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The weather is sunny despite some scattered clouds, the temperature is hot, summer is coming and it’s good to get some sun, Anais is nude on a tanning bed when suddenly Sephora arrives on Bob’s shoulders, this guy who needs no introduction is not just a masochist but also a foot fetishist…

“slave, give me my sunglasses”

“slave, lick my feet”

“slave, open your mouth and suck my toes”

Bob doesn’t need to be told twice, he only has eyes for Sephora’s infinite legs and delicate black feet, the Caribbean girl loves to get her little footsies worshipped especially by white slaves and she particulary wants to show Anais how her slave is a well-trained and very obedient bitch…

You dream of becoming a good slave? You desire to belong to an Ebony Mistress? You love tanned feet? This video is for you.
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