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Goddess Alexa

Hey faggot. Why am I calling you one? Because you are one. And maybe that’s because your dick is smaller than my lip gloss. Or maybe it’s the fact that you never seem to hit on women. Or maybe it’s because when you watch porn you’re obsessed with looking at the big cocks rather than paying attention to the girl, which is what a straight man would do, a man who loves pussy. You know you don’t deserve pussy, you’re just a stupid little faggot. You know and I know that your little dick could never satisfy a pussy. You are just a complete cock loving faggot, aren’t you?

You’re sitting here looking at my big huge tits but all you can think about is a big cock going down your faggot throat. I deal with so many guys like you. Pussy is too good for you, the only thing you deserve is a nice big cock inside of you. Look at my ass, does this turn you on? Of course it does, but what you really want is to be looking at my perfect ass while you suck cock for me. You’re not looking at my ass and wishing you could fuck it. No, you want to be a good little cock sucking whore for me. Which is good because a woman like me would never be with a little faggot like you. The only thing I would ever do with you is whore you out and make a lot of money off of you.

Even as I tease you with my pussy all you can think is how you want to suck cock for Goddess Alexa. You’re thinking, “Oh my god she’s sitting there rubbing her pussy, I want to suck dick for her!” LOL! You fucking faggot! As I spread my legs and rub my pussy, you’re not even thinking about sliding your cock in me and making me cum. No, because you know that will never happen you dumb little bitch. Instead you’re thinking, “A nice big dick in my mouth would feel so good as I watch Goddess Alexa humiliate me.” You’re a little humiliation faggot loser.

Would you even be good at sucking cock? You’re such a little faggot anyways, why don’t we put your skills to the test? I know you want to suck cock for me. Just message me and we’ll set something up, I’ll whore out your little bitch holes. I’ll get you the cock that you need. This is what you crave, this is all you can think of. What’s the point in pretending that you’re not one hundred percent a little faggot bitch? There is no point. You need to do it. You’re going to pay me to find a cock for you so I can turn you into the cock loving faggot that you are. And then after I take all of your money, I’ll use it to go out with a real man. And I’ll get fucked because real men get to fuck me. You get to be a faggot for me, sucking dick for me all day, every day. Licking your lips clean of all that cum, you’ll be a fucking cum rag and you’ll thank me for it.
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Lady Fyre

Are you ready for more cocksucking lessons? You need a big long dildo that will go deep in that pretty little mouth of yours, all the way down into your throat. And I want it to be black. It will turn you on much more if you’re sucking a big beautiful black cock. That’s what a little faggot like you needs. Don’t deny it, I saw your eyes light up the minute I pulled out this big black dildo. But I don’t think you could hardly fit this in your mouth, let alone down your throat.

Why do you seem reluctant? A faggot like you should be so excited at the thought of sucking on a big dildo. But you seem, well, disappointed. I think I know what’s going on, this just isn’t doing it for you anymore, is it?

You never thought that you’d find yourself sucking on a dildo. You told me the first time that you didn’t want to do it, but I made you because I could see that you were a little faggot just by staring at your face. And I guess I trained you too well because dildos just aren’t cutting it any more, are they? No, now you’re a real faggot through and through. After months and months of sucking on dildos, you’re just not that turned on by it anymore. Well I know just what you need to do, you need to start sucking real cocks. It’s time faggot. Dildo sucking is just boring to you now.

I mean as much as you can pretend that this dildo is a real cock, your mind can only do so much. You need to suck real cock. You’re a real faggot, I knew it! You told me you weren’t but I could tell. And now this is the proof. You are one hundred percent a cock sucking faggot. You look at this dildo and you see plastic now. But your mind can still imagine, and you’re imagining being on your knees worshiping a big, beautiful cock. Dildos don’t throb in your mouth and you need to feel that. You need to feel the pulsating veins in your mouth. You need to feel that, don’t you? You need to feel the life of the cock, the power that it holds over you. You want to feel that cock growing harder as it reacts to your little fag mouth. I told you that you were a little faggot, you just didn’t believe me then, but you believe me now.

