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Anaïs know it, she can obtain everything she wants from men and since she turned 18, she has been playing with her subs like a cat with a mouse. Her slavelist is as long as her wishlist, this Indian girl dominates and exploits an army of slaves from the general manager to the worker, they are ALL at her feet.

Bobby knows it, he cannot refuse anything to a Dominatrix and since he turned 18, he has been crawling at girls feet, especially when they are young, haughty and profiteer, adorable young sluts who dominate and ruin him. He’s born like that, he’s born for that.

Tonight, the white loser is just in front of this tanned dreamgirl and he doesn’t know who he is anymore. For one month, he’s wearing a chastity cage, he must worship Anaïs’ feet, obey, carry out the orders, satisfy her whims but cannot have a hard-on until his Indian Mistress tells him she lost the key ! Have you ever open a chastity cage with a wire cutter ? No ? You should try…

Anaïs’ fans will enjoy this foot worship HD video, those who dream about face slapping too. As for those who love tanned skins, they will have a serious hard-on unless you’re like Bobby with a chastity cage but without the key ?…
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Description: Last time I checked, a floor isn’t supposed to make any noise, other than that of my super tall thin stiletto heels and platform soles click-clacking as I walk on it anyway. So why is this floor groaning, moaning and crying when I step on it? Oh, I know… because it’s a little whiny bitch boi that hasn’t learned how to be a proper human carpet. So what if the heels on this particular pair of boots are extra pointy and sharp? All the better to dig down deep into its flesh with. I kinda like the way it whines, though, just let’s me know how much it’s suffering for my pleasure.
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This clip is not for the faint-hearted! It all starts well for Bitrack when Lady G enters the room, to give him a hard and merciless high-heels trampling, just as he always loved to receive it. While Lady G put all her effort, trampling skills and weight into making Bitrack truly suffer, it simply seems to be too easy for him. After 10 minutes of hard trampling from Lady G, then Mistress Pandora steps in. If Bitrack had thought this would also be “easy” for him, he would quickly realize that he had been terribly wrong. Mistress Pandora goes hard at him from the very first minute – no “soft” high-heels trampling, but rather with hard high-heels kicking. It all quickly get very very messy for Bitrack…
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Miss L just came home from a long and hard days work. Her personal slave Presley had promised to make a sandwich ready for her when she arrived home. Slave Presley is probably not the most bright person or as someone told me not the hardest dick in the porn movie. Even though he is fully aware that Miss L is a vegan, he managed to put meat in her sandwich… Well, in this case Miss L just had to make her own sandwich. What better way to make a sandwich than to make slave Presley work as a human floor for her high heels while she prepare her perfect sandwich. Ohh, well and of course slave Presley will also need to eat the meat sandwich that he did himself and of course from the bottom of Miss Ls high heels.
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4PM, 28 degrees in the shade, Bob, 35 yo, a basket ball in his hand, is thinking he’s Michael Jordan when suddenly, some piercing voices behind the fence: 3 chicks, a Black girl, a White one, an Indian Goddess who are laughing at him…

“Hi asshole, you think you’re Jordan?”

“Come on bitch, you are playing with your little ball?”

“beat it wanker!”

Insults and mockeries rain, the 3 girls are acting up and Bob is totally distracted…

“beat it skanks, I won’t tell it twice!”

Immediately, the Girls storm the court, take the balls and knock Bob down… The guy is going to be trampled and humiliated like never before, laid down on the hot floor, Bob must lick the dirty soles of each Girls and swallow their spits.
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When you see him walking in the street, you cannot imagine that this guy is a foot fetishist, Samir is this kind of man who prefers women’s feet than their boobs.

Goddess Gaelle is back after a whole year, the 22 yo Mistress loves to trample her slaves and especially their cocks. She’s using a cockbox to crush Samir’s balls, this little pervert is playing soccer with his cock and no matter if it hurts, the girl just wants to have fun. She presses down on his testicles making flat and crushes his cock until her sub gets a hard-on !

This is the first new HD video with Goddess Gaelle but don’t worry, we are editing other movies…
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Tibo’s cock is inversely proportional to his size, this guy measures 1.90 m tall (six foot), and has a 4 cm micro cock that does not exceed 10 cm in erection. Model student, this genius in mathematics hides his real nature, he enjoys ballbusting and balls crushing… Good thing since Anaïs has just received a brand new cockbox and intends to use it with her slaves.

DEFINITION OF A COCKBOX: a height-adjustable box with a hole in the middle to put the sex out.

The sub is lying on the floor while the box is covering his body from the lower abdomen to the thighs, the dominatrix can trample, crush, hit the balls and the cock of her sub who cannot move.

Anais’ little tanned feet are trampling and crushing Tibo’s cock until he ejaculates ; We filmed these scenes with two cameras in order to not miss any detail of the action, the tanned feet lovers will enjoy ! Add 2 “pee” scenes (on Tibo’s body and in his mouth) + spit fetish, and you obtain a 16 mn HD video that will delight all those who dream to be the slave of a 19 yo Indian Mistress. Continue Reading

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