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Princess Kira Star

I’m so hot, you’re so addicted to me. Admit it. Your loser cock wants me so bad. And you love how your cock just throbs for me. I am your only reason to live. Yes, and this is so good for you. You need this. You need me because I know how to fuck with losers like you. You see I know you’re a p0pp3rz freak. You love sniffing them, and this is so good for you. You love to sniff those poisonous toxins and get so stupid, so out of control. You love the perverted thoughts you get when you sniff. So much lust, so much perversion. So much power they give me over you.

Your cock is so hard, just waiting for you to take a sniff for me. Your cock is so excited already. Today we’re going to blast your brains, harder than ever before. Just for me. You’re going to lose more brain cells than ever, and you’re going to cum harder than ever before. Are you ready to party with a woman as gorgeous as me? Do you think you can handle it? I want you to show me how much you lust for me. I love fucking you up like this.

So get your bottle of perverted poison, open it, put your finger and on the top and turn the bottle upside down. Now wipe the poison on your nostril. Now do it again, lots of poison p0pp3rz on your nostril. I want you to have constant fumes as you jerk and breathe deeply. This is so powerful, all the is racing to your cock as you lust after my gorgeous body. Stroke for me, pump your cock for Princess Kira. Your heart is pounding from so many p0pp3rz. But don’t worry about that, just keep jerking your cock and look at me. Show me how much you lust for me. Keep breathing it in and stroking. Put more on your nostrils every time you need more and just keep jerking your loser cock.

The p0pp3rz make you so weak and perverted. But it feels so good you can’t stop. You are filled with sexual desire. Keep breathing loser. Your brain is leaking out as you jerk for me. Jerk and tell me what a perverted freak you are. Rub more of it all over your nose and stroke it with the same hand. You must be going crazy by now. But you love this. Stroke your fucking cock and tell me all of your fucked up desires, you fucking perverted p0pp3rz freak. Your cock and your brain can’t handle my extreme beauty. Stare at me, so many p0pp3rz, you feel like you might not make it, but you can’t stop. You’re crazy with lust for me. It won’t be long now, your loser balls are ready to explode. And they will.

You’re constantly breathing in the p0pp3rz, your head is ready to explode. You stupid fool. Pump it out. Cum for me. Show me how much you lust me, show me how much you can cum for me. You are a braindead mess, lol. I’ll bet you’re still breathing it in, LOL! What a fucking loser you are!

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Goddess Paige Orion

I know how to control you. I know how to slip inside of your mind and manipulate you. I know how to pull all of your strings and make you mine. You begin to feel yourself getting more relaxed with the sound of my voice. All you can focus on is me, my beauty, and the sound of my voice. My voice pulling you deeper. More and more relaxed. Good boy. Now nothing else exists, just you and me.

Look at me pet, look at my perfection, calling to you. You are nothing but my mindless moron. Every time you look at me, your cock gets hard, you become such a horny little loser. You love to stare at me. You’re addicted to me, your addicted to this moment. And with every moment that passes you feel your will begin to fade, replaced with my own, replaced with ecstasy. You have no other thoughts except for me. You are my mindless, horny loser.

Mindless, weak, pathetic and horny. You don’t need to think. All you need to do is obey. Obey your Goddess. Obey. You find pleasure through obedience. You find ecstasy through me. You don’t need to think, all you need to do is obey, my horny little loser. You feel the lust and desire growing stronger and stronger. You ache for me. A thirst that cannot be quenched. A fever burning hotter inside of you, that you cannot put out.

You are my mindless little moron. Your cock so hard, your mind so soft. You love this, you want this, you need this. You need me. I’m your world. And you exist solely to worship. You exist to obey me and make my life better. I am your Goddess and you are my horny little puppet. The harder your cock gets, the weaker your mind becomes, until your will crumbles and all that is left, is me. This is the pleasure you’ve been aching for. You feel it here with me. This is true bliss, pet.

