[FEMDOM POV 2018]humiliationpov – Princess Candy Glitter – The Trigger Words Debt, Ruin, And Bankruptcy Make Your Piggy Cock Throb [MIND FUCK,VERBAL HUMILIATION,FEMDOM POV] HD

Princess Candy Glitter

You need financial domination, without it you feel lost. Sending money to hot girls who don’t give a fuck about you is the only thing that makes you horny. It’s an addiction that’s growing deeper and more dangerous. Ultimate financial ruin is one of your biggest fantasies. Life altering financial domination is one of your biggest fetishes. You need to accept where this is heading, you need to accept what turns you on the most.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter:You’re Going To Cum All Alone, Like A Virgin Loser Should (October 28th 2017)

Princess Candy Glitter

Just face it, you’re going to be a virgin forever. You’re just going to keep jerking your pathetic dick to the girls on HumiliationPOV forever. We own your fucking mind. We control your cock, we own your existence and you’ll never get away. You aren’t capable of having sex with women. You aren’t capable of satisfying a woman. So you will be a pussy free virgin forever. Just pumping your dick over and over again to this humiliating porn. This is your sex life, forever. Accept it.

You’re hopelessly addicted to these clips, to women who would never touch you. All you will ever be is a virgin loser boy. Jerking your dick every single day. No pussy for you. We both know that you are undeserving of pussy. You’re just going to be a slave to hot bratty girls for the rest of your life. Pumping your virgin dick for the rest of your existence.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Jerk Off To How Pathetic You Really Are, As I Verbally Tear You Apart

Princess Candy Glitter

You just love touching yourself. You love playing with that pathetic cock of yours. It’s the only thing that truly brings you pleasure. You can’t stop, you can’t stop pumping yourself while being degraded by hot girls. It’s an endless cycle. And this is it for you. You offer nothing to this world, you’re just a dead end jerkoff. Nothing more than a jerkaholic, touching yourself over and over. It’s the only thing that you’re good at.

Your life is going no where. You spend all of your time jerking off to women who fucking hate you. Loser. You are the definition of a loser. Always lusting after women who would never touch you. Your life is so pathetic. But I love laughing at it, at you. You’re obsessed with hot, bratty girls, you beat your cock to them day after day. You are pathetic, trapped in an endless cycle of jerking and being humiliated and cumming and then repeating this process every day of your life.

You have no value. You’re a little jerk puppet. Your brain just turns to mush every time you jerk, you get so stupid. I know you’ve had the thought that one day you’ll stop obsessively jerking your dick and actually do something with your life but I am here to remind you that will never happen. This is your fucking life loser. Pumping your cock and being degraded by hot girls who hate you. This is what your life has amounted to.

For most men their jerkoff habits don’t define them, but that’s not true for you. Because you are a fucking jerkoff loser, a pathetic jerkaholic whose life has no other meaning. I know you’re pumping so fast right now because it turns you on to hear how pathetic you are. It turns you on to jerk off to the truth. This isn’t a fucking fantasy, you really are a loser. Jerkoff, your life is going nowhere. Jerkoff while you think about the fact that your life is worthless. You are a dead end jerkoff loser. Pump that worthless dick. Things will never change for you. This is who you are. Accept the fact that this is a cycle that will never end.

You will always come back for more. This is it for you. Your life has no other meaning. If you had anything better to do, do you think you’d really be here watching this? Do you really think you’d be so hard right now if what I am saying weren’t true? You are fucking worthless! You’re a pathetic jerkaholic. Really.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Cock On Your Brain – Your Addiction To Cock Is Growing Just Like Your Cock Is

Princess Candy Glitter

I know what you like. I know what makes your dick hard. There’s no escaping it. I know what turns you on. There’s no way that you can deny it. You love cock. Yes. Don’t be afraid of your attraction to cock, you want this. You need this. You have cock on your brain. You can’t stop thinking about cock and that’s why you are watching this clip right now, because you want cock.

Don’t lie, you want cock. You want cock. You want cock. Yes, I’m brainwashing you. You crave cock. You need cock. Over and over again until it sinks in so deep it will never come out. Let’s reinforce it. Say it. Say, “I want cock.” Repeat it after me. Brainwashed cocksucker. You need cock. You want cock. Keep repeating it as you stroke. Good boy.

You crave cock. You love cock. I want you to stroke your cock while you think about how much you love cock. Yes, you love cock. Say it, say, “I love cock.” You can’t stop thinking about cock. You want cock so badly. You need cock, you need cock in your mouth and in your ass. This is your true nature, you just needed me to guide you. Thank me for guiding you.

