Restrainedelegance: The Heroine Rebels

Trashy romantic novelist Janey loves her main character, Mary Sue. Poor Mary Sue gets to do all the things Janey doesn’t… but more to the point gets to have all the things done to her that Janey would really love. Like being tied up by pirates. Or being tied up the Mafia. Or tied up FOUR times as a pioneer. Andnow the character has had enough. Either Janey just loves causing women pain… in which case she wants Janey to know how it feels so she maybe places less reliance on that particular plot device in future. Or she has some secret desire to be tied up herself. In which case she should get it out of her system and maybe at least be able to write about it with a bit more variety.

Her action heroine finally takes her revenge and leaves gorgeous Janey tied up tight in a hogtie on her own bed to learn her lesson! Now the novellist gets to experience for real what she was always writing about in her stories. How does it feel to have rope cutting into her wrists, constraining her movement, forcing her to arch her back… and how is Janey going to take her revenge on Mary Sue in the next book? She’s going to make sure she gets tied up a lot! And emphasise how much she enjoys it. That’ll teach her! Characters should stay in books, safely where they were written.
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Restrainedelegance: Kidnapping Kate

Honest Omar’s top lieutenant is the gorgeous Temptress Kate, a talented slave trainer and loyal partner in crime. The other competing slave houses know how important Kate is to Honest Omar’s slave-girl operation and try all means, fair and foul, to tempt her away. But the Temptress is immune to temptation, so they resort to kidnap!

Taken in chains to a strange house in the middle of nowhere, can Kate make good her escape before she is hauled up on to the auction block to be sold as a slave, demoted in rank to the lowest of low, gagged, chained, collared and bound?
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Restrainedelegance: Mezmerized

Our second epic custom video starring the trio of Natalia Forrest, Ariel Anderssen and Zoe Page. The same customer who commissioned us to shoot "The Underground" also wanted a tale of hypnosis and submission, so we obliged with this tale of modelling agent Zoe who has her girls under a spell of sexual submission, trained in the slave girl art of service!
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restrainedelegance – Ariel Anderssen and Hywel – MP4/Full HD – Bikinis at Dawn

Well ok, it’s not actually dawn. But it’s the beginning of day 3 of our Spanish location trip with Natalia Forest, and we wondered if we could do a chair tie with more rope integrated into the chair than normal. Hywel said we could talk as I tied Natalia up. And then very possibly regretted it – it turned out that Natalia and I had a LOT of gossiping to do. But the rig turned out beautifully, in large part because Natalia is just so bloody flawless and beautiful. Honestly, it’s like she’s already been photoshopped. Kinda dazzling.
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restrainedelegance – Ariel Anderssen and Hywel – MP4/Full HD – Punished By Her Own Maid

Aria is getting ready for a fab fancy dress party, but she’s very fussy- her poor maid can’t get her to like a single outfit. Poor Ariel has finally had enough of her petulant, spoiled employer and decides to teach her a lesson! She can miss the damn party and spend the evening tied up on the bed instead.
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restrainedelegance – Ariel Anderssen and Hywel – MP4/Full HD – Indefatigable!

Dommes Zoe and Natalia are not going to handle the bondage takedown quietly! Legs spread, cuffs padlocked in place, collared and put in their place, they are not going to stop fighting!
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restrainedelegance – Ariel Anderssen and Hywel – MP4/Full HD Ariel interviews Penny Lee

Ariel asks Penny what her favourite sort of bondage is and they chat behind the scenes as Penny is rope hogtied barefoot and bound on the bed. Penny says that we were her first bondage shoot and now she loves it- she shoots more bondage than anything! Get to know her much better in this beautiful bondage interview.

Hywel’s note- apologies that the sound quality is a bit crackly, we had a problem with the microphone that we didn’t spot while we were recording. We’ve done our best to clean it up- the voices are perfectly clear, it is just a bit nosier and cracklier than usual.
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restrainedelegance – Ariel Anderssen and Hywel – MP4/Full HD – Treasure Hunt!

Aria and Ariel are playing a bondage party game! Zoe has hidden metal bondage all around the bedroom and challenged her friends to find them. Then the two have to chain themselves up on the bed, and wait for Zoe to come over. What’s their favourite bondage gear? Ariel loves the thumbcuffs, but why did she put on nipple clamps? Zoe’s not coming back until 6 pm and it is only 3 pm now. That’s a hell of a long time to suffer the squeeze of nipple clamps.

A brilliant lifestyle bondage video for fans who like their girls tall, funny, gorgeous and having a great time in metal bondage!
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