You wanna feel that real cock in your mouth. You need it. That is the next step for you. From now on you won’t be able to get off unless you’re sucking a real cock. And you know what else? Dildos can’t cum for you. And you need to feel that warm cum shooting down your throat, don’t you?
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Princess Kate

I know you think about it all the time. I know your dirty little secret. I know you fantasize about taking cock in your little faggot holes. It’s ok, you can tell me, admit it, you can trust me because I know what to do with little faggots like you. I’ll help you take those big throbbing cocks in your mouth, and one in your filthy little asshole. Don’t you want that? I know thinking about it makes your cock hard. Is your cock hard right now? Do you want to stroke your dick for cock? Of course you do.

You want to stroke for cock that goes into your tight ass and into your whore mouth. You’re going to stroke for cock, thinking about how you’re a dirty little faggot for me. You’re going to become a cum craving faggot, desperate for more cocks in both of your holes. Stroke it for dick that fucks you in your ass and fucks your little whore mouth. You just can’t get off unless you’re thinking about big cocks plowing one of your holes.

And while you’re jerking I want you to take a big dildo and shove it up your asshole. Fuck your ass you little whore, you love that, you need it. Then take another dildo and suck on it while you fuck your ass. You don’t need a hand to jerk, you need your hands for those big cocks. See your cock is still rock hard and you’re not even touching it. You’re just fucking yourself from both ends. That’s what turns you on. Take them deeper faggot. Fuck yourself good.

Soon I’m going to make you take real cocks for me so you better practice. The men I find for you aren’t going to be gentle, Lol! They’re going to cum in your mouth and you’re going to get addicted to their cum. You’re going to be a good little cum guzzler for me. Slurping it all down. You love that don’t you? We both know you need it. You need all the cock and cum you can get.

Admit it, you’re a dirty little faggot. I know you are because you’re so horny right now just listening to me. You’re going to make a huge mess for cocks for me. Cocks make you cum so hard. When you cum I want that dildo deep in your ass and the other in your mouth, picturing having all these big cocks around you, waiting to take turns on your ass and your mouth. You’re a dirty, filthy little faggot that can’t get enough cock. Cum for big juicy cocks faggot. Doesn’t it feel so good to be a dirty little faggot for me? Next time you’re going to take some real cocks for me.
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This video is designed to manipulate your weak brain. Repeated viewing is not advised unless you are prepared for permanent changes.

This BBC brainwashing clip is filled with Tons of hot BBC porn. The preview is but a teaser for what’s truly inside. You’ll get to see some of the best BBC porn with some of the hottest girls. It’s filled with BBC cocksucking and gagging, pussy pounding, ass fucking, gang bangs, and loads of amazing cum shots at the end. You won’t be able to look away from all the huge black cocks! The video is accompanied by multiple, layered tracks of the silky voice of Hyp n0 Domme McKenzie Alex. It’s truly an orgasm for your brain, funneled in through your eyes and ears.

You have an addiction to big black cock. It wasn’t your intention, you were brainwashed by pornography. Just watching so many black cocks has warped your brain. Now you need BBC in order to get off. You see as you jerk yourself to BBC porn, your subconscious mind is at work, you are being brainwashed by association. The imagery has you hooked and now it is permanently linked to your gratification. You are becoming conditioned. Big Black Cocks are associated with your pleasure. You can’t look away, you can’t stop jerking.

Think about it, every time your cock is hard, every time you jerk, every time you cum, you are watching big black cocks.The more you watch the stronger it grows, it becomes impossible to break this bond. You are being brainwashed by big black cocks. Admit it. You love stroking to BBC porn. Watch and stroke, watch and stroke, let that bond build in your brain forever associating your pleasure with big black cocks. It makes you so horny.

You want big black cock. You want to suck them, you want to feel them in your ass. Maybe you think this is just a fantasy, but think about it, how hard are you right now? We both know that you don’t watch BBC porn for the girls, it’s for the big black cocks. You can’t quit this, you’re too far gone, too addicted. You are a big black cock addict.
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Princess London Lix

Hi faggot, I want to talk to you about your BBC obsession. You have quite the unhealthy fixation on Big Black Cock now, don’t you? And I’m not talking about heterosexual porn, no, all of your BBC fantasies are fag boy ones, isn’t that right? This was a slippery slope and one that you fell down very fast. I know you didn’t mean for this to happen. You used to just love watching black guys fucking, right? You were turned on by interracial porn, I get it, it just looks so good to see those Huge black cocks being sucked and fucked by hot white girls. It makes for good viewing, for good wanking material but you just took that a little bit too far. You didn’t even realize what was happening. Your brain twisted these fantasies for you and before you knew it, you weren’t looking at the girls any more, you found yourself fixated on those huge black cocks.

