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A femme fatale( BLACK WIDOW) is a mysterious and seductive woman(so true) whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and situations.A femme fatale tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure. In some situations, she uses lying or coercion rather than charm. She may also make use of some subduing weapon such as sheer gloves, hpsiery sheer body , sexy legs, sensual lips . h*pnotic eyes..Her ability to entrance and hypnotise her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon, having some power over men.Whats Goddess Celine ‘ s secret weapon to enslave Her victim??Lets see
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In this clip I show how deep I can brainwash you with my big boobs. You will be so brainwashed that you stop hearing my voice, because there is no more space in your brain. My big breast overpowers your mind, you can’t think about anything else, only my boobs stuck in you mind with strong binaural beats to smash your brain.
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How does a never ending p0p.pers sniffing session sound? It sounds amazing doesn’t it! A true p0p.pers addict should really have that bottle constantly under his nose, just like you’re going to do today! This session is designed to have on a loop, the moment you think the session comes to an end, the moment it begins again. (Set it up to play on a loop before you start). I want you to get lost in our session, as in time doesn’t matter, you’re just following My sniffing instructions as well as listening intently to My sensual voice, I have some instructions that you need to follow to the point, you will be mirroring Me exactly, you have to follow My orders, how can a p0p.pers zombie not! Enjoy this never ending session, just be prepared for it!
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I will program your mind and body to respond to my image. Just seeing me triggers you but I’ve decided that isn’t enough. I want you to have an uncontrollable, visceral response you cannot contain and that’s under my complete control. Gaze into my beautiful blue eyes and let go, give in to how vulnerable you are to my image. My shiny catsuit and body swaying before you are making you so weak for me, so captivated by my spell. It feels so good to just give in, let the image of my beauty float in and out of your consciousness. Let it consume the deepest spaces of your mind where I will implant my image, conditioning you further into becoming my helplessly programmed slave.
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1080 HD Miles is now fully entranced. As soon as Miles is under, Vienna starts implanting suggestions into Miles’ subconscious. She begins the self-esteem removal by reminding Miles that he is a loser and underserving of his girlfriend. She also begins programming him to want to spend more money on Mia. He is reminded that his penis is too small, and that women only want him for his money. Mia starts adding in her own suggestions. She wants him to give her everything that was once his. Vienna suggests that Mia implant a trigger phrase. Every time Mia says the phrase, Miles will immediately fall back into an entranced state. Mia chooses the phrase, “But I want it.” Now, every time Miles tries to say no, Mia can say the phrase “But I want it,” and Miles will immediately fall back into entrancement and do or buy whatever his girlfriend wants. Next item on the agenda, the women need to get this small dicked loser into chastity. Mia implants the suggestion that Miles wants Mia to be his keyholder. Then, when the women have made all the changes to Miles’ brain that they want to for now, they bring him up from his altered mental state. With Miles fully alert, the women tell Miles that he will be going into chastity. At first, Miles is resistant to the idea, but Mia snaps her fingers and gives the phrase “But I want it!” Miles immediately falls back into entrancement and complies with girlfriend’s wishes. Right away, he’s fitted into a chastity device and within minutes Mia is holding his key, just like she wanted. She wants Miles to take her shopping for some new jewelry, so that she can wear the key to his chastity on her body at all times, now that she is his keyholder.
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Miss Tiffany

You’re fucked and I don’t even have to do anything, because I know your secret. I know the truth, that’s right loser. I know just how much it turns you on to pay. And I know that each time you need to pay a bit more to get that same rush. Your dick just twitches and throbs each time you pay, I know it does. You see you’re an addict and I know it, and I know how to exploit addicts. Addicts need more and more each time to reach that same high.

I know that paying sends you into that submissive subspace, you love being a good little piggy, sending your hard earned cash to your princess. And I know that you need to increase the amount each time or else you don’t feel it. You need to pay more, you do, and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you keep paying the same small amount, you don’t get that rush that you so desperately need to feel in your cock. It’s because you’re helplessly addicted to paying. And you don’t want to plateau, now do you? It’s only going to get worse for you because you are a little junkie, completely addicted to paying me, to getting that rush, that high.

