Saint Mackenzie’s: Cute Teacher Miss Taylor Strips While Playing with Her Sheer Backed Black Panties

Miss Taylor is waiting for Matron in the medical room; while she waits she parts her legs showing her pink panties underneath her tight pencil skirt. Miss Taylor loves the feeling of her panties and she runs her fingers over the pink satin panel at the front.
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Sexy Headmistress Mackenzie Convinces Naughty Student Dolly to Wear Very Big Panties

I am in my office with Dolly; I need her to run an important errand for me; however she is clearly distracted. As I try and ensure she has understood her instructions fully she is too busy rummaging around inside her skirt: it turns out her tiny thong is buried deep in between her ass cheeks! As she tries to rescue her thong from her ass I explain how she should wear more sensible big panties like I do, then she could always concentrate fully while sitting in comfort. I slip off my skirt and show her the big black panties I am wearing before going in my drawers and getting out my spare panties, which are very big & cotton. As Dolly strips naked I explain how much she underestimates big panties and if she wears my spare panties today she will soon realise the power they hold, and once wearing them Dolly is soon appreciating their true beauty!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Teacher Instructed Masturbation

Custom vid, no name mentioned. It’s masturbation instruction day in sex ed class & teacher will guide & encourage you to jerk off with her supervision. Teacher gives you some motivational eye candy to help you along & even gives you a ‘helping hand’.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaelin: Naughty Student Is Hot For Teacher

Princess Kaelin

I don’t normally make house calls to my student’s homes but for you I thought I’d make an exception. You see, you’ve been very distracted in class and it’s disruptive to the entire class. So I wanted to come here to teach a lesson. And I know you’re a horny boy so I’m going to punish you that way. Get your cock out now! Do you want me to fail you? That’s what I thought so get it out. I don’t care how smart you are, if you don’t respect me, you’ll be punished. And who do you think they’re going to believe, you or me?

Now start jerking it. I’ll bet you’re hoping this is one of those hot for teacher things and I’m going to tell you that I’m really into you and I’m going to let you jerk off in front of me because I’m into that or something. Nope. You’re gonna jerk off alright, but when it comes time for that orgasm, we’re going to do something a bit different. So jerk your cock you bad, bad boy. A boy you’re age, I’m sure you do it all the time. Are you hot for teacher? I’ll bet this is your dream come true, I hear the things you say under your breath about me. I know you all think that I’m hot. And today I’m going to punish you for all of the sexist things you’ve been saying and for disrupting my class.

So jerk that cock to my hot body and get ready for me ruin that little orgasm of yours. Show me that you are capable of being a good boy for your teacher. Look how hard your bad little cock is getting. It feels so good to jerk for me, doesn’t it? You like being a good boy for your teacher now, hmmm? Maybe you’ll listen more now or I’ll have to come back and do this again. You really are a naughty boy, jerking your cock for your hot teacher. But you’ll do anything not to fail, won’t you?

Bring yourself right to the edge and get ready to cum for your hot teacher. I know you’re going to be a good boy for me from now on. You won’t be a naughty boy any more. Are you ready to cum for your teacher? Ok cum! Now let go of that cock as your cum spurts out, don’t you dare touch it! Just let it sit there and twitch, let that cum dribble out as your cock just aches to be touched. Good boy, let it hurt. I do enjoy making you suffer. And now you’re going to be a good boy for me in class or we’re going to do this all over again.
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Xev Bellringer: Earning Your Grade

(720p) So, you thought you could come during office hours and demand a passing grade when you’ve done nothing to earn it. I’d like to bet a handsome boy like you is used to getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it, aren’t you? Oh, I won’t let you off the hook that easy, but maybe we can squeeze in one last lesson. Just what would you do to graduate? How far would you go?

Maybe you should have attended my lectures on Human Sexuality, instead of jerking off to porn all semester. Today I’m going to teach you exactly what you missed in my class… and that is how to please a woman, sexually. Come closer… put your hand between my legs and make me cum. Now.