You’ve been brainwashed. It wasn’t your intention, but you were brainwashed by BBC porn. It’s not your fault, your weak brain just couldn’t resist those big black cocks. And now black cock is all you can fantasize about. It’s so funny how it was all so innocent, how you truly didn’t mean for this to happen. You were completely straight, you just loved watching black guys fucking white girls. But those black cocks just looked so good, didn’t they? You couldn’t take your eyes off of them. You were hooked on those huge superior dicks that could please women in a way you never could.

And I think I know why you liked looking at big black cocks, it’s because they’re everything that you’re not, isn’t that right loser? Look down at your penis, does it compare? So you tried to live vicariously through them until that fantasy started to get twisted too. Until you began wanting those big black cocks in your mouth and in your ass. Over time you focused more on that fat BBC, so much so that you started staring at those Huge cocks as you came. Look at this huge cock next to me, that does something to a loser’s mind, doesn’t it? So what happens when you associate all of your pleasure to BBC, what did you think would happen? Every time you came you were looking at BBC. It fucked up your head, it brainwashed you. Now all of your pleasure is associated with BBC. It happened over months and years of watching BBC porn. You were brainwashed by Big Black Cocks. You have conditioned your brain to associate BBC with your orgasm. You see how you’re fucked? How you fucked yourself?

I’ll bet it’s gotten so bad that you can only cum when there’s black cock on your screen, it’s all you want to jerk off to. You don’t need to even have a woman in the scene any more, all you need is Big Black Cock. You’ve ruined your mind. It started out as just an interest in interracial porn and now you’ve been brainwashed by pornography. You have been unknowingly conditioned to love big black cock. I know you’re stroking right now hearing me, watching the big cocks on the screen, you can’t help it. You want BBC, you need it, you crave it, you jerk to it. You want those bigger, better, superior cocks right down your throat. You want to feel their cum all over your face, don’t you, you little faggot? And you did this all to yourself loser.

You have been brainwashed by pornography and now here you are, a black cock loving faggot. You want those huge cocks in your ass. You want to be chained up and used by a group of black guys as nothing more than a little fuck doll. You have so many sick, twisted submissive faggot fantasies about black cock, don’t you loser? Every time you cum, you’re looking at black cock, it’s what you trained your brain to love. You need this now, don’t you fag boy? Wank that little white dick between your legs, show me just how inferior you are, show me just how much you lust after BBC. You’re a black cock loving faggot loser. Do you see how weak minded you are? Plenty of men jerk off to interracial porn and they didn’t end up like you. You were destined to be this way. You mind is so weak and susceptible.

Now I want you to cum for black cock, I want you to condition yourself further. I want you to focus on the BBC right as you cum. I want you to cum for that superior, black, alpha bull meat. That cock that you envy, that cock that you lust after. Know that you were brainwashed by BBC porn, know that no normal man ends up like this, only a black cock loving loser does.
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Reduced Size Custom Resell- You’re a closet homosexual gay faggot. And, you know it. I’m sure your faggot dick is as hard as a fucking rock right now. And why is that? The word faggot makes your dick jump. Or perhaps it’s this image of a throbbing hard studly cock. I’m right! You aren’t turned on by women anymore or by normal things that straight men like. You’re turned on by throbbing cock. The fantasy of becoming a faggot on the bottom. Hard anal sex and having your butthole bred to the fullest. That gay load at the tip of your faggot cock is tingling isn’t it? All that faggot talk not only has you hard as a rock but you’re about to ooze all over the place. Remember you must keep that load at the tip of your dick until I tell you to release it. . Stroke even harder while I continue and describe raw gay sex. You on the bottom having that faggot butthole of yours eaten and then pounded by a big muscular top. Laying on your stomach as he approaches you from behind and prepares your butthole for raw condomless butt sex. Your butthole just twitching in anticipation as you eagerly raise it in the air. His condomless cock entering your faggot hole. The way it feels, the way it smells as he fills your insides and begins pounding your guts as his balls squish into yours. Pounding you harder. Deeper. Pushing your in. Thrusting even deeper until you feel him burst inside of you filling your faggot ass with his hot creamy load. Dripping out of your ass. You are gay blow your faggot load now…
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Princess Rene