Stroke, stroke, stroke. You love cock. With every stroke you are becoming more addicted to cock. Your addiction to cock is growing just like your cock is. Your cock is pulsating and you love it. You love cock. Look into my eyes and admit it. Embrace it. You can’t stop thinking about cock. You need it. Cock makes you hard, you can’t stop stroking for cock, you can’t stop thinking about cock. Say, “I love cock.” Stroke stroke stroke.

Admit that you love cock, you can’t stop thinking about cock. You can’t get enough, you are addicted to cock. Look at me in the eyes and repeat after me, “I love cock, I want cock, I need cock, I crave cock.” Yes, good boy.. I know you love cock.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Edge Your Brain To Mush Knowing You’re Not Going To Cum (February 12th 2017)

Princess Candy Glitter

Guess what idiot? Your princess is going to let you stroke today even though you don’t deserve it. Pump that useless cock of yours as you stare at my perfection. You’re so lucky I’m letting you stroke to me, I look so fucking hot today. Now stop. I’m going to edge you a little bit. I’m going to edge you, and tease you, and torture you. And your dick is going to be twitching for me. But guess what? You’re not going to cum, you’re not allowed. Fucking idiot, why would I let you cum? That doesn’t do me any good. I just want you to edge so I can keep you stupid.

So I’m just going to fuck with you. Watching you cum does nothing for me. But watching you edge, and squirm and then be totally denied and fucked over, that entertains me. And it’s all about me you fucking loser. It’s not about you and your orgasm, because I don’t care about that. So go on, edge that pathetic horny cock. Pump it to me loser, I’m so perfect and sexy. Do you think you deserve to cum to me? Of course not, you deserve to be denied. So edge your brain to mush all the while knowing that you’re not going to cum. But at least I am letting you stroke, that’s so nice of me.

Stop stroking. Just let it twitch and throb in the air. This torture is what you deserve. Edge it again loser. Edge to my hot little ass. Bring yourself to the edge and just hold yourself there. Now stop, LOL! Idiot. Ok, go on, stroke it again. I’m going to scramble your weak brain by teasing and denying you like this. You’re so stupid, I love fucking with you like this. Your cock is pulsating in your hand, isn’t it? Yea I know how to make your cock feel so good. Too bad it’s not going to cum. You’re not worthy.

You’ve fallen into my trap. You can’t stop jerking to me even though you know you’re not going to cum. And it’s turning your brain to mush. I’ve got you right where I want you. Bring yourself to the edge loser. Edge that cock. Now stop. I’m done with you. Now say, “Thank you for letting me stroke Princess, I know I don’t deserve an orgasm.”
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Jerk Your Brain Out Puppet, Self Esteem Destruction

Princess Candy Glitter

You are a worthless little bitch. You’re useless, you can’t do anything for me. And you have no self worth. You know that you are useless and stupid. All you do is jerk off and obsess over me. I mean who could blame you, look at me. I’m sexy, young, hot and perfect. And then look at you, you’re a weak, pathetic loser. Just a submissive little loser.

I want you to remind yourself every day that you are a little submissive loser. I want you to reinforce this idea in your stupid little brain. Because it’s exactly what you are. And you need constant reminding, not just by me, but by your own thoughts. I want you to feel it, to know it. I want your self worth gone. And it’s so easy for me to do this because I have complete control over you and your mind. You’re my little puppet for me to fuck with. You have no confidence, you have nothing to offer, you have no self worth and that’s why you’ve turned into my little puppet.

All you do is jerk off. And whenever that dick of yours gets hard, you just get so stupid for me, don’t you? Of course you do puppet. You get hornier and dumber. And that makes you want to obey. And puppets love to obey. You’re my little puppet, you mean nothing to me, just a play thing for me to control and nothing more. I’m going to destroy your fragile ego, puppet, until there is no self worth remaining, until I’ve completely broken you down. And my words make you weaker and dumber for me as you jerk to the thoughts I plant in your brain as you’re mesmerized by my hot young body.

You need my control puppet, don’t you? You’re so lost, so stupid. You have no self control, no self worth. You’re so fucking pathetic. A real man would never let a woman control him the way I control you. And all it takes is just a little ego destruction. You’re a weak submissive loser, you have no self worth. You need constant reinforcement of this fact. But you know you’re place don’t you? You’re stroking to it right now, I know.. You’re so horny, stroke it faster my little puppet. I know my body is making you weak.

