Clubdom: Entertainment For Two Sadists (September 14th 2017)

"We need some entertainment" Goddess Kendra says. Goddess Brianna calls over the bitch boy from the corner and they decide they will be very entertained hooking him up to the fucking machine and stretching both of his holes. They shove their fingers in his mouth and see how much it will stretch. "You’re holes belong to us, bitch!" Kendra says. "Let’s break him in!" says Goddess Brianna. The bossy and demanding women hook him up to the fucking machine and stretch his pathetic mouth and pussy for them.
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FUCKING MACHINES: Jun 10, 2015 – Skin Diamond

FUCKING MACHINES: Jun 10, 2015 - Skin Diamond

We know how much Skin enjoys being tied up, so we told her she could have one scene with bondage. She loves it so much that we actually made her have squirting orgasms during the scene.

The other scenes are bondage free, so don’t fear all that prefer not to see the girls tied up. We fuck her her fast and hard in her happy little pussy, and she is more than willing to let us do so. Every time Skin orgasms she pushes the machines out with her powerful puss and at one point she shoots her ass plug across the room from having such strong orgasms. She likes to please and we like to watch her do this for your viewing pleasure.
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FUCKING MACHINES: May 13, 2015 – Daisy Ducati

FUCKING MACHINES: May 13, 2015 -  Daisy Ducati

Daisy is a tall and beautiful girl with a sexual appetite that would eat most people alive. We pair her up with the fastest machines we have and sit back to se what happens next. She can barely touch her pussy before she is squirting all over the room, so we break out the first machine to get things started.

Her pussy explodes with squirting orgasms, and this continues throughout the day. The harder and faster we fuck her the more she squirts. The machines fuck her all day, and by the end of the day, the entire room is soaked with her pussy juices.
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