The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Blind Man Ballbust

Princess Beverly and Princess Bella laugh at the naked slave standing helplessly before them. They both think its funny how they are always finding new and fucked up ways to abuse their slaves. In this case the slave is wearing a blindfold and has a spreader bar around his ankles forcing his legs far apart and leaving him completely vulnerable. Princess Beverly waves her hand in front of the slaves face to test the blindfold. Its obvious he cant see anything. Princess Bella taunts the slave by telling him he has no idea whats coming next just before delivering a powerful kick directly to slaves defenseless balls. The slave doubles over in pain having had no idea the kick was coming. Princess Beverly asks the slave if he is scared and he admits hes afraid because he has no idea whats going to happen to him. Princess Bella kicks him in the balls again from the front then Princess Beverly kicks him in the balls from behind. They continue to just walk around circling the slave and randomly kicking him in the balls from all different directions. The slave is in a lot of pain from the kicks to his balls but is helpless to stop the assault. He cant even prepare for the next kick or brace himself for the pain because he cant ever see it coming.


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