Have you ever thought about going gay? I feel like you’d make a good gay guy. Honestly you’d probably be pretty good at sucking dick because you know what feels good so you’d know just what to do. It just kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Maybe you’d like it. Have you ever tried it? I’ll bet you’d like getting a facial, having a guy cum on your face. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you should give it a try and see if you like it. You never know until you try, right? I’ve experimented with girls, I liked it. It was fun having another girl lick my pussy. So maybe you should have some fun and see what it would be like for a man to cum on your face. You might like it honestly.

Let’s give it a try. Stroke for me while you think about a man cumming on your face. C’mon I think you’d be a good faggot. I don’t mean it in a mean way, I just think you’d be a good cocksucker. So to try this out you’re going to jerk your dick and see how it feels to cum on your own face. It’s not even gay if it’s your own cum, right? I mean I can finger my pussy and lick my finger and that doesn’t make me a lesbian. So cum on your own face and I’ll have you lick it off. Maybe you’ll like the feeling of having hot jizz running down your face. Look how horny you are, are you excited to try something new for me? Are you excited to release that load on your face? I can tell you’re super horny, look at you pumping that cock for me.

Can you imagine a big cock being jerked in your face? I’ll bet you can. I’ll bet that makes you so hard. I know I’m excited thinking about your potential new life as a fag, as a little cocksucker. C’mon you know you’re excited at the thought. Maybe I’ll open up a whole new world for you once you realize how much you love cum on your face. You’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on.

Keep stroking thinking about a man cumming on your face. If you’re feeling a little shy, just know that you have me, a hot girl telling you to do this. Are you gonna pump that cock on your face for me? When you’re about to cum I want you to lift those legs over your head and I want you to look at your cock while you’re pumping it in your face. I want you to stare at your fucking cock while you jerk it in your face and then I want you to watch that jizz explode all over your face. I want you to move your face around and make sure it’s completely covered. Then I want you to lick your lips and get a little taste. Are you excited to cum on your own face? You should be, it’s kinky. You’re such a good little kinky whore for me, aren’t you? You’re such a good little fag. It just feels so good, to stroke for me, to cum for me, to cover your face with that jizz for me.

Now lift your legs up and pump your cock. Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like? That hot load spraying on your face. Are you ready? You’re doing such a good job and you’re gonna feel so good cumming on your own face and then afterwards when you’re all covered in cum. See I told you, you’d be a good faggot for me. Now look at that cock and I want you to feel that big load burst out of your cock and onto your face. Pump that jizz on your face. Open your mouth and be a dirty stroke slut, a kinky cum whore for me. Cum all over that face, be my sweet little faggot boy.
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Princess Meggerz

It’s not a secret, I can see right through you, and I can read your mind. And as hot as you find me and as turned on by women as you think you are, I know what really gets you going. I know the one thing I could shove in your face right now and you’d have an instant hard on. It’s cock. Because you’re a fucking faggot, aren’t you? I know you’re a fucking faggot. You’re a fucking faggot because you’ve got yourwrapped around your own fucking dick and you’re stroking away staring at this cock. Staring at me as I am about to instruct you on how to fuck and suck this cock.

You’re stroking to the fact that you’re a faggot. You thought you were confused but I’m clearing it up for you right now. This big cock I’m holding is hot to you. You find it sexy, it turns you on. It’s what you crave, it’s what you stroke for. You’re a little cock craving faggot. You want it sliding in and out of your mouth so badly. You wish you could lick it. You fantasize about taking cock, about being a filthy dirty fucking cock whore. But you just can’t go through with it now can you? That’s how truly and utterly pathetic you are. You want it so bad and all you do is stroke off to it. You’re a stupid faggot whore, you’re a little slut, playing with your little clitty to the thought of cock.