The excitement you feel when you’re on your knees next to your computer with your credit card in your mouth, it’s getting more expensive for you. That’s why your loser taxes start so low, because I know it will only go up. That’s just me slowly sinking my claws into you. It’s so easy to fuck with findom addicts. You are my victim and all of you have the same mentality. You’re all addicts. You’re addicted to being used, drained, completely fucking rinsed for my amusement. You love seeing how far your boundaries can be pushed. It’s so obvious, you practically beg for it. You get so stupid when you get horny, and paying is the only thing that makes you horny any more.

Soon you’ll being paying amounts larger than you ever imagined, just to get that same feeling again. And all I have to do is sit back and watch as you destroy yourself. Every single one of you piggies comes back for more, even if you’ve been completely drained. It all started out so innocently with ten dollar or fifty dollar tributes. Now you need to spend your whole paycheck just to get that same rush. And I don’t even have to convince you. You’re an addict. You need that high from being completely drained. You can’t help it, you love it too much, it’s such a rush for you. And do you know what loser? It’s never going to end. You’ve completely fucked yourself. I absolutely love draining pay pigs like you. It’s the easiest thing, getting in that simple little brain of yours and fucking it up to the point that you can’t even cum unless you pay.
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Kelle Martina

You love when a woman takes control of you, and I find the best way to control a man is through his mind, mental control, mental domination. Men go into a trance when they say a beautiful pair of breasts. They don’t even have to see the breasts, just merely seeing the cleavage is enough to get them very worked up. All hyp n0 s!s is, is a hyper focused state of awareness. And right now you are hyper focused on my cleavage. My cleavage makes you dumb, you can’t think straight. You just want to stare at my tits and listen to my voice. You feel yourself sinking down, deeper and deeper, as you focus your gaze on my cleavage. Looking at my tits makes you dumb, nothing else matters.

No worries, no cares, just my cleavage controlling you. Cleavage control making you dumb, making you weak for me. You’re just staring at my cleavage, at my beautiful bra, how it accentuates the lovely curves of my breasts and you become so weak, so dumb, all for my cleavage. Cleavage control. So weak, so helpless. Now you can’t pull your eyes away even if you wanted to. All you want to is sink deeply between them. You find that it’s very hyp n0 t!zing to stare at my cleavage. You love having your brain mentally controlled by my cleavage. There’s nothing else in your brain. Every other thought completely obliterated as you stare at my beautiful tits.

You crave my cleavage control because it feels so good. It feels so good to be controlled. Just enjoy it as you get weaker and dumber. You’re so helpless for my tits. Nothing else turns you on quite as much as my deep cleavage. My beautiful, hyp n0 t!zing cleavage turns you on so much that you have nothing left in your brain. My cleavage control is so magnificent.

I know you want to touch yourself. So go ahead, there’s nothing else in the world that you’d rather do right now. Touch your cock. Stroke yourself, give in to the pleasure. It’s as if my cleavage is moving your hand up and down. My cleavage strokes your cock. When I snap my fingers you will come out of this trance, but the control my cleavage has on you will remain. You will forever have an unhealthy obsession with my breasts.
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Goddess Paige Orion

I know how to control you. I know how to slip inside of your mind and manipulate you. I know how to pull all of your strings and make you mine. You begin to feel yourself getting more relaxed with the sound of my voice. All you can focus on is me, my beauty, and the sound of my voice. My voice pulling you deeper. More and more relaxed. Good boy. Now nothing else exists, just you and me.

Look at me pet, look at my perfection, calling to you. You are nothing but my mindless moron. Every time you look at me, your cock gets hard, you become such a horny little loser. You love to stare at me. You’re addicted to me, your addicted to this moment. And with every moment that passes you feel your will begin to fade, replaced with my own, replaced with ecstasy. You have no other thoughts except for me. You are my mindless, horny loser.

