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Princess Nikki Next is soooo fucking cute and sweet in this clip, you won’t even notice as she ruins you mind and your wallet.

I think it’s so cute how obedient you are and how much you worship me knowing that you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s quite sweet how you are well aware that you’ll never be good enough for a hot young girl like me but yet you still crave my attention. You serve me, and you pay my bills, and buy me gifts all the while knowing you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s so stupid but also kinda cute. I think you enjoy knowing you’ll never be anything to me. In a weird, twisted way it turns you on. I know it gives you a boner.

I know I make you blow huge loads. Just looking at my hot young body and listening to my sweet voice makes you cum so hard. And you love listening to me go on and on about how I’m going to manipulate you and how you’ll never mean anything to me. You exist only to serve me, obeying my every command. And you love that, don’t you? You need to make my life easier, it’s what gets you off, it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. Isn’t it amazing how I can control you in such simple ways?

It takes very little effort on my part to make your mind go crazy for me. The more I tell you that you mean nothing to me, the more you crave me. It’s pretty simple really. You love how easily I control you and I love how pathetic you are and how much you adore me. I know you’re rock hard right now, so go on and rub it as you listen to my sweet voice. My words are so humiliating but I’m so cute and sweet that you don’t even realize what I’m doing to you.

Just listen to how cute and sweet I am as I slowly milk all the cash out of your wallet. I know that I make you cum so hard as I drain your wallet. You’re never going to be anything to me but a wallet that I can drain. And I’m so glad you understand that and want that more than anything. I know it gives you purpose. So jerk that cock knowing you’ll never be anything to me except my human atm.
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Goddess Chloe

I know you try to hide it from most people but all I have to do to figure out your dirty secret is to say one word. Do you want me to say it? Cuckold. And I got the response I knew I was going to get. Your cock throbbed didn’t it? That’s because you are one. You got hard so quick and easy just from hearing me utter the word, cuckold. You’re not a man, you’re a cuckold. Men aren’t cuckolds, men don’t get turned on by other men fucking their women, only cuckolds do. A real man actually wants to fuck me, you just want to watch and jerk as a real man with a huge cock fucks me hard.

You are a pathetic little cuck boy, just sitting there jerking off picturing me being fucked by a nice, big cock. You just love stroking your little dick knowing you’ll never have the chance to fuck a girl like me. And the fucked up thing is that you don’t even want to fuck me. But that’s good because you’d never have the chance. Imagine being able to watch me get fucked. I look so hot when I’m getting fucked. You want to jerk to that so badly, don’t you cucky?

You’d probably beg me to get fucked by a big cock, just so you could stroke your little cock over and over again. Watching another man make me moan and scream gets you off, doesn’t it? The thought of watching me suck on another man’s cock just makes you throb. You’re so pathetic. You’re not a real man, you’re just a little cuck with a tiny dick. I need a real cock, not a pathetic little penis like yours. I would never fuck you. You’re just a cuckold, and every time I say that word you get harder and harder and you jerk faster and faster.

I know your little penis is throbbing in your hand right now, isn’t it cuckold? I’m going out with a real man tonight and I’m going to fuck him so hard, and you’re going to sit at home and jerk off to the thought as you watch this video. The thought of being a cuckold is the only thing that gets you off. You couldn’t even get hard if you tried to picture yourself fucking me. No, that doesn’t do it for cuckolds like you. You’d rather fuck your hand than a pussy, you’d rather fuck your hand and have another man fuck your girl’s pussy. That’s because you’re a cuckold. The only reason you exist is for you to take advantage of you and take all of your money. And that gets you off doesn’t it? Knowing that you have no worth whatsoever. All you can do is jerk your little cock to the thought of another man fucking the girl you want so badly. You are so pathetic. You’re so fucking stupid, you little dumb cuckold. I have you wrapped around my little finger cucky. Nothing else makes you cum this hard, does it?
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Hellen Roxx

So there’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about and um.. promise you won’t laugh? Well you know we’ve been friends for awhile, in fact, you’re my best friend, and I thought maybe it was about time we took it to the next level. I mean we hang out all the time, we’re so close, so I was thinking maybe we should have sex and um see how it goes. I know it sounds weird because we’ve been friends for so long without ever doing anything but well I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I mean we’ve never even seen each other naked so I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I mean we don’t have to… but well you go first cause I’m too shy. And maybe if I like what I see we can go a bit farther from there. So let’s see, take your pants off. I’ll turn around so you don’t feel embarrassed.

Oh ummmm cute. That’s not what I was expecting at all. Is there more? Does it get bigger when it gets hard? No? That’s it? Well um I don’t really like this game. I think I made a mistake suggesting it. I’m not going to take my clothes off but well, um, thanks for showing me yours.

Oh nothing’s wrong I just thought it would be a fun game and now I realized it’s not. Cute though but well it’s kinda small. Maybe it’s best that we just stay friends.

