Mandy Flores – MP4/HD – Sister Addiction with The Taboo MANDY FLORES

I am your sister and have heard that you have been spending a lot of money at the local strip club. I come over to tell you that you shouldn’t be wasting your money there and should just give it to me. I begin to strip for you, brother and you are soon powerless to resist me. I laugh at you as I strip down to my bra, panties and stockings and heels and dance for you, taking your money. You beg me to take off my bra, but I tell you that I need more cash to let you see my tits. I notice your girlfriend’s purse lying on the sofa next to you and I tell you to look in there and see if she has any cash. You find some and give it to me. Then, I remove my bra and you blow your load all over yourself. As I’m leaving I tell you that I will want much more cash next time, so you will either have to get another job, steal more from your girlfriend or sell to pay for your new habit. Your sister stripper!!
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cfnmgames – Crysta Coxxx,Syren Sexton ,Tia Layne Cum ,Tina Kay Carme Anderson , Vickie Powell,Tina Kay Carmel Anderson and Vickie Powell – MP4/Full HD – On Tia, BJ Challenge & World Record

Another in our famous “Cum on” series, this time featuring Tia Layne! Syren and Crystal wank cock after cock until the guy surrenders his cum all over Tia’s clothes. Every time a guy cums on her, Tia has to remove that item of clothing. It’s not long before her tits are out and she’s spreading her legs…
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Ashley Albans Fetish Fun: Blindfold cei

Ash cannot believe you want her to give you cum eating instructions again. You always chicken out! Ash wants you to actually eat your load. She loves watching guys being dirty cumsluts for her. Ash knows you like it. Your dick gets hard when you think about eating your semen like a fucking pervert. Ash has an idea to hep you not chicken out. She tells you to go grab something that you can use as a blindfold. She says that when you get close, you’ll have to get in position on your back with your hips lifted up so you can cum directly in your mouth, then you’ll put on the blindfold. Maybe if you don’t have to see the cum shoot out of your dick you won’t be a bitch about it this time.

Ash teases you with her body and slowly strips out of her t-shirt and jeans. She talks dirty and tells you to imagine what your cum will taste like since you’re finally going to eat it. She removes her bra as well to show you her pretty little nipples. You don’t get her pussy today though. Ash didn’t even dress up for you. Maybe if you’re a good boy and actually eat that load, she’ll wear sexy lingerie next time. When Ash sees that you’re close, she tells you to get into position and put your blindfold on. Ash continues to talk dirty and tells you to cum and keep your mouth open wide. She giggles when she sees your cum all over your face. You’re almost a cumslut now, you just have to eat it!
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips!: Irina Renegotiates Her Lease

Custom clip. I’ve asked you, my landlord, to come to my place before I go to work so we can discuss my new lease. You’ve really upped the price! Can’t you just keep it where it is now? No? That’s too bad. By the way, why don’t you have a nice glass of prune juice. You’re looking a little sallow and its really healthy! Anyway… how about we strike up a deal? When I get home from work I’ll film a super sexy strip tease video just for you! I know how much you love bras so I’ll strip totally NUDE and try on three different bras for you. I’ll make it really hot! Sound good? You’ll have to give me the next 12 months rent free. It’ll be worth it though, trust me!

[Includes strip tease, tease & denial, financial domination, cock tease, blackmail fantasy, female domination, femdom pov, ass worship, pantyhose, bra fetish, tit tease, erotic dancing, ass shaking, findom. Shot in HD.]
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Strip Tease And Denial For Suckers

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

I’m going to dance and show off and tease you and I want you to pull your cock out and start slowly stroking it. But don’t cum unless I tell you to, ok?

Watch me dance and strip completely naked to some hot tunes! I’m gonna shake my ass and do some of my sexiest moves for you while you stroke. I know just how to make that cock throb. I’m such a tease! And I know you’re a sucker for my perfect, naked body.

I know you’re rock hard by now after watching me dance, strip and get naked. I told you, you could stroke but that doesn’t mean you get to cum. It must really suck to watch a hot girl dance naked for you while you jerk and then not be able to cum. Well that’s kinda your situation right now. You get to watch me and get really, really hard, you even get to jerk your cock. You should consider yourself so lucky even though I don’t think I’m going to let you cum. I just want to get you hard and make you feel really good and then just deny you, completely. I’m gonna leave you with blue balls. It’s gonna suck but I don’t really care. If fact, I think it’s funny. You’re just going to watch this and get so hard and get so close, and then just stop.

