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How much do you love pantyhose? As much as I do… as much as this piggy does? Aren’t they wonderful? That black sheer fabric clinging to my gorgeous legs and feet swishing as I walk and shining ever so slightly with each movement. When wearing boots they quickly get damp with sweat and fragrant with a scent that makes any pantyhose slut drip with excitement. I can’t even recall the last time I let this bitch out of its cock cage, but I was sure it had plenty of foot lotion stockpiled in that storage sack I allow it to maintain. Sure enough, it was engorged and ready to spurt upon release. It would do anything to feel my hosed soles step on its neck while rubbing its little thing. There was a lot to lick up when it did finally explode all over my pantyhosed feet.
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HEY FOOT BOY, ARE YOU EYEING OUR FEET? YEAH WE FIGURED. YOU ARE SO WEAK FOR OUR SOLES. We dangle our gorgeous feet right in your face. We know you are a weak footboy who only gets off to brat feet. You enjoy taking advantage of you, we like to see you squirm and jerk like a foot idiot. We know your dick dedication to our soles runs deep. Our feet own you completely. Submit to us now FOOT BOY!

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Macey Jade

I look so amazing in this cut out dress, but I’m not wearing it for you, I’m wearing it to fuck with you. Look how it hugs every curve on my perfect body. But I’m not going to let you jerk to me like this because losers don’t get to jerk to hot girls in tight dresses. Losers like you, only get to jerkoff to my perfect feet. And I don’t care if you have a foot fetish or not. This is about humiliating you, showing you that you are beneath my feet. Jerking to the soles of my feet is all you’re worthy of.

You don’t get to decide what you jerkoff to, you’re lucky I even let you jerk to my precious feet. You’re so lucky to have my feet in your face, to be told that you are allowed to stroke in my presence. And losers like you need to be conditioned to jerkoff and worship the bottoms of my feet. And it’s only fitting that you jerkoff to the soles of my feet because you know you are so far beneath me.

Stroke to my gorgeous feet loser. Take it all in, my soles, my wrinkles, my arches, my cute little painted toes. You know this is where you belong. I’m going to train you to be my foot slave, to worship feet, whether you have a fetish for them or not. You’re being conditioned loser, all slaves must know how to worship a goddess’s feet. This your place, beneath my feet. Stroke it faster. Imagine being able to kiss and lick my feet. You’d feel so low yet so honored.

It feels so good jerking to my feet, doesn’t it? This is the only way you could ever please me, by pampering and worshiping my feet. My feet are turning you into a worshiping, jerking, drooling zombie. It’s only fucking fitting that losers jerkoff to feet. Stroke faster, edge that cock for my feet you idiot, I’m going to make you cum with only my feet. You’re gonna be so addicted to my feet before you even realize what’s happening. You’re going to be begging me to be beneath them so you can worship them. And now I have you conditioned, your programming is complete.
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Goddess Kyaa

You little, pathetic weakling, down there on the floor beneath me. You don’t deserve to even look upon my beauty. I am a Queen and you are nothing but a pathetic little minion. You’re nothing. You are less than nothing. In fact, you’re a nuisance. But if I can find a use for you, perhaps you won’t be such a waste of fucking space. Put your focus on my feet, specifically my perfect toes right there in your face. They make you so horny and so weak. I have so much power over you with just my toes. My feet are more powerful than you could ever conceive of being yourself.

Just look at how much I’m turning you on with my feet in your face. Focus on my toes as they destroy your brain cells. I want you spending your time thinking about my perfect feet, wondering what color my toe nails are. Obsess over every aspect of my perfect toes. Spend every day worshiping them, stroking for them, thinking about them. And if you’re lucky, I’ll even let you pay them. You might even have the honor of paying for my next pedicure.

Being my toe worshiping slave boy is your life’s purpose. Your whole life is about worshiping me. The only reason you work or even fucking exist is to please my feet. You’ve always been a slave to my toes since the first time you laid eyes on them. But you are not doing enough for them and that’s why you find yourself depressed and restless. That’s why you come to me, begging, because you don’t know what to do with yourself. You simply need to worship me and focus on my toes. You don’t deserve anything but my toes.

You’re just a toe worshiping bitch for Goddess Kyaa. Focus on my long, lovely toes, see how I can stretch them and flex them, and scrunch them and curl them. And see how I can point them right in your face. Do you think you could fit all of my toes in your loser mouth? LOL! My feet are your total obsession, your addiction. You live for my toes, you crave them. Your cock is so hard and you’re so horny but you’re not allowed to cum until you pay tribute to my toes. Focus on my toes in your face and pay for my pedicure, my toe slave. And knowing that you paid for my next pedicure will make your cock throb.

You paid your cum tax and now you’re going to stroke for my toes. You’re a slave for my perfect feet. Cum for my toes, cum for my perfect feet, slave.
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My decorated feet and my sexy deep red toes are such a temptation. Too bad you can’t stroke your cock to the tease. You gave up permission to play with yourself when you handed over the key to the cage surrounding your cock. I’ll give the key back one day, once I’m completely satisfied with how you’ve spoiled my perfect peds.
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The first part of a light girl-talk with Lady Demona and mistress Jessica. They chat about food, restaurants, clubs, pubs and parties while the footslave lick their shoes humbly under their feet. The ladies completely ignore him during the chat.
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Painful and humiliating femdom game. The slave’s balls is tied with a rope very tight. One of the mistresses put up her legs on a chair and allow the slave to lick and smell her feet if he can reach it. Meanwhile the other mistress from the other corner pull back him by the rope tied to his balls. The slobbering foot fetishist slave does his best but the pain in his sack seems harder. Funny amusing femdom game for females and a painful humiliating torment to the slave.
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After the slave worshiped the sweaty socks of the mistress he is allowed to remove it and feel the warm stinky bare feet. He is under Demona feet smells, worships and kisses her sexy amazing feet while she pull his cock and balls with a rope.
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Maria has been running errands around town in her chucks with no socks on. And here you are just waiting for her shoes to come off. Like a waiting for asweaty feet treat! Just wishing you had feet like this in your life to worship.These are the type of feet that you dream of! All you want to do is smell her sweaty feet and worship them.Why dont you take a nice big whiff of my nice big feet, go ahead smell them.Nasty foot boy, you are nasty! Mainly a foot smelling clip but also somewhat of a foot domination clip, just knowing you will never get feet like this in your face.Even goes as far to humiliate your wifes rough gross ass feet knowing thats what you live with. This clip is a totally footsniffing fantasy for you with the life you live. All you can do is smell through the screen like Smell-O-Vision.And how do they smell?Cause theyve been marinating in her chucks all day in this heat.This clip ends with a countdown, but more so a sniff and stroke countdown.1-10 Sniff! Stroke! Sniff! Stroke! Making it happen!
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