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Princess Nikki Next is soooo fucking cute and sweet in this clip, you won’t even notice as she ruins you mind and your wallet.

I think it’s so cute how obedient you are and how much you worship me knowing that you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s quite sweet how you are well aware that you’ll never be good enough for a hot young girl like me but yet you still crave my attention. You serve me, and you pay my bills, and buy me gifts all the while knowing you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s so stupid but also kinda cute. I think you enjoy knowing you’ll never be anything to me. In a weird, twisted way it turns you on. I know it gives you a boner.

I know I make you blow huge loads. Just looking at my hot young body and listening to my sweet voice makes you cum so hard. And you love listening to me go on and on about how I’m going to manipulate you and how you’ll never mean anything to me. You exist only to serve me, obeying my every command. And you love that, don’t you? You need to make my life easier, it’s what gets you off, it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. Isn’t it amazing how I can control you in such simple ways?

It takes very little effort on my part to make your mind go crazy for me. The more I tell you that you mean nothing to me, the more you crave me. It’s pretty simple really. You love how easily I control you and I love how pathetic you are and how much you adore me. I know you’re rock hard right now, so go on and rub it as you listen to my sweet voice. My words are so humiliating but I’m so cute and sweet that you don’t even realize what I’m doing to you.

Just listen to how cute and sweet I am as I slowly milk all the cash out of your wallet. I know that I make you cum so hard as I drain your wallet. You’re never going to be anything to me but a wallet that I can drain. And I’m so glad you understand that and want that more than anything. I know it gives you purpose. So jerk that cock knowing you’ll never be anything to me except my human atm.
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1080 HD Alexa is back in another epic Edging Salon clip! This slave has been dropped off at the Edging Salon for a mind erasing session. He’s already very stupid, but his Princess wants him dumber. Hot girls know, our asses make boys dumb. So, Alexa uses images of sexy asses to get this slave stupider. The stupider the slave, the more room there is in its brain for the stuff we want to put in.

This clip contains a picture in picture that features segments from “Ass Addict Meditation and Rinse.” The full picture in picture is also available separately in an at home jerker format. The picture in picture shows what the slave in The Edging Salon is seeing while in virtual reality. The picture in picture is mostly POV images of sexy oiled up asses in thongs and bikinis. It also includes ass worship segments. The sound is mixed. It includes the meditative music that help relax the slave for its ruining, along with sounds from the PIP and handjob.

The slave is edged, then forced and ruined 3 times!

When he’s sufficiently stupider and totally drained of cum, Alexa gets him back into his little chastity.

This is a video you really can’t miss! (16:00 long)
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Custom vid for Sam, his name is mentioned a few times. I am brainwashing you into worshiping my ass & being completely under my spell & under my control. I have you bound with only the ability to stroke your dick with one hand & bring the other hand up to your face. Taped in your hand is a bottle containing a special potion that I instruct you to INHALE. Each time you INHALE your reality is altered & you become easier to manipulate.

This is a long, intense, interactive jerk off instruction with dreamy visuals designed to take you deeper. Entrance/mesmerize could also describe this kind of scene. Not required but best enjoyed if you watch with some kind of mind-altering substance to increase the effect *wink*.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow

I want you to slowly edge yourself. This is going to be a long, intense, hyp n0 t!c edging session. So relax, take some deep breaths, and listen to the sound of my voice as you stare at my beauty. Youre going to fall deep for me as you edge your cock. The more you edge, the more you listen, the deeper you will go. Your cock belongs to me now. Say it. Good boy. Now relax deeper and continue to edge for me, slowly. With every stroke youre going to go further down into trance. And every set of ten slow strokes, youre going to drop another level into trance. Go deeper.

Now a little bit faster, count to ten, and deeper. Keep going and with every ten strokes I want you to try to get yourself closer and closer to orgasm. Deeper, deeper asleep. Thats it, you feel it. Now the closer you get to orgasm the deeper and deeper you go. With every wave of pleasure you cant help yourself from falling deeper. You are so helpless to get away from the feeling of pleasure as you go even deeper. Now let go and just drift.

Keep edging and edging and falling and falling as you get closer and closer to orgasm, work yourself right to the edge as you get harder and harder and plummet deeper into trance. Right to the edge and stop, hands off, I want you feel yourself sliding deeper.

Now work yourself up to another edge. Feel my control over you as you edge again for me. It feels so good to edge, feel the bliss, the pleasure as you drift and float. Right on the edge.. and stop. Go deeper into trance. Now edge again. The deeper you go the better it feels, and youre so deep by now. The closer you get to orgasm the deeper you go, so bring yourself to the edge again. Im going to tease and deny you over and over.