My words etch themselves deep inside of you. The seeds I have planted will soon sprout. You feel so relaxed. You are mine. I am your future. I am your everything, and you are nothing but my mindless little slave.
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This video is designed to manipulate your weak brain. Repeated viewing is not advised unless you are prepared for permanent changes.

This BBC brainwashing clip is filled with Tons of hot BBC porn. The preview is but a teaser for what’s truly inside. You’ll get to see some of the best BBC porn with some of the hottest girls. It’s filled with BBC cocksucking and gagging, pussy pounding, ass fucking, gang bangs, and loads of amazing cum shots at the end. You won’t be able to look away from all the huge black cocks! The video is accompanied by multiple, layered tracks of the silky voice of Hyp n0 Domme McKenzie Alex. It’s truly an orgasm for your brain, funneled in through your eyes and ears.

You have an addiction to big black cock. It wasn’t your intention, you were brainwashed by pornography. Just watching so many black cocks has warped your brain. Now you need BBC in order to get off. You see as you jerk yourself to BBC porn, your subconscious mind is at work, you are being brainwashed by association. The imagery has you hooked and now it is permanently linked to your gratification. You are becoming conditioned. Big Black Cocks are associated with your pleasure. You can’t look away, you can’t stop jerking.

Think about it, every time your cock is hard, every time you jerk, every time you cum, you are watching big black cocks.The more you watch the stronger it grows, it becomes impossible to break this bond. You are being brainwashed by big black cocks. Admit it. You love stroking to BBC porn. Watch and stroke, watch and stroke, let that bond build in your brain forever associating your pleasure with big black cocks. It makes you so horny.

You want big black cock. You want to suck them, you want to feel them in your ass. Maybe you think this is just a fantasy, but think about it, how hard are you right now? We both know that you don’t watch BBC porn for the girls, it’s for the big black cocks. You can’t quit this, you’re too far gone, too addicted. You are a big black cock addict.
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1080 HD This slave is so fucked. Amadahy and Edyn have him tied up as he is edged by machine. The machine is relentless because, unlike a person, it never gets tired. While he is edged, he is forced to watch a brainwash video. He is in virtual reality, but a screen shows the girls what he is seeing. Again, the automation is tireless. He could be left like this indefinitely. Amadahy and Edyn tickle his sensitive bound balls with their long fingernails. He is completely entranced by the video. His brain is so fucked. All the messages the girls want to re-wire his brain with are sinking in as he is edged. The girls want to step up the sexual mind fuck even more. They get a vibrator and tease his balls. The edging machine combined with the vibrator is a lot for the slave to handle. His orgasm is imminent. The women don’t want him to cum yet, though. He hasn’t gotten through the whole brainwash loop even once yet. They don’t let him cum. But the teasing just gets worse and worse. Amadahy sits on the slave’s face while Edyn continues with the vibrator. Amadahy needs to take a pee break, so she goes right in the slave’s mouth. (This clip has been cut to comply with clips4sale rules). After her pee break, Amadahy puts the slave back into the virtual reality headset. The slave has been edged for a very long time. Amadahy and Edyn decide to give him a chance to cum. They only give him a narrow window to climax before they decide he is taking too long. Bored by the slave, they abandon him on the bench with the brainwash loop repeating.
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Alix Lynx

Normally a homewrecker is a woman you sleep with who fucks up your relationship, but in our case, we have something a little bit different. I might be a home wrecker but I’m strictly virtual. It’s kinda pathetic actually when you think about it. You go behind your wife or gf’s back and you lie and you don’t even get to fuck me. All you do is jerk off for me. I’m your virtual homewrecker, and you are addicted to me.

You are addicted to jerking off for me, you’re addicted to my body, to my sweet voice. You know I’m on your computer screen whenever you want me. And you just can’t get enough. You’d rather sneak away and jerk to me than fuck your wife or girlfriend. You’re mesmerized by my hot young body and you need to hear my voice in your head as I mindfuck you to orgasm after orgasm. And you know the orgasms I give you are way better than when you fuck your wife. You’re completely wrapped around my little finger. And I don’t even know who you are, I don’t even care who you are. And I’m fucking up your relationship, LOL!