Do you feel that on your fingers? A woman’s arousal… her slippery wetness. Don’t bother trying to hide that stiff cock. Pants off. Pick it up, squeeze, and stroke the length of it. Faster. Show me how you masturbate when you watch those whores on your computer screen, getting defiled… used, abused. But I don’t want you to think about them. Think about me. An older woman, turning you on in ways you never knew.

Oh that cock… don’t move, don’t thrust. I’m going to use you for MY pleasure… at my pace. Remember, you aren’t going to get what you want today, young man… but I am. Let’s find out how much graduating means to you.

Fantasy includes: teacher/student, virtual sex, blow job, cum swallowing, virtual pussy rubbing, female orgasm, masturbation instruction, sensual domination, cock tease, big tits, cleavage, MILF, nip slip, pov
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Mistress – T: Obey Teacher

Mistress - T: Obey Teacher

You’ve been kept after class because you need to learn to obey me. You need to learn to follow instructions. If you can’t focus on your studies because you’re thinking about your boner, we’ll take care of that…but you’re going to empty your balls as per my instructions.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Cali is frustrated with her math homework. Its just too hard. She asks her teacher, Mr. Puckerman to show her how a problem is solved. Mr. Puckerman gets right to work explaining the equation to Cali. Cali places her feet on top of the notebook. Mr. Puckerman struggles to concentrate. He is distracted by Calis feet. Soon, Mr. Puckerman is mindlessly doing the entirety of Calis work for her. Cali notices her teacher staring at her feet. She asks him to solve the final math problem. With her homework completed, Cali starts to tell Mr. Puckerman a funny story. One of Calis friends has a guy friend who cleans her shoes for her. Cali thinks its a really sweet story. She convinces Mr. Puckerman to just kiss her shoe. Mr. Puckerman doesnt resist. Cali thinks it would be really sweet and thoughtful if Mr. Puckerman could lick her shoes for her. She likes them to be really shiny. Mr. Puckerman licks the soles of Calis shoes. Cali is impressed with Mr. Puckerman. Cali convinces Mr. Puckerman that the exchange they are having is totally normal. She would like for her shoes to be licked clean every day. She loves how shiny his tongue is making them. Cali teaches Mr. Puckerman. Every morning at eight oclock, shes going to walk into his office. When she snaps her fingers, she want him to lay on his back. Cali practices snapping her fingers and Mr. Puckerman immediately lays on his back. Cali wipes her shoes all over Mr. Puckermans tongue. She tells him that if she brings a friend to his office in the morning, hell have to clean her shoes as well. Cali spits in Mr. Puckermans mouth. He better not be looking up her skirt. Mr. Puckerman eagerly sucks Calis heels. Good, good Mr. Puckerman, she purrs.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Uses Perverted Puckermans Face to Get Off (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Uses Perverted Puckermans Face to Get Off (720 HD)

Available on the membership site! Calis professor, Mr. Puckerman, rubs Calis feet while she tells him about her day. Cali is really frustrated with her boyfriend. Shes been texting him all day, hinting that she wants to get fucked. Calis sexted, sent dirty pictures, and hes totally blown her off! Cali is mad. Shes horny and when he ignores her, it makes her feel like her own boyfriend is turning her down. Mr. Puckerman says that hes sorry to hear about all that. He asks if there is anything he can do for Cali. Cali examines her professors face. She asks him if hes ever had anyone sit on it. Cali suspects Mr. Puckermans nose is actually bigger and more satisfying than his little locked-up dick. Cali positions Mr. Puckerman so that she can ride his face. She straddles his face and bounces her beautiful ass on it. Cali grinds and rubs her clit until she cums on Mr. Puckerman. She dismounts and tells him to go back to rubbing her feet. Its a good thing Mr. Puckerman is in chastity. Otherwise, Cali couldnt use him for her pleasure. Cali likes when Puckermans chastity gets tight. Its a good reminder that hes not allowed to get hard in front of his students. That wouldnt be polite. Chastity helps Mr. Puckerman remember, its never about him. Its always about Cali.
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