Brat Princess 2: BP – Alexa Toys with andy after Bored Teasers Leave their Shift (Part 1) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In this half of the clip, andy is teased by Alexa, Amadahy and Lindsey. Towards the end, Amadahy and Lindsey leave to change their outfits and andy is left all alone with Alexa. This is the part of the clip with three teasers. For full clip description, see complete version.
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: Pathetic Loser All Alone, Weak And Stroking To My Perfect Young Tits

Luscious Lindsey

You get so weak while you sit there at home, alone, stroking to my perfect, young tits in a cute loser paid bikini. You love to worship my luscious tits knowing you just can’t have them. You’re just not fucking good enough. How bad do you want to stick your stupid face right in my cleavage? How bad do you crave that? I can only imagine what it must be like to want something so bad and never being able to attain it. You want to touch them, to taste them, to feel them but you just fucking can’t.

You’re just not good enough for that. All your good enough for is to sit there stroking, buying clips, while you worship my tits that are out of your fucking league. Like you have no fucking idea how nice they are. They’re so natural and cute. But oh my god when the top comes off they are so fucking perfect and perky. My nipples are so perfect and yummy. And you don’t even get to see them.

It’s almost kinda cruel of me to brag about something so amazing that you never even get to see. But I think it’s fucking hilarious. You knew coming into this that wouldn’t get to see them, but you still couldn’t help yourself from buying this clip anyway. You don’t get to see them, you don’t get to touch them, you’re lucky I even let you stare at me in this bikini and put those images in your head.

You are completely fucking worthless, completely fucking useless. Just a weak, pathetic loser, craving something that you’re not capable of ever having. But it’s just so fun to tease you with it. Even if I did let you near them, you would just lose it. You wouldn’t know what to do. That would be so fucking funny to watch you struggle like that, to watch you be weak. But what’s even funnier is just down right denying you. Teasing you, making you believe that maybe you just might have them, and then ripping it all away from you. Over and over again. You’re that stupid. You won’t ever stop wanting, and I’m never ever gonna stop taking advantage of just how much you need them, how much you crave something you’ll never, ever have.
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Brat Princess 2: Lindsey POV – Edging Salon Cum Eating Trainer (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Lindsey is feeling generous. You can touch yourself while looking at her perfect body, but only if you follow her every command. Stroke when she tells you to stroke. Go faster, go slower, it’s all up to Her. Just stop thinking and follow along. Push yourself right to the edge. Now today you will have a choice. If you are ready to eat your own cum, you are allowed an orgasm. But, if you don’t think you are ready to do that today, then you will bring yourself right to the edge, then put yourself straight into chastity with no release. What’s it gonna be? Big, swollen blue balls, or are you going to swallow a hot salty load for your Goddess? Lindsey knows that you are desperate for an orgasm. Is the pleasure worth the disgust? Either way, you are going back in chastity, but will hurt much much less if you’ve had that sweet release. Choose wisely!
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: You’re A Nobody, A Clip Junkie With Nothing Better To Do Than Jerk Off

Luscious Lindsey

You know you’re a loser, and that will never change. You know you’d never get a hot, young girl like me. No. You’re the type of guy who will do anything for a hot bratty girl, just hoping for any bit of attention because you’ll never be good enough for someone like me. The only thing that you can do is to sit there and beat off to clip after clip after clip. I mean what the fuck else would you do? Do you have anything else that you would rather be doing right now than jerking off? What’s more important than this? That’s right, you have nothing, absolutely fucking nothing more important to do.

I don’t care what you want, I don’t care about you at all, no one does. No one gives a fuck about you. You’re a nobody, you’ve always been a nobody, and you always will be. There’s just nothing a loser you like can do about that. All you have is to be thankful that I tease you with my super hot body that you don’t deserve. You’ll never ever be good enough. You’ll never be worthy of a woman like me. Go on, say that to yourself while you jerk it loser. Say it out loud. I want to make sure that you know and understand what a waste you are, what a fucking loser you are. You’re just gross.

