humiliationpov – Mandy Flores – MP4/HD – You’re The Lowest Of The Low And I Am Truly Disgusted By You

Mandy Flores

You want to become my full service toilet. If you should even be so lucky. And this video is going to describe how your life would be as my toilet. I think slaves that eat my $.h.!.t.. are absolutely disgusting. And you’d be treated as such. I’d chain you in my bathroom as close to the toilet as possible so that you know your position as my toilet. You’re a fucking filthy $.h.!.t.. eater, could you go any lower? I don’t blame you for wanting to eat my $.h.!.t.., I mean look at me. Who wouldn’t want to eat this ass?
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores and Princess Barbie: Giggly, Bratty School Girl Small Penis Humiliation (September 15th 2017)

Mandy Flores and Princess Barbie

Why do you think that we invited you over after school? Do you think it’s because you’re cute? Or maybe we have a crush on you? Or maybe we invited you because we heard how big your cock was and we really like big cocks, so we just have to see it. So go on, pull it out. We won’t laugh, if it’s as big as you’re telling everyone, we will worship it. So c’mon big boy, pull it out, just show us.

LOLOLOL!!!! Are you fucking serious? That’s like the tiniest penis we’ve ever seen! OMG! LOL! Awww your face is all red. I don’t even think it’s as big as my pinky. We’re gonna tell everyone your little secret! LOL! You’re going to take all of our abuse right now because shame on you for lying about how big, or rather small it really is.

We wanna watch and see how you jerk that little penis. Awww look it only takes two fingers, LOL! Jerk that itty bitty penis for us. And just the fact that you are hard right now means that you like us laughing at it. We’re going to completely torment you until only girls laughing at you will ever get you hard ever again. You’ll probably jerk off to this moment for the rest of your life. Jerk that tiny penis.
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Mandy Flores: Teacher’s widdle secret : Blackmail fantasy : Mandy Flores

You are a student in my class and are failing. You show up to my office to seduce me for a better grade.You have a pouty attitude trying to convince me to help you out of failing while sauntering around my desk.You start to undo your shirt exposing a hot pink bra covering your wonderful tits. You remove your shirt and bend over squishing your tits together in front of me. Then you turn around and lift up your skirt to flash me your ass in which you have a tiny hot pink g-string on. You remove your skirt and stand before me in my chair playing with your tits for me. Then you look down and notice a little bulge in my pants and giggle. You had intended to fuck me for a passing grade but you change your mind now. You tell me to take my pants off because you can’t wait to suck on my cock. As soon as my pants and underwear come down you looked shocked and start laughing at me. You see I am hard but very small and tell me so. You come up to my left side and grab my cock in your left hand and notice that only my little head is sticking out and laugh some more. Then you get back in front of me and giggle pointing at it and tell me how tiny it is. You want to measure it just to see how small it is so you grab a ruler off of my desk and measure it. It’s only 5.5 inches you laugh! Then you tell me to hold the ruler next to my cock while you take pictures with your cell phone because you want to send them to all of your girlfriends. After sending the pictures you put your phone down on my desk and start to strip off your panties teasing me while you do it. Saying stuff in a baby voice like “is your wittle baby penis getting harder seeing my ass”. You also notice I have small balls too and want to see how much cum I can shoot. You get on your knees and tell me you’ve never sucked on a such a little dick before and are curious. So you take it all in your mouth with ease and of course laugh and giggle after. Then while on your knees still you tell me you want me to cum all over your tits. So you tell me to jerk my little dick off for you. While I’m doing this your still teasing me of course. Then after I cum you tell me you are suprised at the amount and take a finger and wipe it off your tit and taste it.You tell me the only way you will keep it a secret is if I pass you and I have to meet you at your house later than night. You tell me some of the other girls are also failing my class and will want the same arrangement.Featuring: Mandy Flores
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Mandy Flores: School girl therapy- Femdom Mandy Flores