Soon I will completely invade your thoughts. You won’t be able to do anything without my approval, without my consent. I’m turning you into my mindless little puppet. Stroke. This is how I like you, stupid and horny. I’m going to help your jerk your brain out of your head, puppet. And when you explode, all that remains of your self worth will be drained along with your cum. Squirt out your dignity my little puppet.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: You Deserve To Be Alone Stroking That Little Dick

Princess Candy Glitter

Hey loser, I know your dirty little secret. You have a fucking pin dick. And you like to stroke that pin dick, don’t you? You like to play with your little bitty dicklet, huh? Awww that’s so sad, and tiny. You can’t even fuck with that little thing. I know I wouldn’t even feel it. That’s fucking pathetic, you are pathetic. And because your cock is so itty bitty, you’ll never get with a girl like me. You’ll never touch my hot fucking body because I don’t like pin dick losers. I like real men with big fat cocks.

Real men stroke their cocks with nice long strokes. You just go up and down in mini strokes, stroking away furiously at the little dick. It’s disgusting, you’re probably stroking right now. Your little micro dick is probably so hard from listening to me humiliate it. You’re below average. And I don’t even fuck guys with average cocks, I need at least nine inches and you’re no where near that. You’re just a pathetic little bitch. Your dick is pathetic and you love stroking it.

I know you’re stroking your pin dick, your itty bitty cock. Look at my amazing body while you stroke it loser. Stare at my hot body that you’ll never have cause your dick is so tiny and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t make your dick bigger. Your dick size will forever limit you. Your dick size will get in the way of you getting laid because who wants to fuck somebody with an itty bitty dicklet? Nobody! No one wants to fuck a loser with a little penis.

Losers with dicklets just jerk off. You can just jerk off like a little bitch forever. Because like I said you’ll never be able to change the size of that little tic tac. It will always be so little and small and completely worthless. You can’t make anybody cum with that. Never, you’ll never be able to make a girl feel pleasure. You’ll spend your whole life alone stroking that itty bitty dick. And that is what you deserve, you deserve to stroking your little dick by yourself. You’ll just be at home forever stroking your little tiny cock while real men are fucking me. You’re just a fucking loser and you enjoy stroking your itty bitty dick. You fucking love it!
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Bratty Manipulative Ruined Orgasm Seduction

Princess Candy Glitter

You’re such a little horny pervert, aren’t you? Your cock is probably already throbbing and you just want to stroke yourself so bad. You’re a fucking addict, you love to stroke, it’s the only thing you’re good at. And you love worshiping my hot, young body. You’re just a fucking helpless loser. I know you’d love some jerk off encouragement from me. If I told you exactly how to stroke your cock. Well I don’t think you’re worthy of that, not without some punishment. What the fuck makes you think that you should be allowed to jerk your cock for me? You’re disgusting, you’re a fucking loser who can’t stop jerking off. You’re obsessed with my tits, you’re a mindless jerking zombie.

Well you’re in luck, I’m going to allow you to jerk your fucking pathetic cock, but… there’s a little twist, a bit of punishment at the end, because that’s what you deserve, right? You don’t deserve to enjoy your orgasms. So loser, that’s why you’re going to ruin it for me. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Don’t you want to ruin your orgasm just for me? I know you do, you want to do anything I say. It’s so easy to manipulate you when I talk in my sweet voice, twirl my hair, bat my eyes at you. I know I’m seducing you loser. I make you fall for me, and then you live to please me. The only thing you’re good for is following instructions like a mindless fucking idiot, and jerking. You have no other worth.

I know the effect my voice has on you, I know you’re already hard and throbbing, so go on, stroke it loser. You’re going to ruin it, just because I’m telling you to do so, and you live to please me, you need it. It’s the only thing that gives you purpose. Jerk it loser, jerk it to my hot, young body as I mindfuck you. You’re so fucking pathetic. You know you could never have me, but at least I tease you and let you stroke to me. You’re just a loser pervert who is so lucky I’m even allowing you to ruin your orgasm for me.

Jerk your cock, focus on my tits, and think about ruining your orgasm, because that’s exactly what you’re going to do for me. Once you start to cum, you’re going to let go with your hand and you’re going to spurt all over yourself like the pathetic, sad, worthless loser you are. I know you’re close, look at my hot, young ass, I know that will push you over the edge. Are you ready to ruin it for me like the worthless bitch that you are? I know you’re feeling weak and powerless right now, ready to obey and ruin. I have all the power and you’re not allowed to enjoy your orgasms. Ruined orgasms are your fucking fate loser. Ruined orgasms are exactly what you deserve. But I know you love it, you love ruining your orgasms for me. You’re not worthy of a full orgasm.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: You Need To Be Fucked Over And You Fucking Love It

Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: You Need To Be Fucked Over And You Fucking Love It

Princess Candy Glitter

You work to pay to me, do you understand that? Your reason for going to work every day is to fill my bank account. And that thought gets you so hard. Because you know when you pay you get my attention and its the only way a hot girl like me would pay attention to a loser like you. And even though I laugh at you as I take your money, you love it, you eat up my attention. Youre so desperate for it. The only reason Im even speaking to you right this second is because I know you have money to give me. And youre going to hand it over willingly, youre going to beg me to take it from you to fill this sick need of yours.