You’re just a source of income. You buy all of these clips because you have nothing better to do. Do you think I would ever let some creep who buys all of my clips even near me? Ewww. I never wake up and think about you, but I know you can’t get me out of your head. You’re so fucked. You’re a gross waste that no one likes so you just sit at home alone and jerk and jerk and pay and pay. You’re fucking addicted to it, you’re addicted to me even though you know I can’t fucking stand you. How sad is that?

No one care about you, women just use you to support their lifestyle. And the fucked up part of all of that is that you fucking love it. You fucking crave that don’t you? You love that I make you feel useful in some way because you know that you’re not. So when you buy a clip you know that money goes right into my account and that makes you useful. And you sit there and you stroke to me telling you just how pathetic that is, just how fucking worthless you are.
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: My Cock, My Rules – Bratty Tease And Denial

Luscious Lindsey

I want you jerking that cock of yours to me right now. Faster. I want you to do it when I say and how I say. How can you fucking resist? I mean look at me. Dick in hand, jerking it off as fast as you can because that’s what I’m telling you to do. And you’re going to play by my rules because that’s my cock in your hand. So when I say stop, you stop, and when I say go, I want you jerking as fast as you can. And I know you love jerking, doesn’t it feel so good jerking for me? And you don’t cum unless I say so.

Keep jerking off to that tight body of mine until I tell you to fucking stop. Look how amazing my tan body looks against this white outfit. I know you love it. Now stop. Hands in the air and just look at how fucking perfect I am. Look at how nice my ass is. Do you wanna jerk that gross loser dick again for me? Ok jerk it again but I want you to get yourself really close for me this time.

C’mon really fucking jerk that cock loser. I know you’re good at it, it’s the only thing you’re good at, jerking off to humiliation clips. That’s all you know how to do. So really get into it because who’s cock is that? Mine. And you love that I own that stupid cock of yours. Real men get control of their dicks, you get nothing. You get to wait for me to say…. Stop.

Are you close yet? Do you wanna keep going? Go. Really get after it for me. Maybe this time I’ll let your gross, pathetic loser dick explode. You’re not going to get to cum today. You know that. You don’t deserve an orgasm. You get nothing loser. Stop.
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Lindsey POV – I Say You Do (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This little game is called I say you do. There’s only one rule: You do whatever Princess says. So when Princess tells you, “grab your dick,” you grab it. When she says “jerk it,” you jerk. It’s so easy its mindless. Princess will tell you exactly what to do. You don’t have to make any choices or do any thinking, just follow along. Princess is in complete control. See, she controls your cock because it isn’t really yours. It’s hers. It feels so good to jerk it to a Princess that you’ll give up control. You’ll do it because you love to look at her beautiful curves, her perfect ass. You’re becoming more and more owned. You think it’s just a game, but it isn’t. It’s called conditioning. When Princess tells you to cum, you will cum. When she tells you to ruin it, you will ruin it. And when she tells you to eat it, you will eat it. And you will do it all with mindless obedience and gratitude. Don’t think, just do.
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: My Ass Has You Trapped, I Know It Loser

Luscious Lindsey

How badly do you want to touch my soft, silky, satin panties right over my perfect ass? How badly do you just want to taste and feel every last little curve on my body? Do you feel yourself losing control? You can’t take it, you want it so, so bad. And yet a loser like you just isn’t even close to good enough for someone like me. Not even fucking close. You can just sit there and watch and get addicted, and think about how amazing it would feel if your dick were rubbing against the back of these satin panties and my perfect ass.

But you can’t because you know by now just how fucking pathetic you are. You’ll never get that. You’ll never even fucking come close. You’re just too fucking worthless. Just a pathetic, ass worshiping freak, obsessed with my ass in these cute panties. You can’t stay away from it, no matter how hard you fucking try, can you?

How does it feel to stare at someone as hot as I am and know that you get nothing. Nothing but a hard cock and an empty mind as you jerk and jerk and jerk. You just get teased constantly by what you desire most. And that just happens to be my ass. You just want it so so fucking badly. You can’t control yourself. You need it. How does it feel to need something so badly, that you know you are never going to get? You know you’re not worthy. That’s why you jerk to it.