Does your wife or girlfriend look anything like me? No? I guess that’s why you keep coming back. Better to jerk off to a hot young porn star than to fuck your ugly wife, right? I love teasing you and keeping you addicted, showing you my tight young pussy that you’ll never fuck. It’s so much fun knowing how many relationships I’ve ruined. I love knowing how much money I’ve taken from your wife. So go on, jerk it for me. Keep jerking it for me. Don’t ever stop. Doesn’t that feel so good?

What would your wife say if she found out about your dirty little secret? I know just thinking about that gets you rock fucking hard. You love that rush you get each time you lie and go behind her back and jerk your cock to me. You come to me because you know you can relax and just jerk and be yourself with me, as I pull you in deeper and manipulate your thoughts. You love that I’m your virtual homewrecker, you love knowing I’m fucking up your relationship even though you’ll never fuck me. How fucked up is that?

Stroke it like a good boy for me. Show me how much you worship me. I know that with every word that I speak you’re getting closer and closer to cumming. I know you too well, I know you better than your wife knows you. I know the real you and I’ve never even met you. I know your cock is throbbing in your hands for me. It’s so hot how much power I have over you. You just can’t seem to stay away from me. That’s because I know you and I know what your weakness is and I know how to make you cum harder than your wife does. You need me. You better hurry and cum before your wife comes home.
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I guarantee that I will have your mouth watering, your mind mush and your dick will be fucking weeping. A long, slow, deeply mesmerising tit worship session. A complete mind and body fuck, JUICY delicious tits and powerful brainwashing, h1pn otic language and imbedded commands, you are My prisoner from the very first second. My glorious tits right into your face, so close you can almost taste them, imagine that, I am literally rubbing in your face what you can NEVER have. The pleasure you feel is unparalleled when you get to stare UP at Me this way, how small and insignificant do you feel, weak? I can do anything to you, and you will let Me because you are obsessed, and so very weak for My perfect tits. Dick in hand you stroke which only increases My control over you. No distractions. Just My voice and My tits. Intense. As I seductively spill My powerful words into your gaping mind, you stare up at Me in rapture, cock THROBBING and you realise there is NO escape from this weakness you feel for Me and My PERFECT tits. I could drain you, leave you with nothing right now, I am the owner of your pleasure, your pain, and you are FALLING down and DOWN My rabbit hole. A slave to My tits, dumb, drained, owned. Whichever way this ends for you, you will KNOW that you are nothing but My toy, your pleasure and satisfaction only exist as a result of My schemes, or My whims, and in the face of such BEAUTY and POWER that is exactly how it should be isn’t it slave.
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Sasha Conceited

I know how hooked you are on me. Just seeing me on the screen has you completely weak for me. Hearing my voice has me etched in your mind. Even when you’re not listening, my words are etched in your brain, you are always under my control. Every moment you stare at me, makes my presence inside your mind more and more permanent. You love having me stuck inside your head all day. I replace your boring every day thoughts. You sit there in your mundane existence and your thoughts keep returning to me. And the longer you stare and listen, the harder it becomes to get me out of your mind. I’m teasing you and taking over your mind. It’s getting harder and harder to escape my control.

You need to watch me and hear me mindfucking you as I take over your brain. It’s not like there was much going on there anyway, you need me to fill the space in your mind. I want you to think of me over and over again when I’m not around because that will make you weaker in my presence. You’ll hear my words throughout the day as though I’m constantly whispering in your ear. And it will feel good having me take over your brain. You’ll never get me out of your head. I am programming you to be under my complete control at all times. And you need my control, don’t you? You need someone so strong and powerful to take over your mind in order to be a better slave.

