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Brainwashing is meant to impair judgement and increase suggestibility. It is a psychological weapon meant to modify normal brain function. Existing mental programming will be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior. New input, in the form of suggestions, will be substituted for previous ideas. Complete mental takeover becomes easier through these techniques and watching this video on loop. Do not take this clip lightly. Repeated viewing will cause permanent brain changes. The techniques used in this video are the most advanced and proven brainwashing techniques.

This video is embedded with deep subliminal messaging, both audio and video. The video is layered with images meant to reprogram your brain through subliminal conditioning, through rapid image repetition and subliminal image brain response. There are layers built in that are specifically designed to confuse your brain and remove your previous programming that will literally wash you brain. The flashing subliminal words will rewrite themselves in your mind where there is now a blank slate. The words you will hear do much the same. They are soft, delicate words, layered with whispers. Their initial purpose is to cause confusion and aid in the visual brain scrubbing you will experience. Once this is complete the words and images will begin to permanently etch themselves in your mind.

This video focuses heavily on subliminal suggestion which is a deeper and more permanent form of brainwashing. Your ‘straight’ brain will be reprogrammed, to think about cock for arousal. Pussy and women will no longer excite you as those areas of your brain will be wiped from your original programming and replaced with a deep lust for cock. You will become gay after repeated viewing of this clip. The subliminal programming will bring about permanent changes. If you’ve enjoyed ‘playing’ with brainwashing clips before, get ready for permanent reeducation. Find a quiet dark place, put in your earphones, and play this clip on repeat for hours. But only do so if you truly want to be gay as this is more than an erotic exercise, it is the truest brainwashing in it’s purest form, deep subliminal conditioning, mind rinsing, and reprogramming.

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Princess Mika

Are you ready to sniff some p0pp3rz loser? Yea, I bet you are, you’re ready to get all nice and fucked up. It’s soooo pathetic that you have to resort to p0pp3rz. It really shows how much of a loser you really are and how much of a loser you really must be. Yea you know you’re pathetic that’s why you’re doing them, aren’t you? Go ahead, take the first fucking sniff. You’re just getting started, aren’t you? You just wanna take those p0pp3rz and look at me while you do it and hear me command you to do it.
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Hello my little pet. I know you love going down deep for me. Hearing my soft voice arouse and control you. Youre going to relax, and let my mind take over your body. I want to playfully toy with you and make you reach that submissive state you love so much. Youll be able to do it anytime you watch this clip and listen to my voice. I want to be the only one for you and Im going to make sure of that.

My hidden message will be planted within my relaxing trance.
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You wanna jerk it for me? You wanna reach your greedy hand down to that pathetic piece of flesh and fucking tug and pump and stroke until it cums. Not the most intellectual of activities is it now? But you’re not really an intellectual guy anymore. Do you realize what all of this jerking has done? You’ve jerked your fucking brain out! With each and every pump of that cock, all you’re doing is jerking your brain out for me, making yourself dumber and dumber, making yourself mentally more pliable, more susceptible to my charms. You’re becoming more of a mush brain for me, each time you allow me to drip my poison in your ear, each and every time you allow me to recondition your mind with all of this mindless stroking.
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I’ve decided I don’t much care for your brain. Frankly ever misuse of it gets in my way and slows your progress. Which is why today we’re going to do a little system overload. We’re going to focus on every moment of pleasure and sensation I’ve given you and we’re going to fire those neurons until they explode. I like you empty headed. I like you blind adoration and worship. You in this place suits me, so we’re going to blow the generators so that you’ll never have to think about anything other than me again.
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1080 HD Sasha has Andy in an impossible situation. Today he is going to be rewired to eroticize debt. Sasha has Andy locked into the edger apparatus. It’s steel; inescapable. Andy is forced to watch whatever Sasha chooses through VR goggles. Andy wears noise canceling headphones. The only thing he can hear is Sasha’s voice. He will have to listen. Andy cannot move his body much while locked into the apparatus. An edging machine runs tirelessly. His balls are clamped into a metal ball crusher. He cannot pull away from the stimulation of the edger. The stimulation will keep him aroused throughout the entire reprogramming session. Sasha starts the rewiring by showing Andy pictures of pretty girls. Andy has confessed that he considers himself to be attracted to pretty girls. Sasha exploits this obvious weakness and uses it against Andy. In preliminary tests, Andy indicated a strong desire to make pretty girls happy. This makes him an excellent subject for the rewire. Sasha believes that she can use Andy’s impulse to make pretty girls happy to lead him to become sexually aroused by his own financial debt. After all, money makes girls happy. And spending money is probably the only way a guy like Andy could ever make a girl happy, what with all his physical and mental inadequacies. Rewiring Andy’s brain is really the best thing for everyone. It will aid pretty girls in getting to Andy’s money with minimal effort, and going into debt will now give Andy a sense of pleasure. After the rewiring session, Andy will actually seek out situations that cause him to go into debt for pretty girls. Debt will turn him on like nothing else before. With his mind in this altered state, he will be so easy to rinse and ultimately financially ruin. Girls will be able to sense this newly exposed vulnerability. For the first time in his life, Andy will be surrounded by pretty girls. This is not because of anything remarkable about Andy, it is simply because his weaknesses have been opened wide and girls who like using men will find he is now an extremely easy mark. He will be left exposed. There is no going back from a mind fuck like this. Sasha is permanently changing the way he thinks about both sex and money. She will link the two in ways which will prove very unhealthy for Andy, but very beneficial to any girl who wants to dig into his brain and wallet further. When Sasha has finished altering Andy’s thoughts and feelings, she puts him straight back into chastity. This is because sexual feelings are only useful for training, and unnecessary in a male like Andy otherwise. A full orgasm will not further his utility, nor will it benefit Sasha directly. So, it’s straight back into chastity for Andy until the next session.
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Princess Kiki knows your weakness,she knows just how easy it is to fuck with that head. To get you to do things you never thought you would do. Like giving up control to her. Her alluring beauty really fucks with your head. So, look into her eyes, grab your bottle of , follow her instructions as you listen to her slow soothing voice, fall deeper under her spell. Being Kiki’s owned little bitch is what you need in life. Losing control to your Princess is your ultimate dream.

