Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Medical Treatment for Chronic Masturbation

Do you jerk off too much? Are you an addicted wanker? Maybe you should get help?
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Cock Ring Sex Ed

A somewhat clinical demonstration of a sex toy or sexual aid, a big cock ring that kind of looks like a rubber doughnut!
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Ballbustingchicks: Rose: Sadistic Medical Experiment

Description: This is a very unusual sadistic treatment. The beautiful and young female doctor examines a victim of an accident that caused not only some brain damage, the patient also had some serious genital injuries. The sadistic and devious woman abuses the patient to inflict even more pain on the patients genitals. She slaps and beats the cock hard after a embarrassing cock measurement. She is amazed that the cock gets bigger after the severe beating. Still feigning to be a serious doctor she uses a medical clamp for a brutal foreskin torture. After more and more relentless cock beating she likes to perform the ultimate test which is a forced ejaculation of a terrible tortured cock. She is satisfied when the patient passes the strange ‘ejaculation while cock beating’ test.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Sissy Extreme Chastity Tease

*** UNIQUE CHASTITY! *** Cock piercing locks to piercing behind balls, locking cock in a downward position making an erection painful & impossible. My sissy comes into the clinic to have her transformation monitored. We discuss male urges & I unveil my reasoning for piercing that is now healed. I bring out a lock & key explaining to my sissy that arousal will become so painful I will now gain complete control over all male urges. I lock his/her cock to a ring between the scrotum & anus (perineum) then sensually tease him to demonstrate how painful erections will now be. This is a very sexy tease & denial vid with extreme chastity. SISSY TRAINING + TEASE & DENIAL + ORGASM CONTROL +ORGASM DENIAL +CHASTITY + MEDICAL + RUBBER/LATEX + GLOVES
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Hand-Over-Mouth Glove Fetish

Imaginative title, eh? Well, there’s no real story line here…it’s just a collage of hand-over-mouth scenes with gloves. I shouldn’t say ‘just’ since this is probably the best-fucking-thing EVER for someone with a glove fetish or HOM fetish, right? 8 (not 7) different pairs of gloves: black leather, pink leather, brown leather, red PVC, white sheer, black fingerless gloves, blue medical rubber gloves and clear medical latex gloves. Holy hannah, right? You get close up views of the gloves in addition to seeing me do a variety of positions of hand-over-mouth. Giddy-up!
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Bleuproductionsonline: Doctor’s Orders

Nowadays, it is mandatory for a female nurse to be present when a male doctor is examining a female patient. However, the same rules do not apply to female doctors and patients. Makes you think, doesn’t it…….hhhmmm…….what goes on behind the closed doors in a “Doctress’s” office?

Cindy Ireland is ready for her first OB-GYN exam. She is sent to see Doctress Carrie and gets more than she bargained for. In the patient’s current vulnerable state, Carrie first reassures her, admires her attractive young body, tells her what a big girl she is now. She strokes and pets her sweetly. Soon Carrie feels free to reveal her true, latex-clad self, and now the real games begin!
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Xev Bellringer: Mommy’s Ball Draining Treatment (.mp4)

(1080p) Mommy’s so worried, so concerned about her only boy’s well being. Your condition has been getting worse, and even now in the doctor’s office, it begins to flare up as she fusses over you. Her huge bosom heaves in your face as she checks you, bouncing frantically as your symptoms worsen. You get hot, your heart starts beating faster and faster. She’s oblivious of the effect her voluptuous body has on yours, and on your stiffening cock.

It isn’t until the nurse arrives and instructs Mommy to show her exactly what she was doing to trigger this reaction. Your mother apologetically mounts as you lay back on the table, reenacting her desperation, unaware of her ample breasts once again pressing into your view. You just can’t help it, staring at them as they jiggle. And then it happens again. Your body seems to go into overdrive and your growing cock is pressing into Mommy’s crotch. She notices something hard, but it couldn’t possibly be… THAT.

The nurse insists on an in-depth inspection, her hands groping, feeling, measuring your uncontrollable erection. You mother can’t believe her eyes – that was her son’s penis?? He was aroused?! These symptoms all point to one condition, an ailment with dire consequences, unless tended to urgently: severe semen backup. Desperate to save her son, your mother insists she’ll do anything it takes, no matter how uncomfortable… no matter how wrong. Even if it’s something a mother should never do to her son. The nurse insists it’s the only treatment that works, one she will eagerly help administer. Mommy needs to manually release the immense pressure building in your balls… to stroke and suck the cum out of your penis before it reaches critical levels!

Fantasy includes: taboo, cock stroking, blowjob, cumshot, bouncing breasts, bare breasts, virtual penis inspection, accidental arousal, desperate mother, medical fetish, nurse fetish, latex gloves, lubrication, instructional, pov
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Humiliated Sperm Sample

This is one of my favorite all-time vids. It’s unique. You’ve come into the clinic to give a sperm sample for some tests & I need to collect it because you fucked up the last one. I’m a nurse with a bit of an attitude problem & non-nurturing bedside manner. I smack my gum & talk in a casual patronizing way. I subtly humiliate you by pointing out that it must be pretty embarrassing to not be able to even jerk off right. I take a phone call while I’m doing the hand job, laughing & ignoring you mostly but also explain to the person on the phone what is going on. I act bored most of the time, rolling my eyes & whistling. I tease you about being into feet & say that I bet you’re “one of them perverts”. I eventually get you to cum & collect the sample perfectly, humiliating you further by showing how easy it is. NOTE: Lots of gum chewing & a casual, small-town, kind of mannerism. This is like no other vid I’ve ever done & I absolutely love it. If you’re into medical clinic humiliation stuff this is a MUST-HAVE for your collection. Trust me.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Sadistic Nurse

This nurse loves her job, specially when she got the opportunity to examine naked young man with their genitals exposed. She is not surprised when they get a huge erection, specially when they can manage to touch her or when they got aroused to be in a CFNM situation. But this sadistic nurse likes and enjoys to inflict pain to male genitals and she is delighted when her nude patients scream with pain! Specially when she sees and touches a rock hard cock. She grabs, twists and beat his genitals with her gloved hand. Not soft – remember this is not a normal nurse – but as brutal as possible his cock and balls get beaten up. Just a little sexual tease and jerking in-between the ruthless punishment. Her biggest fun of course is to kick them – with her slender and very long legs – hard and brutal in the balls! While he still sticks out his fully erected cock towards the nurse! You can bet his ball sack get beaten and kicked by this sexy nurse in high heels like never before.
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