You’re just a weak brainless loser just like the rest of them that’s just so addicted to my perfect ass. My ass and my body are just so fucking perfect. You’re completely mesmerized by me. I know it loser. I know I have you right now. And you get nothing but to stare at my ass. And you’re grateful for that, aren’t you? Because it really doesn’t get any better than this for you and it never will.
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Humiliation POV: You Don’t Matter At All, You Mean Nothing To Me

Luscious Lindsey

Honesty, do you really think with a body like mine that you matter? With a perfect, tight body like mine I certainly don’t give a fuck about a loser like you, I don’t have to. I see you for exactly what you are, who you are. You are nothing, you just don’t matter. Look at me, do you think you could ever matter to a hot girl like me? I don’t care about you at all, I don’t even know that you exist.

Every time you watch a clip do you just hope, do you think that if you spend enough just maybe you’ll matter to me? No, I’ll never care about you, no matter how much you spend, no matter what you do to try and get my attention, you will never matter to me. I don’t care about you. I might pay a bit of attention to you if you spend enough, but that’s only so I can take more. You’ll never have a chance with me, how does that make you feel? Does it hurt? I hope it does. You’ll never ever be good enough for me. You’ll never compare to a real man.

You will never be able to please a body like this. You wouldn’t even know what to do. You’d just be so completely lost that you’d just sit there and jerk off. You’d sit in the corner of the room and jerk off because that’s all you know how to fucking do. Just a fucking loser who can’t stop jerking to me. You worship me, you’re addicted to me, you want me to pay attention to you so badly. So you jerk and spend and jerk and spend. But you still don’t matter to me. You’re just one of so many. You mean nothing. My body is so perfect and so far out of your stupid loser league, that you just can’t help it. It’s beyond your control. Because I control you, I fucking own you. And you’re not going anywhere. Nothing is ever going to change for you loser. You’re so fucked.
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Brat Princess 2: Lindsey POV – My Ass will Destroy your Wallet (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Lindsey knows that she has an ass that losers just can’t say no to. Loser, she’s going to use her perfect ass to destroy you financially. A great ass is your weakness. You’d crawl behind one straight into ruination. Lindsey knows this. Follow her great ass to her wish list. Stop thinking and add an item to your cart. Mindless clicking is the secret to her happiness and your ultimate financial undoing. Add, click, and spend without thinking. Lindsey’s perfect ass deserves presents. You, loser, deserve nothing but to be used for your weakness.
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: Jerk And Stare At How Ridiculously Fucking Hot I Am

This hot, tight body of mine, that you are so enchanted by, it fucking owns your cock. I know it does. And you’re going to jerk that cock however I tell you while you stare at how ridiculously fucking hot I am. Go on, start nice and slow for me and think about how perfect my body is as you jerk off. Nice and slow, savor every inch of my body, don’t rush. Even slower now, just enjoy it.

Jerkoff for me because you know you can’t stop. You stand no chance when it comes to my hot young body. So when I tell you to jerk slower, you obey me loser. No matter how I tell you, you’re going to do exactly as I say because you can’t fucking resist me. You need to jerk off to my hot body. You can’t stop. You need this. Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t. This is what you live for. I know how bad you crave it. So jerk faster now loser.

C’mon loser, jerk it for my hot ass that you’ll never have. Stare at what you are too weak to have. You’re not man enough. You’ll never be good enough, you’re only good enough to obey my jerk off instructions. In fact, you’re so lucky I let you jerk off to this hot, perfect body. Aren’t you loser? I know it feels so fucking good as you jerk and stare at my perfection.

Jerk it faster for me loser. I know it’s building inside of you. The longer you stare, the hornier you get, the faster you jerk. How good does it feel to jerk off to a girl as hot as me? You know you could never have me, so you get off jerking to that fact. You’ll never be good enough for me loser.

But you still can’t resist me. I’ve got you wrapped around my finger and I’m going to manipulate every stroke of your cock. Do you want to cum for my hot young body, loser? Do you want to cum for this body that you’ll Never have? I’m Way too hot for you.
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