So grab your bottle of (Alkyl Nitrates) and prepare yourself for the ultimate seduction. You are already a weak willed loser when in her presence but along with the Nitrates making your head fuzzy you will enter new levels of submission. Kiki will overpower your mind, breaking you down with each inhale. Edging you into intoxication. Intoxicating your mind.

Inhale on her count and prepare to become hopelessly addicted.
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Goddess Paige

This video has subliminal whisper tracks that will plant subconscious seeds in your brain and will reinforced your porn addiction.

Relax and find a nice quiet place where you and I can be alone together. Relax and listen to the sound of my voice, and with every word that tumbles from my pretty lips you find yourself more and more relaxed. Every muscle loosening, everything feels so good. The sound of my voice is gentle and soothing, pulling you deeper and deeper into a state of complete relaxation. I’m going to take you down through the layers of your subconscious. Take a deep breath and release it. Feel yourself falling. Deeper and Deeper.

You’re now deep in the inner recesses of your mind. And you feel my words echo with truth. You must listen, feel my words manipulate your mind, changing who you are. And you are nothing but a porn addicted loser. It feels so good, those few stolen moments where you can be in front of your computer screen, your hand wrapped around your cock, stroking. The excitement is overwhelming. And when you cum the pleasure is ecstasy. You need porn, it’s the only way you can cum. You can’t cum with a woman, your brain has been conditioned to only cum to porn. And that’s all you deserve, isn’t it pet?

All you deserve is to be all alone in your room, desperately jerking off to porn. And with every video you watch, this sensation grows stronger. The need grows more and more intense. What an addiction you have. The more you watch, the more you crave. It’s a thirst that cannot be quenched. You’re addicted to porn. You need it every night, you ache for it, for the bliss it provides you. The sweet ecstasy you feel that only porn can give you. You are a porn addicted loser. You know my words are true because you feel each word, and that turns you on. And you will be a porn addicted loser forever. I’ve planted seeds so deeply in your brain that they will never come out.
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The Mistress B

Take a deep breath and begin to relax. Watch and listen as I guide you, deep, down into that blissful, mindless subspace. I will be your guide on this journey. You need not think about anything. Let everything else fade away. Focus exclusively on my words and on the image in front of you. Now deeper. Sink further into relaxation, into mindlessness. You will drift down until you belong completely to me.

Deep down under my spell, immersed in my trance. Now slowly begin to stroke that needy cock that controls you. Stroke, not to attain orgasm, but just to let yourself go deeper. Isn’t it blissful? Being completely mindless for me. Not having any cares or any thoughts. Your body completely relaxed except for all of the energy coursing between your legs. And that’s where I want you to focus, focus on that need, on that desire, on that accumulation of lust. It’s all for me. I own you. I control you. I am your puppet master. And you go along with whatever I say.

And now I want you to realize how extraordinary it is to be helpless and free. It feels so good to belong to me. It feels so good to do as I say. It feels so good to listen and obey. Sinking deeper now, immersing yourself in me. Stroking, lusting, you love the deep subspace that I give you. The lack of control means a lack of responsibility, and here now with me, you can be anyone you want, or no one at all. Be nothing except what I want you to be and who I want you to be. And I want you to be my puppet, my mindless slave. Jerk for me puppet. You are under my spell, sinking further with each word I speak. You belong to me and it feels so good.
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Miss Tiffany

All you do all fucking day is get stoned and watch humiliation porn and jerk off. Isnt that right, loser? Thats all you fucking do! And the porn that youre watching is a bunch of hot girls like me, telling you that you have no fucking chance with us. Yet still, there you are, jerking it furiously. You think its so fucking hot, lol! All the girls on this site want nothing to do with you, loser.

I know your stoned, and youve probably already been jerking for hours like a stupid stoned jerk zombie because thats what you stoner losers do. You pull your dick all day to hot girls who tell you how much they hate you. And you love it. Instead of going and trying to get a girl, you isolate yourself in your room, get high, and jerk for hours to girls who want nothing to do with you. That is your choice, that is your preference. Youd rather smoke up and jerk your life away. Pathetic, really. How much of your life do you think youve wasted doing this? Ill bet youve been doing this for years. You really are a loser, do you get that?

Do you feel more submissive when youre high? Or does it just make you stupid? Is you being high and me telling you what a loser you are, what you need in your life? It must be. You could be doing anything right now, but youve spent so much time being stoned and mindfucked by us that youd rather be here, high as fuck and humping your hand yet again. You understand that the more you jerk off to us, especially in an altered state of mind, the more control we have over you. It makes it easier for us to get in your head.

Sure we tease you with our hot bodies in cute little outfits, but its only to manipulate you. You get high and open up your mind and let us in. And youve spent so much time high and jerking that youve been brainwashed to the point that you cant cum unless a hot brat is humiliating you. We know Exactly what were doing. We have created this entire world where guys like you get so addicted to us that you cant stop spending on us, or you become a stupid clip addict. Keep smoking and tugging away loser. Turn your brain to mush. Youll never stop, youre far too hooked to stop. You just love getting high and jerking off to humiliation porn. Nothing else feels this good, does it? Take another hit loser. I want you to cum and I want you to know that when you cum all your little brain cells that have been fucked over by us are gonna come right out of your fucking dick.
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