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Goddess Paige

I want you to take a good hard look in the mirror. How do you look at yourself knowing how truly pathetic you really are? You spend your entire life jerking off. You spend it in front of your computer, alone. Nothing but pixels in front of you when you frantically stroke. Desperately chasing that orgasm. How fucking sad. What a pathetic existence. I’ll bet you hate yourself when you really think about your life and what you’ve amounted to.

How many times a day do you jerk off? How many times have you jerked off in your entire lifetime? How many hours have you wasted? You could have spent that time chasing after a real woman, but you’re too addicted to stroking. You’re nothing but a loser and you know that every woman who looks at you sees it. So you don’t even try any more. Jerking is so much easier. You know you don’t deserve to touch a woman. All you deserve is to be humiliated while you jerk your life away.
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Princess Penny knows just how you LOVE the superior cock, big, black, meaty cock makes your mouth water. You enjoy being a dirty little cock sucker. She will encourage your dirty little faggot ways today, teasing you into taking this big black cock deep down your cock sucking throat. Guiding you every single way, before you know it your mouth is going to be full with this thick dick.

Can you imagine guzzling all that cum from that black dick? You want it bad don’t you. It’s what you jerk over. Black SUPERIOR dick! Suck it SLUT! You will be left craving black dick faggot boy! Continue Reading

Princess Mika

Are you ready to sniff some p0pp3rz loser? Yea, I bet you are, you’re ready to get all nice and fucked up. It’s soooo pathetic that you have to resort to p0pp3rz. It really shows how much of a loser you really are and how much of a loser you really must be. Yea you know you’re pathetic that’s why you’re doing them, aren’t you? Go ahead, take the first fucking sniff. You’re just getting started, aren’t you? You just wanna take those p0pp3rz and look at me while you do it and hear me command you to do it.
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You wanna jerk it for me? You wanna reach your greedy hand down to that pathetic piece of flesh and fucking tug and pump and stroke until it cums. Not the most intellectual of activities is it now? But you’re not really an intellectual guy anymore. Do you realize what all of this jerking has done? You’ve jerked your fucking brain out! With each and every pump of that cock, all you’re doing is jerking your brain out for me, making yourself dumber and dumber, making yourself mentally more pliable, more susceptible to my charms. You’re becoming more of a mush brain for me, each time you allow me to drip my poison in your ear, each and every time you allow me to recondition your mind with all of this mindless stroking.
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I know you’ve been craving cock for a very long time. You dream of the taste, the taste of cock and cum. I’m here to help. I’ll train you to be a cock sucking slut. Listen to My voice as I teach you how to suck the head, lick the shaft, and deep throat like a pro. The thought of sucking My huge dick must make your little mangina so wet. That’s a good filthy whore. Your dick is so puny in comparison to mine. You won’t be using it anymore.
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Look up at your beautiful goddesses. Sipping expensive champagne while you kneel at our feet. You crave our attention – you even wish you could have a chance to please us but you know girls like us despise weak, submissive losers like you. Our perfect genetics give us the right to humiliate and degrade inferior wimps like you which is why you’re going to be spat on and drenched as we sneer down at you and verbally belittle you. Watch us sip our delicious champagne and imagine how good it would feel if we saw you as our equal. Laughing at your jokes as we flirt with you and fiddle with our hair. Imagine what it must be like for hot girls like us to actually like you – to enjoy your company – to want to fuck you! Then listen to us crush you with the reality. You’re a loser – to be spat on and ridiculed. We despise you – We HATE you! You’re going to kneel before us as we drink champagne and spit it all over your disgusting face. We’ll tip my drink over your stupid head. Watch us as we drool our perfect princess saliva all over you. How humiliating for you watching us spit all over you. See the look of disgust on our faces as we look down on you. You’re a loser – a spit drenched beta wimp kneeling in front of hot girls as we totally destroy your fragile ego and toast to your humiliation.
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Three brutal and horny Mistresses punish their naked male kitchen slave for bad cooking. They take a wooden spoon to hit his cock and balls and apply more CBT with their hands, they humiliate him by talking. His balls and cock seem to be already sore and bruised from former beatings… His cock is dangling like a big half snake… Anyway the three ruthless women don’t care and most of all they like to kick men in the balls! That’s what he get here plenty times from all of them! From front and from behind, full force kicks with their high heels. In the second part Rebekah decides to do him a favor by stripping nude, left alone her ballbusting high heel boots, while the other two women keep on their skimpy outfits. Indeed being kicked in the balls by a naked woman makes it easier for some men two take hard kicks in the bollocks, the swelling and the nasty bruises…
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Well you wanted to see the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse so much – and here you are loser. You might not have expected to end up in quite the situation you’re in but at least you can say your dream has come true huh? So, to let you know what happened last night after you left the club with one of my hot girlfriends – we slipped something into your drink and brought you here. Welcome to the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse Bathroom! I guess technically speaking YOU are the bathroom now! You’ve been installed – down there – and that’s where you’re going to stay – FOREVER! I’m so sorry you’re not going to see the rest of the Dreamhouse. Losers like you don’t get to see the bedrooms where all the hot Cruel Girlfriends get dressed for their dates with their REAL MEN and bring them back to fuck. You don’t get to see the party room where the girls hang out and talk about all the money they’re making from losers like you. You don’t get to see the hot tub area where the girls relax in their bikinis and talk about how awesome their lives are. You only get to see this room loser – well at least the tiny part you can view from under that toilet seat! It’s not all bad though fucktard. You’re going to get to meet all the hot girls and all their hot boyfriends soon enough – one by one, we’re all gonna visit you and USE you! Your life from now on is going to be spent waiting for a snobby cruel girlfriend or one of their studs to come in and shower your stupid, disgusting face with their filth. While everyone else is having fun in the Dreamhouse – you’re going to be gagging on their waste.
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Princess Lyne


I would never fuck you, ever. I mean look at me. You’re lucky I even let you look at me, that’s how far below me you are. You disgust me and I don’t even know who you are or what you look like. Just the fact that you bought this tells me all I need to know. Look at my body loser and know that a woman like me would Never fuck someone like you. You’re just some chronic masturbating fucktard for me to humiliate and fuck over.

You’re jerking your cock to my amazing body and I don’t fuck guys who jerkoff to me. I fuck real men who take what they want. They don’t sit behind their computer screen jerking off to me. I could never fuck someone as pathetic as you are. I couldn’t live with myself. I honestly don’t know how you live with yourself. You must hate yourself.

The only thing you ever fuck is your hand. And you don’t even care. You’ve become so addicted to jerking off that fucking isn’t even something you try anymore. You’re a porn addicted loser. And I want you to know the truth.. I would NEVER fuck you! No one will ever fuck you. The best you can hope for is to be someone’s cuck. But you’d love that. You’d be lucky to be a cuck to a hot girl. I mean look down at your dick. Do you see how inadequate it is? You were born to be a cuck. You could never please me or anyone else, ever.

Not only are real men’s dicks Much bigger than yours, but they know what do to with them. They know that cocks are supposed to be used for fucking girls. Your cock is meant to be jerked or locked. You know that’s all you can hope for, you know that’s what your dick is for. You were born into this, you didn’t have a choice, so just accept it. Accept the fact that you will never fuck again loser.
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