I give your life meaning, dont I? I am your fucking god. You worship me, you live to pay me. You love paying, you love being fucked over by me. You dont deserve to have nice things, you deserve to go broke. And you know it. It turns me on to think about my bank account growing larger and larger while yours diminishes away to nothing. Ill bet it would turn you on so much to see all the money Ive taken from losers like you. Its just so easy when youre as hot as I am. Its so easy when men like you are so fucking weak. Youre weak, pathetic and obsessed.

I need more of your money loser. Youre a fucking loser with nothing else to offer. Youre just a human fucking wallet to me. Youre a human atm, otherwise youre useless. And be honest, you love this abuse, you love going broke for me. Youre so lucky that I even take your money and pay attention to you because you know a girl like me would never pay attention to you otherwise. In fact, you should thank me while I drain your account, loozer.

Its just so easy to fuck you over, I just have to stand here and look hot and you are just so eager to get on your hands and knees and hand over your fucking wallet to me. Youre just a pathetic pay pig and you dont deserve any of the money you have in your bank account. You need to fucked over. I know thats what you really want, you want to go broke for me.

You get such a rush every time you pay me. Its so addicting, you cant stop. And I wont stop until you have nothing else to give me, I will push you to the edge. Im not afraid to take every last penny from you because I know that I deserve it more than you. And that turns you because youre a fucking freak weirdo pay pig. You just want to be fucked over and you should be grateful Im giving you this opportunity. Fuck yourself over for me loser. Its just so easy to take advantage of you and you fucking love it!
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Eat Your Cum For Me, I Know You Want To – Very Bratty CEI

I had so many good titles for this clip it was hard to choose, here are the others I considered:

Slurp Up Your Jizz Load For A Hot Young Brat

Good Boys Clean Up Their Messes

I Hope It Tastes Disgusting

Youll Eat Your Cum For A Tiny Bit Of My Attention

Do you wanna eat your cum for me? Cmon I know you want to. You want to taste your own seed, right? Youll do anything I tell you to. Just look at my cute, young sexy body, you cant resist. Youll do anything for me, right? So, why dont you eat your cum for me? Cmon just try it, for me. You wanna be obedient, dont you? You wanna be a good boy for me. So eat your fucking cum for me. I know you want to. I know youre secretly a cum eating loser. Dont deny it. And youll do anything for a hot brat like me.

So start stroking. Youre gonna slurp that load up for me, fucking loser. I want you to think about that and know it as you jerk. Youre going to clean up your fucking mess because thats what good boys do. Good boys clean up after themselves, dont they? Stroke it faster, I want you to eat it for me, I dont have all day. Just get it over with like the filthy cum eating pig that you are. Work that load out to my hot, young, perfect body. Look at these perky tits, so fucking perfect. You want to cum for them, theyre going to make you squirt it all out.

I know you want to pump, pump, pump, and then jizz all over and slurp it up. And the fucked up thing is thing is that thought has you so hard right now. And I know you want to do it for a hot young topless brat. Thats so humiliating and you love it. I want you to have a nice, big, juicy load to swallow. And its going to taste so good, right? LOL! But I dont care what it tastes like, I hope its disgusting because youre a loser and thats what you deserve!

I love teasing you with my hot young body while I taunt you about how youre about to eat your cum all up. You wish you could have me, that you could touch my soft skin, but instead youre over there stroking like a pathetic fucking loser whos about to eat his own fucking cum. Youre disgusting, you are absolutely repulsive.

Cmon you little cum eater, stroke it faster, get yourself to the edge. Every stroke bringing you closer to that load. Imagine what its going to taste like. Youre going to cum right in your hand and youre going to slurp it up for me. Youre going to lick every last finger, do you understand?

Youre so lucky, youre so lucky that Im even paying you some attention, arent you loser? Even though Im forcing you to eat your own jizz, youre still getting a scrap of my attention. And thats what you want, right? You fucking loser. Youd do anything for just a little, tiny amount of my attention. Youre so pathetic, eating your fucking cum, thats disgusting. Fuck you loser!

Youre a mindless loser who will do anything I say. Youre so weak for a hot young brat like me and theres nothing you can do about it. Im in your head. Are you ready to eat your load, you pathetic cum eater? Im going to give you a cum (eating) countdown. Cum right into your hand for me. Now slurp it up. Dont think about it, dont wait, do it! Lick up every last drop. Lick that hand clean. Clean up your fucking mess!
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