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A FACE SIT LOVERS DREAM! We honestly don’t know if Steve is really that stupid, or if he does things purposely to piss off Skylar Rene.
Steve threw out Skylar’s new chair just because he didn’t like it. Doesn’t he realize Skylar will now have to find another place to sit?
If there is a way to sit on a man’s face that’s not in this video, we haven’t heard of it. Forward, Reverse, Sideways, and in every conceivable way! When you combine the complete FACE SITTING DOMINATION in this match with Skylar’s legendarily perfect ass, this is a MUST HAVE VIDEO!
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See how real lesbians act and talk about men. They got a poor male victim next to their bed. The only use of the male slave is being a toy for two hot lesbians. They humiliate him verbal and abuse and t*rture his penis and ball sack. At the end – before they throw him out – they drag him to the small house corridor for a ruthless ball kicking. All full nude but of course the ladies with high heels, which they use like lethal weapons…
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Full naked and shaved with hot pussy view she says: Masturbate with me and cum all over my hot oiled muscular body! Should be not hard to cum, even multiple times, watching this sexy oiled female muscles… She wants to be covered by oil and sperm while she masturbates herself… and encourage the fast shooters for cumming a second time (at 7:34 minutes) while she starts flexing her muscles again…
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Rapture & her male opponent spar off, and Rapture gains control right from the start. She pins her opponent to the mat, and giggles as he struggles to get up. They spar off again, and once again, Rapture gains the upper hand. They grapple around for a few minutes until Rapture gets her opponent on his back, pinning he hands behind him. She grabs a pair of handcuffs & cuffs his wrists together. Now, it’s time for Rapture to dominate him. She grabs some rope, and secures his arms to his chest, rendering him helpless

He asks for one more chance, and Rapture tells him that he’ll get his chance, and then she takes off her clothes. She starts to rub her naked, sweaty body all over him as he sits there helpless. Rapture puts him in some tight scissorholds, and smothers him with her naked tits. She even sits on his face with her naked ass, turning her poor opponents face very purple.

She continues teasing her him with her nude bod, smothering his face with her huge tits, and then sitting on his face with her bare ass & pussy. When she’s decided that he’s had enough, she unties & uncuffs him. Then, she puts him into a hold & instructs him to jerk off for her.
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She force him to keep stroking his cock harder and harder but the answer to his begging for relief is no! Then he couldn’t hold it anymore and squirt his full load right on her naked body. He stains her legs with his cum and she slaps him many times hard in the face for this misbehavior. She let him lick his own cum off from her legs, then from the floor while she put her high heels on his neck, kicking him and posing her bare, muscular body.
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Princess Ellie: CUM 3 TIMES IN 11 MINUTES WITH CEI 720P

I will let you stroke it to my juicy booty! Jerk it! Cum when I say 1, and ONLY when I say 1. Even if that means you have to cum again and again or not at all. Well, of course I made you cum! 3 times in fact, letting that jizz pile up all over your lap. I have a plan for you. A twisted little plan at that… I make you eat up 3 loads of cum like a little sissy loser!
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