Im your sex therapist and of course I plan to own you forever. I have a skill at using men’s weaknesses against them to have them in the palm of my hand. One of your weaknesses is the school girl. Typical. This will be an easy one, you have no chance especially when I come prancing into my office wearing a school girl get up. I assure you its all part of the therapy and I need you to tell me all about your weakness for a school girl so that I can cure you. You are hard as a rock and I tell you to go ahead and stroke. My office is a safe place although my real goal is for you to satisfy your needs and keep you hooked so you’ll always be coming back and paying my high rates. I continue to get into character and keep you talking about your deepest fantasy…what is it about the schoolgirl that gets me off? is it the authority you have over me, are you my teacher? are you gonna discipline me for bad behavior? Maybe its how young tight, and hot my body is, or maybe its the slutty little outfit Im wearing? Maybe its how innocent I am, I dont even know the power I have over you? I think I need to be punished! Ive been a really nasty and naughty school girl today…. is that what makes you so worked up over the fantasy? I get out a dildo and tell you to pretend its your cock for the fantasy…. I assure you our fantasy roleplay is all part of the therapy. I go on to say that Im such a nasty fucking school girl who constantly needs to satisfy her wet pussy .. you watch me fuck myself and you lose it all over yourself.
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores And Princess Barbie: BBC Strapon Humiliation And CEI For Cum Craving Cock Hungry Fag Boys

Mandy Flores And Princess Barbie

Hey there fag boy. C’mon don’t deny it. We have a test. We’re going to see how hard your cock gets based on different stimuli. Take a look at my pussy, does that make your cock hard? No? What about Barbie’s tits? No? What about if we show you Barbie’s huge black strapon? Oh yea, that’s it, you just got so hard. You need to admit that cock turns you on. You crave cock. Look how big this cock is, I know that turns you on. It’s so much bigger than yours.

We know that when you watch porn all you stare at is that big beautiful cock. I’ll bet you’re jealous of the girl who gets to suck that big cock. You wish it was your mouth slobbering all over it. C’mon admit it. You need cock. You’re going to stare at Barbie’s cock and you’re going to admit it. It’s ok, you can stroke your cock to this big black strapon. We know you wish you were on your knees sucking on it. Don’t be shy faggot, it’s ok to want this huge cock. You want it in your mouth.

We know sucking cock is your biggest fantasy, so if you suck on this big strapon, we’ll invite some of our big black boyfriends over here and they’ll take turns fucking that faggot mouth of yours. Won’t that be fun? They’ll all stand around you and jerk on you! LOL! And you’ll take all their cum. We’ll have a fun bukkake party. Yes we know that turns you on. But for now, suck this cock like the true faggot that you are.

And we know that you want it in your ass too. Do you think you could take this huge cock in your ass? You’d love to get pounded by Barbie. Or would you prefer a real cock? LOL! You want real cock so bad. Just stare at that big, fat meaty cock, fantasize about it cumming all over your faggot face. I’ll bet you’re salivating just thinking about it. We want you to suck your big dildo, we know you have one, and jerk your cock at the same time.

And when you cum you’re going to cum on your own face and into your own mouth. We want you to do the legs over the head position so you’re used to seeing a cock cum on your face. You’re gonna love all that creamy jizz sliding down your throat. You’re our little bitch now. Cum on your face while you stare at Barbie’s big cock. Swallow it down you little cum loving faggot.
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores: Fag Boy Degraded By Muscle Goddess With A Huge Strapon

Mandy Flores

Do you like what you see? Do my muscles appeal to your little faggot desires? Or is it my big black strapon? Oh yes, I can see you’re little faggot cock getting hard now. Do you think I didn’t know what a flaming faggot you are? I know you love watching me lift weights and seeing how big my muscles are. But I think it’s my big fat cock that you’re the most hot for though. Your gay little cock loves my strapon.

Do you jerkoff in the gym locker room, you fucking faggot? I’m the complete package, muscles and cock. I know you love that, I know you pretty much only jerkoff to gay porn, fag boy. Soon you’re gonna get on your knees like a little bitch and you’re gonna take this cock all the way up that tight asshole of yours and experience what your ass was fucking made for! Now open your faggot mouth or I’m gonna share your little secrets with everyone you know! That’s it you little cocksucker. Suck it, suck my dick! I need to invite all the boys from the gym here to get their cocks sucked by you too. You can clean their balls with that homo tongue of yours. Lick those balls, faggot!