Stroke it again loser. Now stop. LOL! You’re so easy. Kinda drives you crazy, doesn’t it? You want to cum so bad, but I’m going to deny you that privilege. And you know it’s a privilege to be able to cum to my naked body. No cumming for you today. Stop stroking!
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Mistress – T: Leg Crossing Seduction – JOI

Mistress - T: Leg Crossing Seduction - JOI

lot of leg crossing…so, if you like leg crossing, there’s a lot of that within the seductive stripping & instructions. countdown that will have you on the edge of your seat trying to cum only when I give you permission. You’ll like this:-)
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London Lix: What Is Love

Love is unpredictable, all-consuming. It doesn’t care about your fears; it radiates independently of what you know is logical and rational. You lost your mind and it ended up in my hands. I wrapped myself around that cock and before you knew it, ended up with my fingers in your brain.

Most importantly, love is bigger than you are. You cannot fight it. The only thing left to do is surrender. Give up your free will and become mine. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not getting out of your head any time soon so you might as well enjoy my presence.

Video is filmed with intentional soft focus effects
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Princess Ellie Idol: ALAN’S NURSE ELLIE 720P

Princess Ellie Idol: ALAN'S NURSE ELLIE 720P

As your home nurse Alan, it’s my job to make sure you’re comfortable! You being such a wealthy high tech executive are prone to stress, and as such you suffered an almost fatal heart attack a month prior. You still are recovering, and cannot get your heart rate up too high or else you’ll have another heart attack…which would k!11 you, your doctor has said. You trust me entirely. You blindly sign any papers I give you. I don’t look like the type of woman who would cause you harm. That is…until little old mousy me begins my strip tease. You’re in big trouble, Alan. It just got HOT in here!! Be careful! Any bit of arousal could flatline you….
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Mandy Flores: Gold-digger #3 – Homewrecking a sugardaddy with MANDY FLORES

Enjoy the other gold-digger series! Gold-digger Escort Gold-Digger

You are the rich father of a college girlfriend of mine and I know you have the hots for me. Im working on the side at a high end strip club and searching for the perfect sugar daddy and after your wife starts accusing us of sleep together I get an evil idea. I come over claiming I left my phone while using your pool earlier that day while no one was home. I ask to use your phone to try to call it but Im actually just texting your wife as you claiming that you want to stop fighting and to come home so you can work it out. I ask you why is your wife going nuts on me and you explain that she wants a divorce because she is sure he’s cheating on him. I start to realize and explain why she might have the wrong idea about me and that leads to me confessing to you that I strip for college money. You fall right into my plan and begin to talk of how Im better than that and you are getting curious as I start in on my flirting from flattery. ‘Im just looking for a sugardaddy who will take care of me….. a wealthy older man who spoils a younger hotter woman. He buys everything she wants and she is his hot piece of ass. I love a man who knows who to take care of women financially and sexually.’ Your jaw drops and I stand up and open my jacket. See why your wife might be a little Jealous? She must have saw me in this outfit tanning by the pool… do you see any tan lines? I know right…none. Its because I tan naked, do you mind if I go work on my tan? You want to see more of me so you ask where I work but I tell you that my strip club is for customers and I have different plans for you…. I want YOU to be my sugardaddy! Leave that fat crazy wife of yours and marry me sugar daddy! I’m going to be the arm candy you always wanted, I know you have always been in love with me. Let me show you how much Im worth sugar daddy…. I pull out your cock and start to blow you. I know you’re worth millions and your money will get well spent with my wet hot pussy.. Isnt that right? Oh yes…. I want it all sugar daddy!!! You agree just as your wife walks in to catch you getting a blowjob. ‘Guess you were right bitch, we are having an affair! Hey where you going? you’re about to miss the best part!’ Guess she doesn’t want to watch me fuck you sugar daddy, hehe. I begin to fuck you so good you agree to whatever I want and then I confess to you that I planned it all and we both cum together. I finally found my perfect sugardaddy.
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Mandy Flores: Daughter’s Hot Friend Torment with Homewrecker MANDY FLORES

Im your daughters’ hot friend, we “run” into each other downstairs late at night, everyone’s in bed so I decide to give you a nice show with jack off encouragement with more or less humiliation… “hey there, were you looking for something down here, looks like from the size of your bulge you were looking for some pussy and not your wife’s, am I right.” I saw you walking past your daughters bedroom back and forth trying to catch a peak of us… bad daddy! Don’t worry, I didn’t tell your daughter your perversions.. Golly, with me running around in such skimpy outfits, you must be so frustrated, all that pent up tension built up, you must really need to explode in your pants. Its okay, I like to tease older men like you, I wont tell, how about you stroke your cock while you enjoy the show? You do and after a bit I begin to laugh at how easy I can fuck your life up by going back upstairs and telling your wife and daughter about what you’re doing to me. Do you need some tissues to wipe off all your precum dripping all over you now, “you’re wife would be so proud of you right now, she probably hasn’t seen you so hard and big ever before, has she, you perverted fuck?” “look at that, pervert, bet you’ve never seen a pussy like that before,” ooooh, how much do you like my tight ass? Tell you what, we can end this 2 ways, but either way you are going to be in big trouble when your wife wakes up….
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