castration and talk about the method that we will use on you. The procedure will be done, regardless of your feelings or opinion, because it’s what your mother and I have agreed is best for you. I talk to you a little bit in this session about what it might be like for you after the surgery has been performed. The changes made to your body will affect many areas of your life. Your castration will be complete and permanent, so you’re going to need to prepare yourself mentally for the transformation that your mother and I feel is best for you.
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