I’ll bet you’re a better cocksucker than I am! LOL! I know you’ve been practicing like a true little closet fag. You love cock you fucking homo. Now turn around and drop those panties you have on. Spread open those ass cheeks and show me your fucking faggot hole. I love how you follow orders like a little bitch. I’m going to give you the ass fucking you’ve been dreaming about, faggot. Oh yea, you love my big black cock in your ass. I’m gonna ram you hard so I can get you ready for some real cock up that ass. I know you fucking love this you fucking fag. I need to put an ad out in craigslist, have a bunch of dudes over here to put you on all fours and pound your homo hole. You’ll take load after load pounded into your fairy asshole.

This little faggot dream scenario is gonna make you cum so hard. Now come suck my cock clean, fag. Now I’m gonna go out and come back with some real men and make your faggot dreams come true.
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores: Virtual Body Shots, Get Fucked Up For Me

Mandy Flores

Before you watch this clip, take three shots and wait twenty minutes before you start your journey of losing complete control. This is a very sensual clip.

Are you feeling good and buzzed? I know you just love staring at my hot body as I tease you. It makes you so weak. Now I’m going to pour a shot down my long, sexy legs, and as you watch, I want you to take another shot. That looked hot didn’t it? I know you’re stroking thinking about licking it off of my legs. My legs make you feel so good, I’ll bet you could just get lost watching them. Now another shot as I pour another down my legs. Now pay tribute to my legs.

I know you’re starting to feel it. It’s only a matter of time until you’ve lost all control. I’m sure by now you’re drooling. And I know you’re still jerking, but don’t you dare cum until I say. I want you begging. Right now I want all your attention on my delicious tits and my wet lips. Get lost in my beauty. I know you’re getting weaker. Would you give me anything I wanted? How about you take another shot and as you do, I’m going to pour on over my tits. Think about licking it off my perfect tits. Yes I know you’d love that. Drink up my little drunk. Let go of all control. It feels good to give in to me, doesn’t it. Now pay tribute to my tits.

Edge that cock as you stare at my perfect ass. Get lost in the glory that is my tight round ass. Now drink another shot as I pour one over my ass. I want you to lick, kiss and suck my ass clean. Drink up, get fucked up for me. That’s a good boy. Would you suck my panties clean? Now look at my asshole, I want you to tongue fuck it. Taste my divine ass. Now take another shot and tribute my ass.

I love when you show me with tributes how much I’m really worth to you. I love it when you sacrifice for me so you can be worthy of seeing my pussy. It’s so wet thinking about how much you’ve satisfied me. Watch me play with it. I know you want to cum so badly. But not yet, one more shot. Drink it down as I pour one over my pussy. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? Stroke faster. I want you to cum and take that last shot as you cum as you watch me finger myself and then watch as I lick my fingers clean. Now cum and take that last shot. Gobble it off my pussy! Good boy.
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Mandy Flores: Footjob Caught on Camera

The idea is that I’m a famous investigative TV reporter, and my camera man and I show up unexpectedly at your house and accuse you of being a “madame”…basically running a super-high end escort service, serving lots of rich and powerful men. I’m trying to expose you and your clients on national tv.

You totally act shocked and deny the accusations, but of course they’re true. And you’ve sized me up instantly. You can tell that I’m totally focused on your pantyhosed legs and and dangling high heels…I’ve obviously got a pantyhose, legs, and foot fetish. And I’m wearing a wedding ring! You wonder if my wife knows about all these freaky fetishes….

While on TV, you start to seduce me. I try to resist, but you expertly use my fetishes against me and I break down. I ask my cameraman for help, but it turns out you’ve already set him up with some of your girls, so he’s loyal to you now. You tell him to make sure he gets everything on camera as you get my pants down and give a virtual nylon footjob. After that I’m totally broken and you have your total way with me on tv. All the while you’re making fun of my poor attempts at resistance, talking to my wife through the cameraman, asking her if she “does things like this” for me, “teaching her” a few things how to please her man, making fun of my ruined marriage, and so on. This is what I get for confronting you!…..Mandy Flores
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores: Intense Cuckold Training

Mandy Flores

This is perhaps the most complete femdom/cuckold clip you will ever watch. It includes, cuckolding, ass worship, asshole worship, foot worship, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, spanking, forced bi, and cum eating instructions. AND you will actually hear your girlfriend getting fucked in the next room the whole time. This is an epic cuckold clip!

