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Somewhere on a lonely road, a Land Rover with smoked windows is speeding, the S.U.V. turns right, and then goes down on a trail that leads to a 18th century property, the Land Rover stops, 3 Girls – Sephora, Anais, Sephora – get out of the car, in the trunk, there’s a special cargo: slave Bob.

After having held during one day and one night, the sub is going to be whipped by 3 sadistic chicks who intend to flog him until he passes out…
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The weather is sunny despite some scattered clouds, the temperature is hot, summer is coming and it’s good to get some sun, Anais is nude on a tanning bed when suddenly Sephora arrives on Bob’s shoulders, this guy who needs no introduction is not just a masochist but also a foot fetishist…

“slave, give me my sunglasses”

“slave, lick my feet”

“slave, open your mouth and suck my toes”

Bob doesn’t need to be told twice, he only has eyes for Sephora’s infinite legs and delicate black feet, the Caribbean girl loves to get her little footsies worshipped especially by white slaves and she particulary wants to show Anais how her slave is a well-trained and very obedient bitch…

You dream of becoming a good slave? You desire to belong to an Ebony Mistress? You love tanned feet? This video is for you.
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It’s been one hour already he’s bound under the sun to one of the gates of the villa, and when you know about the temperature during this season in southern Spain, you can imagine that Peter’s got a good sunbath. He’s better known under the name of Bob Analto (the prefix of this name is troubling), faceslapping, ballbusting and strap-on dildo enthusiast, Bobby, who can’t be stopped on his road to posterity has decided against all expectations to change is own name into Peter Woudâne. So you know everything my little friends.
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Anais went on vacation in the sunny South of France, in a villa generously lent by one of her subs, surrounded by a park of over 10 ha, a sun terrace, a jacuzzi, a fitness room, a swimming pool, managed by Pavel, the handyman.

Happiness never comes alone, Pavel is not only the pool cleaner, he’s a also fetishist (yes man!). Anais has just turned 20, she loves to get her tanned tootsies worshipped, and she intends to use the handyman and to abuse him. It would be difficult to describe the pleasure of Pavel when he’s at Anais’ feet ! Miss India knows perfectly how to handle her new sub: after having given her pants to smell, she spits on her soles and gives them to lick to Pavel:

“smell my feet, suck my toes, jerk off”

The guy is on cloud nine, it’s better to clean Anais’ feet than cleaning the pool!

BTW, you wouldn’t have by any chance a villa? Anais intends to go on holiday again next month…
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Tibo’s cock is inversely proportional to his size, this guy measures 1.90 m tall (six foot), and has a 4 cm micro cock that does not exceed 10 cm in erection. Model student, this genius in mathematics hides his real nature, he enjoys ballbusting and balls crushing… Good thing since Anaïs has just received a brand new cockbox and intends to use it with her slaves.

DEFINITION OF A COCKBOX: a height-adjustable box with a hole in the middle to put the sex out.

The sub is lying on the floor while the box is covering his body from the lower abdomen to the thighs, the dominatrix can trample, crush, hit the balls and the cock of her sub who cannot move.

Anais’ little tanned feet are trampling and crushing Tibo’s cock until he ejaculates ; We filmed these scenes with two cameras in order to not miss any detail of the action, the tanned feet lovers will enjoy ! Add 2 “pee” scenes (on Tibo’s body and in his mouth) + spit fetish, and you obtain a 16 mn HD video that will delight all those who dream to be the slave of a 19 yo Indian Mistress. Continue Reading

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