Hypnotic Haylee New Files (17 File)

The Witch in the Woods pt 1- Marked by the witch – Erotic hypnosis

The Witch in the Woods pt 2- Marked by the witch – Erotic hypnosis

Mushy Minded Hypno Drone Erotic Hypnosis

Goddess Truths pt 2 – Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck Slave Training

you are WEAK . Ultimate Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck

Every Day Every Way ENSLAVED erotic hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Triggered Slaves Love To Please

THE SLAVENING erotic hypnosis


Slave Today Slave Everyday – Erotic Hypnosis & Mantra

And more…
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Humiliationpov: How Low Would You Go? Would Suck Cock Just To…? (September 12th 2017)

Hyp n0 Domme Priestess Katherine

It’s really easy to fall under my spell when you are stroking and listening to a powerful woman who knows how to work you. Who knows how to pull you down. Your mind and your decision making get all confused. This happens so easily when a beautiful woman gives you focus, gives you personal attention. I know exactly what I’m doing to you, where I’m pushing you. And even though you know what I’m doing, in the back of your mind you don’t even care. It happens so slowly that you don’t even notice and then before you know it, you’re here, in this head space, the one you’re in right now where you’re hanging on my every word and all your mind can think about is cumming.

Your mind is thinking about how good that would feel. You love the things I can make you feel, don’t you pet? You love hearing about the things I do to all of my good little toys. And I know you want me to play with you too. I can make all of your femdom fantasies come to life. You can worship at my feet as I tease you, torment you and break you. I know you would do just about anything to be able to serve me. You’d do anything to take the place of my real life slaves. I know you want it so badly when it’s dangled in front of you.

So I don’t have to negotiate with you when you’re this desperate. I don’t have to blackmail you or coerce you. You would simply to anything. So it’s simple, you would suck cock for me, give an enthusiastic blow job to a man who wants nothing more than fuck your skull. Swallow his load and say thank you if it meant you could spend the weekend as my real life toy, my slave, my slut, my filthy little play thing. Say it out loud, say, ‘I would suck cock to be your slave.’ Doesn’t that feel good? I love that you would do things you don’t want to do just to serve me.

But I know what I am worth and that would not be enough for me. And I know you would give more because you’re captivated by the idea of serving someone who knows exactly what to do with you. You would get on your knees and suck a cock just for an hour with me, to get lost in the pleasure of belonging to me. Admit it, it will make you so hot when you say it out loud, when you truly feel what you would do just to serve me. I love hearing you admit it. But you would go even lower for me, you’d suck cock just to be in the same room as me as I completely ignore you. How far would you go for so little? It would be worth it for you. But we’re not done yet…

You’d suck cock for me as I was out fucking another man, not even there to laugh at you. You’d suck cock just so you could jerk off alone in my room as I’m out getting fucked. You want to be so low for me. That would be enough for you to suck a cock. Just for the privilege of stroking alone in my room thinking about me getting fucked, knowing that you just sucked cock only to jerk all alone. How pathetic, how low. But I still think that’s too good for you and I think that you agree. You would suck cock just to get my dirty date panties, wouldn’t you? Let’s see how low I can get you to go, shall we?

FX: Soft Reverb, Light White Noise, Subliminal Message Track, Echoes, Layering, Whisper Tracks

Topics/Fetishes: Reprogramming, Mind Control, Mind Altering, Brainwashing, Humiliation, Degradation, Addiction
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Goddess Madam Violet: Mindfuck Body Worship

Mastering the art of body worship is crucial if you wish to serve Me. I LOVE to have My delicious body worshipped and desired. Lucky for you, you serve a TRUE Goddess, sheer PERFECTION from head to toe. Whatever your fetish, whatever gets you HARD I have the MOST delicious version of it, face, eyes, lips, breasts, fingers, legs, ass, feet. The ultimate in Sexual Female power begins and ends with Me, I am PURE Goddess incarnate.Assume the correct position, naked and kneeling, and STROKE your dick. Worship Me from head to toe, lose yourself in My body as My seductive words breakdown your mind; you are so addicted to Me, and the way My body makes you feel, you will accept on a deep level everything I tell you. No question. Every inch of Me is a component in your destruction, and My mind-fucking words slide in so easily when youre hard and LOST in My perfect body. Lose yourself. My Agent Provocateur lingerie, elegant, expensive, deliciously arousing. Stroke, worship, lust, desire, but you will NOT cum. This is all about Me, snd the sacred ritual of body worship. I want you to edge into oblivion as I tease, torment, seductively taunt, My words twisting into your heart, leaving a deep dark scar on your mindContains: NLP, trance language, embedded commands and mind manipulation. Edging, tease and denial, Body worship, Feet, heels, naked breasts, lingerie, legs, ass.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa – Slaves Brain Turned to Mush in VR by Sexy Asses Multi Ruin (1080 HD)

1080 HD Alexa is back in another epic Edging Salon clip! This slave has been dropped off at the Edging Salon for a mind erasing session. He’s already very stupid, but his Princess wants him dumber. Hot girls know, our asses make boys dumb. So, Alexa uses images of sexy asses to get this slave stupider. The stupider the slave, the more room there is in its brain for the stuff we want to put in.