Awwww what’s wrong? You should be happy. I’ve been working so hard with your girlfriend to finally cuckold you. And it’s happening right now. Shhhh listen, you can hear them in the other room. Your gf is having a good time in there with my friend. You should be honored to share her with such a well endowed stud. Her pussy and all pussy is off limits to you from now on. Don’t worry, she’ll still have use for you. And you should be very grateful. Soon you’ll even be able to taste her lover’s cum. That would be an honor.

That guy with the thick dick that your gf is gagging on right now, he gets to fuck her hard until he cums inside of her pussy. And if you’re a good cuck to your gf, you might be lucky enough to worship a girl’s asshole. In fact, since you’re being such a good sport about what’s going on in the bedroom, you can start with mine. Go on, lick my asshole cuck. Get used to it, you’re a cuckold now and this is the best you could ever hope for. How does my ass taste? LOL, you are so pathetic! You were never a real man anyway. That’s why it was so easy to convince your gf to cuck you. She knew.

You’re a wimp and your extreme infatuation with my feet is also weak and pathetic. Your gf always hated that about you. LOL, we can still hear them fucking. I Know you never made her moan like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. You make sure to thank the man after he’s done for doing what you can’t. Cause I know you love your gf and you only want her happiness. And I’m here to help you be the best cuckold that you can be to her. Now pull down your pants and lay across my lap, ass up. I’m going to spank you like the bad husband you’ve been until you cry like a little bitch. You will learn to fluff a cock or lick up a cream pie. That would be a treat for you. Too many cuckolds chicken out because they haven’t had proper training. Just listen to them fucking as I spank you over and over again. Embrace the fact that you are no longer a man, just a desperate cuckold.

You will become a cock hungry cuckold. Now I have something to show you. Look at these big cocks on my phone. They’re so much bigger than yours. This is what your girlfriend needs. This is what she’s getting right now. His cock is huge, he’s stretching her tight pussy. She’ll never feel your thin, tiny cock after this. She told me about your pathetic attempts to fuck her with your wet noodle. You couldn’t get hard to fuck her! But between my feet in your face and these cock pics, you’re tiny little dick is hard as a rock. Go on, jerk it, jerk it to my feet, jerk it to your gf getting fucked!

Jerk that pencil dick. What a disappointment you are. You should be embarrassed. That little penis wouldn’t please anyone. The only way you’re going to please your gf ever again is learning from me how to be the best cuckold you can be.

I’m going to let you jerk off to my feet while you listen to your gf getting fucked, IF, you agree to cum into your hand and eat it. You need to learn to enjoy the taste of cum if you ever want to be a part of your gf’s sex life ever again. Fluffing cocks for her, watching her get fucked, cleaning out her pussy afterwards, this is sex for you now. Jerk it, jerk that skinny stick. I know you’re close. Now cum in your hand and lick it all up while you listen to your gf cum. Lap up your fucking cum, cuckold. Listen to her laughing in the next room, LOL! You just ate your cum, you know what that means? You’re not just a cuckold, you’re a faggot cuckold!
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Mandy Flores: Cuckold Bitch

Mandy Flores: Cuckold Bitch

HDHi boys. Guess what? Mandy has her a new boytoy and his cock is ready to please me and make you wish it was you AND make you suffer watching me suck his cock and watching him pound my tight. wet young perfect pussy!! I know how much all of you cucks want me. You realize of course, that you will NEVER have me, or any girl for that matter, because you are all fucking losers and faggot wanna bes. So, get naked, kneel down before me and stroke your cock to me AND my boytoys pretty cock. Im going to have him cum in a condom. Then I will tie it off and save it for you, fag.Mandy
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