Well I can’t lie, you’re my friend, I have to be honest and well it’s kinda small and sad. Like it’s just really disappointing. I was kinda hoping for more. I don’t even know what to say, that’s really tiny. It’s just so small. I kinda feel bad for you. I feel like I wouldn’t even feel it inside of me. Have other girls told you that? Gosh it’s so small. It sucks to be you I guess. That’s just sad. Are you sure it doesn’t get any bigger when it’s hard? Jerk it a little so I can see if it gets any bigger.

You only use two fingers to jerk it? Wow. It really is tiny and it’s really not growing. You poor thing. That’s definitely the smallest one I’ve ever seen. So put your pants back on, I don’t want to see it any more. But thanks for showing me what I’m not missing.
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Mistress Baton has had it up to here with infamous presidential hopeful, Ronald Frump’s, shenanigans… She invites Mistress Bardot to the dungeon and together they unleash a relentless punishment routine of incredible skill and force on the brash, ignorant, orange-skinned womaniser. With the battle for the White House reaching its climax soon, she realises that excessive force is the only option, so she takes drastic, aggressive action, hoping to prevent this ticking time bomb and his abusive, xenophobic, misogynist and egotistical attention seeking to cause any more damage. And talking about DAMAGE, the routine includes her venomous cane, thigh swattings with the Loopy Ronald; thrashings of his grubby, pussy grabbing paws and the soles of his feet. A shaky, humble, pale and remorseful Frump leaves the dungeon, cut down to the appropriate size for the first time in his life.
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Do not attempt to adjust your channel….I control every screen in the entire world. And soon, I will control all mankind!

I appear to you today as a courtesy, from one Great, All Powerful, Supreme Being, to whatever pathetic little being you are. But, most importantly My message is for those you hope to save you…The “great” praised superheroes of The Justice League! I am going to take over the whole world and enslave all mankind. I suppose you are wondering what My great plan is, superheroes. Hahaha. Well, I might as well tell you, since in just few seconds, you will be My most inferior and weak puppets of them all! you have no choice but to listen and accept your fate in the New Order of The Dark Queen.
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Princess Candy Glitter

Why do you even try to leave this site? You know that you shouldn’t even bother because you just come crawling back, all of you. In fact, just seeing that this video went up on the site will cause so many of you to rejoin. You just come crawling back because you’re weak and addicted to the hot bratty girls on here. We make your dick so hard loser! And you’ll never get away from us. We’re always there in your mind.

You can try and take a break for a week or a month, but we both know how it will end up, so why even bother? You’re just going to keep crawling back, every single time, every single one of you. You’re all the same. You’re never going to be able to kick this little addiction. And that’s exactly what it is, an addiction. You need femdom humiliation from bratty girls. You fucking live for it. You need it to make your dick hard, you need it to get off, nothing else turns you on the way this does loser! Nothing else makes your dick this hard and that’s why you always come back like a little pathetic pervert.

You can’t get away from us. But I do love reading in the forum about how you pervs somehow think you can get away, or take a break but always find yourselves coming back. Some of you have been members for almost ten years now! It’s kinda of like edging your cock, you back off just a little, but then when you start again, it’s that much more explosive.

You miss it when you’re gone, don’t you? Even when you’re not a member you’re checking the updates each day until finally you give in Again! You need the brats on this site, you crave us. And each time you come back you feel even more pathetic. Each time you pull out that credit card and join again you feel so stupid. But even that turns you on, you’re so fucked! We’ve already planted the seed inside your mind, we’ve already infiltrated your brain with our images, and our words. You can’t stop jerking off for us. It’s such an addiction, isn’t it?

You’re a little femdom addict and that’s all you will ever be. So don’t even try to get away because we will just mindfuck you twice as hard when you return. We will just toy with you even more. You probably like that, don’t you? So just accept your addiction, accept who you are, an addicted loser for the brats of HumiliationPOV. Admit it, you’re addicted to this website and all of the hot brats who would never touch you. But that just turns you on even more.

It’s so funny to see you humiliation addicts convince yourself that it would be good to take a break. But then you feel so empty, you just need it so bad. It’s just like any other addiction, and you’ll never break it. You’ll always come crawling back because you’re a loser who loves being abused. That is who you are and you’ll never be able to escape that. So just keep jerking your cock and don’t even try to get away. This is your reality. This is what you need and that will never, ever change. Your dick is so hard right now isn’t it? You see, your cock betrays you, you’ll never get away, you will always come back.
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You’re back again, so fast, you just had to give me more cash. I knew it. It never ends, does it? You live to please me, you live to give me everything I fucking want and there’s absolutely nothing you can fucking do about it. I’m absolutely fucking perfect and you worship me. I will always get what I want. My sexy heels always make you come crawling back for more. Isn’t that right? Aren’t my heels just so fucking sexy? I just spend four hundred dollars of loser money on them. But I need more. I deserve more don’t I? And I will get it, won’t I?