This clip contains a picture in picture that features segments from “Ass Addict Meditation and Rinse.” The full picture in picture is also available separately in an at home jerker format. The picture in picture shows what the slave in The Edging Salon is seeing while in virtual reality. The picture in picture is mostly POV images of sexy oiled up asses in thongs and bikinis. It also includes ass worship segments. The sound is mixed. It includes the meditative music that help relax the slave for its ruining, along with sounds from the PIP and handjob.

The slave is edged, then forced and ruined 3 times!

When he’s sufficiently stupider and totally drained of cum, Alexa gets him back into his little chastity.

This is a video you really can’t miss! (16:00 long)
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Brat Princess 2: Edyn and Lola – Edged to Like Big Black Cocks (Deep Mind Control) (1080 HD) (PIP)

1080 HD: Andy was left at the edging salon a while ago. His Princess didn’t want him anymore, so she just never came back to get him after his usual edging session. He’s basically like an unmatched glove in a lost and found. Nobody has any use for andy, so Edyn and Lola decide to use him for a brainwash experiment. Today, Edyn and Lola will attempt to sexually rewire andy to crave big black cocks. Edyn and Lola don’t know if this conversion will work, but it’s worth a try. Abandoned with no keyholder, andy’s been in chastity kind of indefinitely. Sexually frustrated and wholly unwanted by anyone, he’s the perfect candidate for experimentation. Andy won’t like what’s about to happen to him at all, but if successful his sexual conversion will really be what’s for the best. Andy is attracted to girls; pretty girls. He doesn’t seem to realize that girls will never like him; that he shouldn’t even try to talk to the girls he finds attractive. He’s just annoying to them. That’s probably why his Princess dumped him off and never came back. Edyn and Lola strap andy to a chair and place him into virtual reality headset. Edyn removes andy’s chastity and edges him to a series of images. Lola places andy under voice control and selects images for his video feed. At first, andy is shown pretty girls. Andy responds very well to the sight of the pretty girls. He gets very hard. Andy’s not going to be allowed to cum during the session, just edged. He’s going to be conditioned to associate the height of his sexual arousal with cocks instead of pretty girls. Lola wants to confuse andy’s reality and make him believe he is seeing a pretty girl every time he is in fact shown an image of a big black cock. Gradually andy falls deeper and deeper under the mind control. Andy is successfully reprogrammed to believe he is seeing a pretty girl when he is in fact looking at a big black cock, but the results are inconsistent. Also, despite suggestion that andy likes big black cock, he keeps verbally insisting that he likes girls. Lola thinks it will take at least one brainwash session a day for several months before a full conversion is complete. The girls fuck andy’s mind until they decide to knock off work and go home for the day. Forcing andy’s huge erection into his tiny chastity for the night proves somewhat challenging. His body betrays him; he truly must be aroused by images of big black cocks to have an erection so persistent. This clip has a picture in picture that shows the brainwash images andy is perceiving in virtual reality. The picture in picture is present throughout most of the clip. At the very end, there are a few minutes of the brainwash loop by itself.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy POV – Stupid for My Tits (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy is a very intelligent woman, but it would be a waste for her to use her superior mind to control you. It’s much easier than that. All she has to do is wear a low cut dress. You are so stupid for perfect tits. As soon as the fluids start rushing to your dick, you can’t think straight. There just isn’t enough life force in your body for both your brain and your cock to function. Go on, look at Amadahy’s perfect cleavage, you’re allowed to. Become more and more mindless. Feel your dick growing harder as your logic is suspended. Keep looking, keep getting harder and stupider. This is how women control losers like you. Amadahy’s tits will keep you spending and spending. She can get whatever she wants because you are mindless when you are controlled by her tits.
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Zoey Paige POV Slave Orders 2

MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Zoey Paige POV Slave Orders 2

Zoey Paige is sex feet tall, blonde and gorgeous!! She towers over you as you sink to your knees and obey. She uses her magic powers to turn you into her worship puppet! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, POV, AND MORE!
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer Kendall and Sara – Rewire sissy to Love Big Black Cock Part 1 (720 HD)