Feel the orgasm building over and over again. Feel what I can do to you. It feels so good, you dont want this to ever stop. Lost in an edging trance.
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How does a never ending p0p.pers sniffing session sound? It sounds amazing doesn’t it! A true p0p.pers addict should really have that bottle constantly under his nose, just like you’re going to do today! This session is designed to have on a loop, the moment you think the session comes to an end, the moment it begins again. (Set it up to play on a loop before you start). I want you to get lost in our session, as in time doesn’t matter, you’re just following My sniffing instructions as well as listening intently to My sensual voice, I have some instructions that you need to follow to the point, you will be mirroring Me exactly, you have to follow My orders, how can a p0p.pers zombie not! Enjoy this never ending session, just be prepared for it!
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As if the Latex Glove P.0pper Fuck wasn’t enough for you…make sure to grab your again while I force you hold it in for Me. Mind Fucked by My black shiny latex gloves you will inhale for Me and I will place My hand over your mouth. Forcing you to hold it. Simple right? How about adding some jerk off encouragement in the mix. Too much for you to handle? Try and see!!!
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I guarantee that I will have your mouth watering, your mind mush and your dick will be fucking weeping. A long, slow, deeply mesmerising tit worship session. A complete mind and body fuck, JUICY delicious tits and powerful brainwashing, h1pn otic language and imbedded commands, you are My prisoner from the very first second. My glorious tits right into your face, so close you can almost taste them, imagine that, I am literally rubbing in your face what you can NEVER have. The pleasure you feel is unparalleled when you get to stare UP at Me this way, how small and insignificant do you feel, weak? I can do anything to you, and you will let Me because you are obsessed, and so very weak for My perfect tits. Dick in hand you stroke which only increases My control over you. No distractions. Just My voice and My tits. Intense. As I seductively spill My powerful words into your gaping mind, you stare up at Me in rapture, cock THROBBING and you realise there is NO escape from this weakness you feel for Me and My PERFECT tits. I could drain you, leave you with nothing right now, I am the owner of your pleasure, your pain, and you are FALLING down and DOWN My rabbit hole. A slave to My tits, dumb, drained, owned. Whichever way this ends for you, you will KNOW that you are nothing but My toy, your pleasure and satisfaction only exist as a result of My schemes, or My whims, and in the face of such BEAUTY and POWER that is exactly how it should be isn’t it slave. Contains: imbedded commands, tit worship, brainwashing, manipulation, JOI, tease and denial, findom, mind fuck,
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I have a fun challenge for both us today. You’re challenge is to NOT stroke and NOT cum. MY challenge is to get you to stroke and cum. Today is a little challenge for the both of us. I know you always buy my clips in order to jerk off and cum to my hot, gorgeous body. You think you can last? Ha. We’ll see.

[Includes JOI, sensual domination, cock tease, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, goddess worship, ass worship, humiliation, femdom pov. Shot in HD.]
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Princess Rene

You fucking femdom addict. You think you can get away, you think you can escape, guaranteed you’ve tried once or twice. But you can’t, can you? You just keep crawling back. You can’t get enough of femdom clips, and once you’ve gone down that rabbit hole, you can never come out. I’ve seen you boys all leave and come back. It’s stupid to even leave at all but some of you do and inevitably you all come back. It’s pathetic really. Don’t quit, quitting is for losers and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

There’s no point in trying to leave because you will come back. You’ve never cum as hard as you do to femdom clip and now you’re trained, you’re trained to cum for humiliation and you just can’t jerk your dick without me. You’re addicted to humiliation, you’re addicted to this site, you keep coming back for more even though you promised yourself not to because you know it’s going to feel so fucking good. It’s the truth and you know it. You’re addicted. You’ll never escape, you’re a fucking femdom loser for life.

You thought this would be just fun and games, you thought that you’d jerkoff to my hot body and my humiliating words every once in awhile and then go on with your life and be ‘normal’. Well you’re not normal, you’re a femdom addict forever. Does that make you nervous? Are you wondering what you go yourself into? I know you’re jerking off right now to me telling you that you’re a fucked up femdom addict. You can’t jerk off to vanilla porn anymore, you need my mean humiliation, you need me to tell you what a fucking loser you are in order for you to get off. And you need to worship this body that you’ll never get or never in see in real life. But you don’t care because you know that you’ll never come close to seeing this perfection in real life. So you’d rather just worship it on screen than get whatever ugly ass girl you might be able to fuck. Jerking off to me on your screen is better than sex for you now. I mean look at this body, how could you not jerk to it?

And you love it when I tease you with my body and then deny you, reminding you that you’ll never get near me. The only thing you get to do is pay and jerk. You can worship my ass on your computer screen all you want as long as you keep paying me for the privilege of worship my divine ass on your computer screen you fucking loser! You’re so addicted to stroking, so addicted to paying, so addicted to cruel femdom goddesses fucking you over. We’ve ruined you, I’ve ruined you. I’ve turned you into a femdom addict for life. Don’t try to leave, it just makes it worse, trust me. You can’t give me up, I will always be there in your mind.

If you want to quit, why don’t you just turn off this clip and walk away right now? LOL we both know that’s not going to happen. You’re so horny and I’ve got you so worked up. You love my clips, you eat them up, you can’t get enough of them. Addict! Horny little fucker. And for those of you with wives or girlfriends, I know you’d rather jerk off to me calling you a loser than get pussy. Because it feels better. Cumming to me calling you a loser feels better than cumming in a wet pussy. It’s true, you can’t deny it. I give you powerful fucking orgasms and that’s what you’re ruled by, your fucking dick. So you’ll never stop, you’ll never quit, you’ll keep coming back forever you fucking addicted femdom bitch! I’ve got you so fucking mindfucked, you can’t help it. Look at you, you’re loving this, your dick is rock hard. Of course your dick is hard for this body. And now I’m going to make you cum like the loser that you are. And when I’m done with you, you’re going to know that you’re never going to able to quit this. Now I’m going to make you cum for this gorgeous goddess ass, you got that you pathetic horny stroke slut?
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I will program your mind and body to respond to my image. Just seeing me triggers you but I’ve decided that isn’t enough. I want you to have an uncontrollable, visceral response you cannot contain and that’s under my complete control. Gaze into my beautiful blue eyes and let go, give in to how vulnerable you are to my image. My shiny catsuit and body swaying before you are making you so weak for me, so captivated by my spell. It feels so good to just give in, let the image of my beauty float in and out of your consciousness. Let it consume the deepest spaces of your mind where I will implant my image, conditioning you further into becoming my helplessly programmed slave.
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