You’re proving your love for the cock by getting harder and harder. You’re loving it. In fact, all you can think about is when I’m going to take this cock and ram it down your fucking faggot throat. You wanna suck and gag and moan for me, while you keep jerking and jerking. C’mon give the cock a kiss, faggot! I bet you never thought you’d fall so low, yet here you are, with your tongue out, your dick hard, stroking away, being a little faggot cock whore. You really want this dick, don’t you? You want to suck cock because you know it’s the only thing that makes you cum anymore. Nothing makes you cum harder than the thought of having a cock down your throat and then splooging all over your fucking faggot face.

You’re so close to exploding right now as I describe how you’re going to suck this cock. Wrapping your lips around it, feeling it grow inside your wet mouth. And then gagging on it because you’re a fucking faggot. That’s the only thing that gets you off. The only thing that can get you to cum is imagining this cock exploding all over your fucking face. You’re a cock gobbling whore. You’re a fucking faggot. You want to suck and cum, don’t you? So you ram whatever you have down your fucking throat and jerk that little cock for me. Cum as you imagine yourself drenched in another man’s cum like a stupid whore! LOL! You’re a fucking faggot! You’re a cock loving whore, and I proved it.
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Princess Kaylynn

When are you going to finally realize that you’re a sissy? I brought a toy for you to play with today. I want to see you suck this. I love degrading you. I want to watch you take the whole nine inches all the way down. Suck it sissy bitch. Can you handle my big cock? I’m going to make you gag on it while I laugh at you. I have such disdain for sissies like you. Now kiss my perfect ass and thank me for allowing you to suck on my strapon.

Lick it all over like it’s a cock. Show me how much you like it, show me how much it turns you on. You are a sissy, you are a fucking fag who loves cock and there is nothing you can do about it. Isn’t that right? You worship big cocks. Now keep sucking on my cock while you stroke yours. Suck and stroke you little sissy, while I laugh at you. You are a sissy cocksucker and you know it. Look at what a good cocksucker you are!

Look how big this cock is next to my heel, doesn’t that make your mouth water and your cock throb? Of course it does, you’re a faggot who gets hard by sucking cock. God you’re so stupid and pathetic. Sucking and stroking. I hope you know how pathetic I really think you are. You’re not a man, you’re a sissy cocksucker faggot. And you love it. Now take it deeper loser. Gag and stroke for me while I laugh hysterically in your face, faggot!

This is your favorite thing to do, isn’t it sissy? You love sitting alone in your room sucking on a big dildo while I degrade the fuck out of you. Worship, tribute, adore God Kaylynn. You know you love it sucker!
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Mandy Flores

Do you like what you see? Do my muscles appeal to your little faggot desires? Or is it my big black strapon? Oh yes, I can see you’re little faggot cock getting hard now. Do you think I didn’t know what a flaming faggot you are? I know you love watching me lift weights and seeing how big my muscles are. But I think it’s my big fat cock that you’re the most hot for though. Your gay little cock loves my strapon.

Do you jerkoff in the gym locker room, you fucking faggot? I’m the complete package, muscles and cock. I know you love that, I know you pretty much only jerkoff to gay porn, fag boy. Soon you’re gonna get on your knees like a little bitch and you’re gonna take this cock all the way up that tight asshole of yours and experience what your ass was fucking made for! Now open your faggot mouth or I’m gonna share your little secrets with everyone you know! That’s it you little cocksucker. Suck it, suck my dick! I need to invite all the boys from the gym here to get their cocks sucked by you too. You can clean their balls with that homo tongue of yours. Lick those balls, faggot!

I’ll bet you’re a better cocksucker than I am! LOL! I know you’ve been practicing like a true little closet fag. You love cock you fucking homo. Now turn around and drop those panties you have on. Spread open those ass cheeks and show me your fucking faggot hole. I love how you follow orders like a little bitch. I’m going to give you the ass fucking you’ve been dreaming about, faggot. Oh yea, you love my big black cock in your ass. I’m gonna ram you hard so I can get you ready for some real cock up that ass. I know you fucking love this you fucking fag. I need to put an ad out in craigslist, have a bunch of dudes over here to put you on all fours and pound your homo hole. You’ll take load after load pounded into your fairy asshole.

This little faggot dream scenario is gonna make you cum so hard. Now come suck my cock clean, fag. Now I’m gonna go out and come back with some real men and make your faggot dreams come true.
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