Jennifer, Kendall and Sara Luvv decide to make danni into a girl. Hes a terrible boy, but a passable girl. It even has cleavage once you put a bra on it. Sara brushes some sparkly powder onto dannis face as the trio giggles. Jennifer gives danni a dramatic cat eye with some black eyeliner. Its going to look so different after the makeover. Itll need a new name. The Princesses name the newly made sissy, danielle. Kendall adds red lipstick to their living doll. Jennifer and Sara each claim an eye and apply mascara. Sissy danielle struggles with the instruction to keep just one eye open. You look like a messy whore, Jennifer says as she fixes the sissys lipstick with a paper towel. Three Princess palms slap powder onto the sissys ugly forehead. They make plans to pierce the sissys ears. Itll be so cute to see it wear earrings! The Princesses manhandle the sissy whores tits. It better get used to it, now that it will be living the life of a lowly slut. The Girls apply a blonde wig to complete the sissys total transformation. A chorus of delighted squeals erupts. It looks so cute! For the finishing touch, the Princesses stuff its big feet into a pair of shiny shoes. Its going to have to be sure to walk with all the grace it can muster. The sissy does a somewhat passable girl walk. Jennifer asks, So danni, do you like sucking big black cock? No, danni answers. Im a boy. The Princesses point out that danni looks more like a girl. Hes already most of the way towards learning to love Worshiping big black cock. The Girls begin the sluts training. Danni is restrained on a table, completely immobilized. A tray with a monitor is positioned in front of dannis face. The screen flashes images of big black cocks with suggestive messages. Think big black cock, crave big black cock, Worship big black cock. Footage of dannis ass getting fucked pulses across the screen. He is going to be so completely and thoroughly brain rewired.
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Mandy Flores: Fucked by the police – femdom POV feat. Mandy Flores

Mandy Flores: Fucked by the police - femdom POV feat. Mandy Flores

The clip starts with with me hearing an aggressive knock at my front door and yells of “It’s the Police! Open up!”. Open the door to find you there, Officer Flores. You’re dressed in a police officers outfit, not like a slutty version, just kinda normal shirt, pants, but tight fitting, and high heeled boots. You’re also wearing a police hat and mirrored aviators and your hair is done back in a tight ponytail. I let you inside and you then tell me that you’ve been getting noise complaints from my apartment, I reply that I will turn it down no problem, but you won’t hear it, you say that I am under arrest and that I have to come with you, I resist. You pull out your g.un and point it at me and start yelling at me. You say something along the lines of “I’ll teach you to be quiet” and then hit me along side the head with the g.un, knocking me out. The scene fades back in to me handcuffed in a chair and your standing over me pointing the g.un at me with one hand and fondling my dick (using the prop dick that you have). Telling me to shut up, that college like me never listen and that you will make at least some use out of me. You force me to fuck you essentially and threaten my life with your g.un constantly. From here go on with handjob, blowjob, titty fuck (if possible) cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, with you always pointing the g.un at me and threatening me, telling me no one will believe me. Finally forcing me cum in your mouth.
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Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement

Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement
Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement
Humiliation POV: Jerkoff To Your Credit Card Statement

Princess Lexie

Oh look, my personal wallet is back for more abuse. I know how much you love spending on me, how much it makes your cash cock twitch. And last time you spent a LOT on me, we maxxed out your credit card. Wasn’t that fun? Well today we’re going to have even more fun, I want you to go get your credit card statement. I want it printed out in front of you. And I want you to look at it. Do you see how much you spent? Does that scare you or are you getting even more excited? Ha, I know you’re getting hard just looking at it, seeing how much you spent, how stupid you were.

Normally you like to block it all out of your mind, how much you spent. You regret it until your dick gets hard again and then you just can’t help but spend again. But today, I’m not going to let you forget. You’re going to look right at your credit card statement and you’ll see exactly how much I took from you. And as you stare at it, you’re going to jerkoff. That’s right, I want you to jerkoff to your credit card statement, piggy. Stare at all of those purchases you made for me. Look at the shoes you bought, the lingerie, the cash tributes. Doesn’t that get you hard? I know it does.

Go on loser, jerk it for me as you stare at that maxxed out bill. Stroke and realize that I took all of your cash. I totally drained you. Jerk to the thought that Princess Lexie completely ruined you. Jerk to your fucking credit card statement. LOL, I’ll bet you’ve never done this before. You freak! Look at what turns you on! You’re so fucked.

Just thinking about all that money that I took from you just turns you on so much, doesn’t it loser? I’ll bet you want to pull out another credit card and max it out right now. I love that fact that you’re broke, that your credit card is maxxed out. I love knowing that I just fucked your wallet and completely ruined you.

Did you ever think you’d be here, with me on your screen and you on your knees with your credit card statement in hand, jerking away furiously? Look what I can do to you loser. You love reliving it over and over again. You’re so turned on. I know you’re so close, and when you blow that load, I want you to do it all over that credit card statement! LOL! Oh my god you’re so pathetic! Fuck you loser.
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