Lick the bottom of my heels, they’re dirty. And while you lick, I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen. Keep licking. The best way to clean my heels is with all of that loser spit. Now, I expect to be spoiled more than I already am. I expect the finer things and life and I want more expensive shoes. You’re gonna buy me so many shoes that I won’t even know what to do with them all. It’s going to be fucking great.

And when I’m done shoe shopping with your money, you get to come back and lick them nice and fucking clean, after I go walking around all day, spoiled and going shopping, going to the mall, going out with my friends, doing everything that I love to do, and then having you Pay to lick my shoes clean afterwards. It’s fucking great.

Keep licking my heels loser. You’re my high heel worshiping slave. Look at you down there with your tongue out like a little fucking idiot. So eager for me to take advantage of you. And I know by letting you lick my shoes I’m going to get more. You’re such an addict. I just take and take and treat you like a complete fucking idiot and you always come back for more.

Now kiss my toes, gently, and thank me. Thank me for treating you like this, it’s what you deserve. I mean you’re so lucky I let you come over here and lick them. I don’t know anyone else that would let a freak like you near them. You’re fucking pathetic. You live to lick my shoes. That’s what you come back for.
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Queen Sahara

You owe little dick taxes. What, you say it’s not your fault you have a little penis? Well it’s not my fault either. And it’s illegal not to pay your taxes. So pay the fuck up! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. When I say little dick loser taxes, you better be clicking the button to send me my cash. You can’t skip out on these taxes, and they are recurring taxes. It’s not my fault that you have a little tiny dick. You can’t please anyone with it, so you have to pay.

You’re a waste of space. You can’t please a woman in any other way except to pay. And that’s what you’re gonna do. I don’t feel bad for you at all. You were just born a tiny dicked freak and you still have to pay your little dick taxes. And I know they add up because I’m making a fortune off of your little dick loser taxes.

And don’t be late with my money because if you do I can create more problems for you than just a tiny dick. You shouldn’t even have it out, it should always be locked away. I mean what purpose does it have? It has no purpose except to keep you horny and stupid. And the dumber you are, the more willing you are to pay your taxes.

You’re a fucking joke. Girls like me will always laugh at you and your little dick. It’s pathetic. How does it make you feel knowing any girl who ever sees your penis will laugh hysterically? Does that make you sad? Awww you poor thing. You’ll never please a woman like me, all you can do is pay for your shortcomings. You owe me. You owe me for having to even acknowledge you and you owe for being a total waste as a male. You’re a disgrace to all men.

You might have money, you might even be cute and have a good personality. But once a woman sees what’s between your legs, none of that matters. You are useless. So you can try and hide it but you the real you will eventually be revealed. You can’t keep that little secret. But you’re not alone, there are lots of tiny penises out there. But what you all have in common is that you have to pay your little dick taxes.

And the truth is that not only do you know you need to pay these taxes, but you like paying them. It makes that little cock so hard. Little dick losers who can’t please women have to pay them. It’s just a fact. So pay the fuck up loser! I know you’re jerking off right now just thinking about it.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

Have you ever paid a small penis tax? You know the kind where the smaller it is the bigger the tax. I’m sure you have, you know if you have a small penis you need to pay. But even if you have an average dick or even a big dick, you’re still a loser, and you’re still going to pay. Big dick or little dick, if you’re here watching this video, you’re pathetic. And you need to pay for that. But the smaller your dick the more you’re going to pay, the more you’ll feel the need to pay as compensation, as you know your wallet is the only thing you have to offer. And the smaller it is, the less you have to offer a woman sexually, the more you need to compensate her financially.

You have to pay a little dick tax. You know you do. And those of you with really itty bitty ones, well it’s going to get expensive. Do you understand that loser? I know you do. You understand that you need to pay your tiny penis tax. You understand that no woman wants that cock, but you still want our attention. So you pay for it. You beg to pay for it. And that makes your little penis even harder now, doesn’t it? If you can’t please with your cock, you have to please with your wallet. It’s that simple. You need to be of some use.

Just look at that itty bitty thing so hard between your legs. What use is that to a woman? It’s of no use loser, no woman wants to fuck a little dick. Woman want big cocks. You know that and you also know that’s something you’ll never be able to give a woman. That’s why you don’t even try to fuck any more. You just tug away at the little penis every chance you get while you open up your wallet to apologize for being so small and pathetic.

And do you know what the saddest part of having a little penis is? You can’t do anything about it. And you know that no woman will waste her time with a man with a little dick. These are just facts loser. But you can make up for it with your fucking wallet. That’s the only way that you have to redeem yourself. If you even want a hot girls attention, you have to pay for it.

And when you pay, you need to make it worthwhile. Your twenty dollar tributes, that’s like a one inch cock, no woman wants either. We want either a big cock or a big spending loser. Just like the bigger your cock the more desirable you are, the bigger your wallet the more we’ll pay attention to you and your little penis. The only thing I want is your fucking money. Get it through that stupid brain of yours. You’re going to pay or I’m going to ignore you and your little penis that no one cares about.
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