Mindless, weak, pathetic and horny. You don’t need to think. All you need to do is obey. Obey your Goddess. Obey. You find pleasure through obedience. You find ecstasy through me. You don’t need to think, all you need to do is obey, my horny little loser. You feel the lust and desire growing stronger and stronger. You ache for me. A thirst that cannot be quenched. A fever burning hotter inside of you, that you cannot put out.

You are my mindless little moron. Your cock so hard, your mind so soft. You love this, you want this, you need this. You need me. I’m your world. And you exist solely to worship. You exist to obey me and make my life better. I am your Goddess and you are my horny little puppet. The harder your cock gets, the weaker your mind becomes, until your will crumbles and all that is left, is me. This is the pleasure you’ve been aching for. You feel it here with me. This is true bliss, pet.

My words etch themselves deep inside of you. The seeds I have planted will soon sprout. You feel so relaxed. You are mine. I am your future. I am your everything, and you are nothing but my mindless little slave.
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This video is designed to manipulate your weak brain. Repeated viewing is not advised unless you are prepared for permanent changes.

This BBC brainwashing clip is filled with Tons of hot BBC porn. The preview is but a teaser for what’s truly inside. You’ll get to see some of the best BBC porn with some of the hottest girls. It’s filled with BBC cocksucking and gagging, pussy pounding, ass fucking, gang bangs, and loads of amazing cum shots at the end. You won’t be able to look away from all the huge black cocks! The video is accompanied by multiple, layered tracks of the silky voice of Hyp n0 Domme McKenzie Alex. It’s truly an orgasm for your brain, funneled in through your eyes and ears.

You have an addiction to big black cock. It wasn’t your intention, you were brainwashed by pornography. Just watching so many black cocks has warped your brain. Now you need BBC in order to get off. You see as you jerk yourself to BBC porn, your subconscious mind is at work, you are being brainwashed by association. The imagery has you hooked and now it is permanently linked to your gratification. You are becoming conditioned. Big Black Cocks are associated with your pleasure. You can’t look away, you can’t stop jerking.

Think about it, every time your cock is hard, every time you jerk, every time you cum, you are watching big black cocks.The more you watch the stronger it grows, it becomes impossible to break this bond. You are being brainwashed by big black cocks. Admit it. You love stroking to BBC porn. Watch and stroke, watch and stroke, let that bond build in your brain forever associating your pleasure with big black cocks. It makes you so horny.

You want big black cock. You want to suck them, you want to feel them in your ass. Maybe you think this is just a fantasy, but think about it, how hard are you right now? We both know that you don’t watch BBC porn for the girls, it’s for the big black cocks. You can’t quit this, you’re too far gone, too addicted. You are a big black cock addict.
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1080 HD This slave is so fucked. Amadahy and Edyn have him tied up as he is edged by machine. The machine is relentless because, unlike a person, it never gets tired. While he is edged, he is forced to watch a brainwash video. He is in virtual reality, but a screen shows the girls what he is seeing. Again, the automation is tireless. He could be left like this indefinitely. Amadahy and Edyn tickle his sensitive bound balls with their long fingernails. He is completely entranced by the video. His brain is so fucked. All the messages the girls want to re-wire his brain with are sinking in as he is edged. The girls want to step up the sexual mind fuck even more. They get a vibrator and tease his balls. The edging machine combined with the vibrator is a lot for the slave to handle. His orgasm is imminent. The women don’t want him to cum yet, though. He hasn’t gotten through the whole brainwash loop even once yet. They don’t let him cum. But the teasing just gets worse and worse. Amadahy sits on the slave’s face while Edyn continues with the vibrator. Amadahy needs to take a pee break, so she goes right in the slave’s mouth. (This clip has been cut to comply with clips4sale rules). After her pee break, Amadahy puts the slave back into the virtual reality headset. The slave has been edged for a very long time. Amadahy and Edyn decide to give him a chance to cum. They only give him a narrow window to climax before they decide he is taking too long. Bored by the slave, they abandon him on the bench with the brainwash loop repeating.
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