Soon my thoughts will completely replace yours as I slowly take over your mind. Soon you’ll be nothing more than a puppet for me to play with. You’ll try so hard to get me out but your efforts will be for nothing because I am already so deeply embedded that I’ve taken up residence inside your brain. You’ll know you’re fully under my control when you find yourself thinking of me non stop. You’ll be craving to see me again, to have my words slip into your mind. And all of this is your fault, you invited me in. You love having me inside your brain, manipulating you in any way I see fit.

It might get too intense for you, and you’ll try to push me out of your brain, but that will only push me in even deeper. There’s no escape. The more you think of me the more I take over your mind. It’s an endless loop you’re caught in. Soon you won’t even own a single thought in your brain. I live inside your mind and whisper my thoughts in your brain constantly. You love being mentally enslaved. You’ve wanted this for so long. You’ll keep coming back over and over again, because that’s how I’ve programmed you. Your brain is of no use any more. You don’t have to think anymore, and that’s how you like it. There’s no escape from this hold I have over your brain.
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Princess Kelly Sunshine

Have you ever paid a small penis tax? You know the kind where the smaller it is the bigger the tax. I’m sure you have, you know if you have a small penis you need to pay. But even if you have an average dick or even a big dick, you’re still a loser, and you’re still going to pay. Big dick or little dick, if you’re here watching this video, you’re pathetic. And you need to pay for that. But the smaller your dick the more you’re going to pay, the more you’ll feel the need to pay as compensation, as you know your wallet is the only thing you have to offer. And the smaller it is, the less you have to offer a woman sexually, the more you need to compensate her financially.

You have to pay a little dick tax. You know you do. And those of you with really itty bitty ones, well it’s going to get expensive. Do you understand that loser? I know you do. You understand that you need to pay your tiny penis tax. You understand that no woman wants that cock, but you still want our attention. So you pay for it. You beg to pay for it. And that makes your little penis even harder now, doesn’t it? If you can’t please with your cock, you have to please with your wallet. It’s that simple. You need to be of some use.

Just look at that itty bitty thing so hard between your legs. What use is that to a woman? It’s of no use loser, no woman wants to fuck a little dick. Woman want big cocks. You know that and you also know that’s something you’ll never be able to give a woman. That’s why you don’t even try to fuck any more. You just tug away at the little penis every chance you get while you open up your wallet to apologize for being so small and pathetic.

And do you know what the saddest part of having a little penis is? You can’t do anything about it. And you know that no woman will waste her time with a man with a little dick. These are just facts loser. But you can make up for it with your fucking wallet. That’s the only way that you have to redeem yourself. If you even want a hot girls attention, you have to pay for it.

And when you pay, you need to make it worthwhile. Your twenty dollar tributes, that’s like a one inch cock, no woman wants either. We want either a big cock or a big spending loser. Just like the bigger your cock the more desirable you are, the bigger your wallet the more we’ll pay attention to you and your little penis. The only thing I want is your fucking money. Get it through that stupid brain of yours. You’re going to pay or I’m going to ignore you and your little penis that no one cares about.
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Princess London Lix

Hi faggot, I want to talk to you about your BBC obsession. You have quite the unhealthy fixation on Big Black Cock now, don’t you? And I’m not talking about heterosexual porn, no, all of your BBC fantasies are fag boy ones, isn’t that right? This was a slippery slope and one that you fell down very fast. I know you didn’t mean for this to happen. You used to just love watching black guys fucking, right? You were turned on by interracial porn, I get it, it just looks so good to see those Huge black cocks being sucked and fucked by hot white girls. It makes for good viewing, for good wanking material but you just took that a little bit too far. You didn’t even realize what was happening. Your brain twisted these fantasies for you and before you knew it, you weren’t looking at the girls any more, you found yourself fixated on those huge black cocks.

You’ve been brainwashed. It wasn’t your intention, but you were brainwashed by BBC porn. It’s not your fault, your weak brain just couldn’t resist those big black cocks. And now black cock is all you can fantasize about. It’s so funny how it was all so innocent, how you truly didn’t mean for this to happen. You were completely straight, you just loved watching black guys fucking white girls. But those black cocks just looked so good, didn’t they? You couldn’t take your eyes off of them. You were hooked on those huge superior dicks that could please women in a way you never could.

