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Mistress Megan Jones and Mistress Mia Annabella come into the dungeon and are in a sadistic mood. They pretend that they are unhappy with the way the slave is cleaning up the place and they stop him to scold him. He tries to apologize but it just isn’t enough and the very mean women take turns busting in his pathetic balls with their muscular legs. WHAM, WHAM, you can hear it echo through the room, the hard blows to his balls. Eventually he goes down, he is broken.
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Megan Jones and Mia Annabella are vicious sadists who are bent on breaking this slave purely for fun. They pretended that he didn’t do the best job cleaning, just to have an excuse to hurt him for their enjoyment. They string him up and Mistress Megan whips him good with Mia assisting in the torment. The women love being so cruel. Are you next?
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