cfnmtv: Male Anatomy For Girls

Male Anatomy For Girls

Mr Curtis will do anything to get his son accepted into this prestigious establishment but his endurance is about to be pushed to the limit. It’s one thing to be naked and examined by the eager girls but having his g-spot probed may well prove too much to bear. For a proud working class man, having anything shoved up his arse is the ultimate humiliation. But down on his hands and knees with the commanding teacher and her laughing pupils mauling his naked body – he has little option but to comply.
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cfnmtv: Rugby Hunks Injury (Part 1-3)

cfnmtv:  Rugby Hunks Injury (Part 1-3)

Brian found his pre-match check over very embarrassing indeed and was grateful when it was finally over. He was glad to be able to get away from the cramped confines of the locker room and onto the pitch. Facing their opponents is far easier than having to strip naked for Kimberly! He’s incredibly self conscious being stark naked while his hairy cock and balls are fondled.
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