And I think I know why you liked looking at big black cocks, it’s because they’re everything that you’re not, isn’t that right loser? Look down at your penis, does it compare? So you tried to live vicariously through them until that fantasy started to get twisted too. Until you began wanting those big black cocks in your mouth and in your ass. Over time you focused more on that fat BBC, so much so that you started staring at those Huge cocks as you came. Look at this huge cock next to me, that does something to a loser’s mind, doesn’t it? So what happens when you associate all of your pleasure to BBC, what did you think would happen? Every time you came you were looking at BBC. It fucked up your head, it brainwashed you. Now all of your pleasure is associated with BBC. It happened over months and years of watching BBC porn. You were brainwashed by Big Black Cocks. You have conditioned your brain to associate BBC with your orgasm. You see how you’re fucked? How you fucked yourself?

I’ll bet it’s gotten so bad that you can only cum when there’s black cock on your screen, it’s all you want to jerk off to. You don’t need to even have a woman in the scene any more, all you need is Big Black Cock. You’ve ruined your mind. It started out as just an interest in interracial porn and now you’ve been brainwashed by pornography. You have been unknowingly conditioned to love big black cock. I know you’re stroking right now hearing me, watching the big cocks on the screen, you can’t help it. You want BBC, you need it, you crave it, you jerk to it. You want those bigger, better, superior cocks right down your throat. You want to feel their cum all over your face, don’t you, you little faggot? And you did this all to yourself loser.

You have been brainwashed by pornography and now here you are, a black cock loving faggot. You want those huge cocks in your ass. You want to be chained up and used by a group of black guys as nothing more than a little fuck doll. You have so many sick, twisted submissive faggot fantasies about black cock, don’t you loser? Every time you cum, you’re looking at black cock, it’s what you trained your brain to love. You need this now, don’t you fag boy? Wank that little white dick between your legs, show me just how inferior you are, show me just how much you lust after BBC. You’re a black cock loving faggot loser. Do you see how weak minded you are? Plenty of men jerk off to interracial porn and they didn’t end up like you. You were destined to be this way. You mind is so weak and susceptible.

Now I want you to cum for black cock, I want you to condition yourself further. I want you to focus on the BBC right as you cum. I want you to cum for that superior, black, alpha bull meat. That cock that you envy, that cock that you lust after. Know that you were brainwashed by BBC porn, know that no normal man ends up like this, only a black cock loving loser does.
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Reduced Size Custom Resell- You’re a closet homosexual gay faggot. And, you know it. I’m sure your faggot dick is as hard as a fucking rock right now. And why is that? The word faggot makes your dick jump. Or perhaps it’s this image of a throbbing hard studly cock. I’m right! You aren’t turned on by women anymore or by normal things that straight men like. You’re turned on by throbbing cock. The fantasy of becoming a faggot on the bottom. Hard anal sex and having your butthole bred to the fullest. That gay load at the tip of your faggot cock is tingling isn’t it? All that faggot talk not only has you hard as a rock but you’re about to ooze all over the place. Remember you must keep that load at the tip of your dick until I tell you to release it. . Stroke even harder while I continue and describe raw gay sex. You on the bottom having that faggot butthole of yours eaten and then pounded by a big muscular top. Laying on your stomach as he approaches you from behind and prepares your butthole for raw condomless butt sex. Your butthole just twitching in anticipation as you eagerly raise it in the air. His condomless cock entering your faggot hole. The way it feels, the way it smells as he fills your insides and begins pounding your guts as his balls squish into yours. Pounding you harder. Deeper. Pushing your in. Thrusting even deeper until you feel him burst inside of you filling your faggot ass with his hot creamy load. Dripping out of your ass. You are gay blow your faggot load now…
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