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Princess Nikki Next is soooo fucking cute and sweet in this clip, you won’t even notice as she ruins you mind and your wallet.

I think it’s so cute how obedient you are and how much you worship me knowing that you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s quite sweet how you are well aware that you’ll never be good enough for a hot young girl like me but yet you still crave my attention. You serve me, and you pay my bills, and buy me gifts all the while knowing you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s so stupid but also kinda cute. I think you enjoy knowing you’ll never be anything to me. In a weird, twisted way it turns you on. I know it gives you a boner.

I know I make you blow huge loads. Just looking at my hot young body and listening to my sweet voice makes you cum so hard. And you love listening to me go on and on about how I’m going to manipulate you and how you’ll never mean anything to me. You exist only to serve me, obeying my every command. And you love that, don’t you? You need to make my life easier, it’s what gets you off, it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. Isn’t it amazing how I can control you in such simple ways?

It takes very little effort on my part to make your mind go crazy for me. The more I tell you that you mean nothing to me, the more you crave me. It’s pretty simple really. You love how easily I control you and I love how pathetic you are and how much you adore me. I know you’re rock hard right now, so go on and rub it as you listen to my sweet voice. My words are so humiliating but I’m so cute and sweet that you don’t even realize what I’m doing to you.

Just listen to how cute and sweet I am as I slowly milk all the cash out of your wallet. I know that I make you cum so hard as I drain your wallet. You’re never going to be anything to me but a wallet that I can drain. And I’m so glad you understand that and want that more than anything. I know it gives you purpose. So jerk that cock knowing you’ll never be anything to me except my human atm.
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You get off on everyone knowing what a pathetic little slave you are for me. You Love when I mention your name. It’s so sad. You’ll do Anything for some fucking attention. You losers jerk off furiously when I write your name in my blog. You want the whole wide world to know you’re a pathetic bitch for me. But I’m not just going to Give you that privilege. You love it too much, and you don’t deserve it. So I’m not going to post your ugly face or your tiny little dick on My site… unless you BEG me.

Beg me to expose you on my website and on twitter. I have thousands of followers who will see what a pathetic loser you are, and you are going to beg me for that honor. And you’re going to beg me because you want it so badly. You want to jerk off seeing yourself exposed to the world. It fucking turns you on so much!

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to write, ‘Tierra’s Pathetic Bitch’ on yourself, and you’re going to take a picture. I want it to be Really humiliating. Then send me that photo and beg me to post it. Show me how badly you want it. I know you crave this, you need this.

There are going to be so many guys who want this, so you better beg really good, make your email stick out from all the others by being the most pathetic. I’m not going to expose every single one of you and I Know how many guys are going to come begging for the honor of being on my blog or on my twitter account. Just having me acknowledge you and post your picture is more than your tiny little dick and brain can handle.

And your picture better be top notch too, if your picture sucks I’m not posting it. This is going to be like a loser competition. Who’s the biggest loser for Goddess Tierra? Here’s my email losers… Tierra@.
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you know what was so funny? When you opened the door and found ME, this hot girl your wife hired. you couldn’t believe your wife trusted you enough to have me in your home constantly. She started to work more and you started calling me over more to help out. You noticed my shorts getting shorter and my tops getting smaller. You love getting to watch me walk around in My sexy outfits. It wasn’t long until the bonuses started coming in. I noticed you opened up a secret account to start paying Me extra. I love spending your money to buy little hot things like this.
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Goddess Chloe

I know you try to hide it from most people but all I have to do to figure out your dirty secret is to say one word. Do you want me to say it? Cuckold. And I got the response I knew I was going to get. Your cock throbbed didn’t it? That’s because you are one. You got hard so quick and easy just from hearing me utter the word, cuckold. You’re not a man, you’re a cuckold. Men aren’t cuckolds, men don’t get turned on by other men fucking their women, only cuckolds do. A real man actually wants to fuck me, you just want to watch and jerk as a real man with a huge cock fucks me hard.

You are a pathetic little cuck boy, just sitting there jerking off picturing me being fucked by a nice, big cock. You just love stroking your little dick knowing you’ll never have the chance to fuck a girl like me. And the fucked up thing is that you don’t even want to fuck me. But that’s good because you’d never have the chance. Imagine being able to watch me get fucked. I look so hot when I’m getting fucked. You want to jerk to that so badly, don’t you cucky?

You’d probably beg me to get fucked by a big cock, just so you could stroke your little cock over and over again. Watching another man make me moan and scream gets you off, doesn’t it? The thought of watching me suck on another man’s cock just makes you throb. You’re so pathetic. You’re not a real man, you’re just a little cuck with a tiny dick. I need a real cock, not a pathetic little penis like yours. I would never fuck you. You’re just a cuckold, and every time I say that word you get harder and harder and you jerk faster and faster.

I know your little penis is throbbing in your hand right now, isn’t it cuckold? I’m going out with a real man tonight and I’m going to fuck him so hard, and you’re going to sit at home and jerk off to the thought as you watch this video. The thought of being a cuckold is the only thing that gets you off. You couldn’t even get hard if you tried to picture yourself fucking me. No, that doesn’t do it for cuckolds like you. You’d rather fuck your hand than a pussy, you’d rather fuck your hand and have another man fuck your girl’s pussy. That’s because you’re a cuckold. The only reason you exist is for you to take advantage of you and take all of your money. And that gets you off doesn’t it? Knowing that you have no worth whatsoever. All you can do is jerk your little cock to the thought of another man fucking the girl you want so badly. You are so pathetic. You’re so fucking stupid, you little dumb cuckold. I have you wrapped around my little finger cucky. Nothing else makes you cum this hard, does it?
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WARNING this clip WILL make u hand over every detail it demands. my wet look bikini is going to play a huge role in seducing those digits out of you. you want to play with fire then u are in the right going to tease all that information out of you in order to do with it as i please. watch my hot body and sexy tiny wet look bikini, and listen to my sexy british voice, and embrace your obedient nature by fully submitting in this SUPER HOT clip. DO not buy unless you are serious about blackmail LOSER. you have been warned.
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Remember that agreement we made? you keep me happy and pleased and I wont make those phone calls that could destroy you. you know what I mean slave think real hard, remember when you got drunk and gave me wifeys # your job info, and social media account access? I still have all the info right here and the phone call I am about to make right now, will ruin your life unless you. give Goddess what she wants. I’m going to make you beg as I dial the digits 1 by 1 getting ready to destroy you. I’m in an evil mood today and I have nothing to lose but, you certainly will once I expose you for the groveling human ATM you are
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1080 HD: Princess Jennifers favorite class at Brat Princess University is Corporal Punishment. Princess Jennifer demonstrates to Princess Sasha Foxx how to administer a beating on a male. The helpless janitor cannot stop the girls or we will lose his job. Possibly even arrested depending on what the girls say. You want her to get an A dont you? Youre getting so much better Sasha. He is getting more and more hurt! The girls make the janitor oink as they beat him. The flogger has metal buttons at the end that tear into his flesh. They even make the Janitor promise to be Jennifers paypig for her Findom class. Jenifer loves hitting balls. Its her favorite. The janitors back and ass are covered in deep welts. The welting continues. Jennifer shows him no mercy. She hits him over and over with all her might. The girls are so pretty and the whip rock is so ugly from his beatings. The blows even cause damage to his balls that required some medical attention. This shows bratty school girls beating a hapless janitor improving their skills for their Corporal Punishment class.
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You long to be financially ruined by me dont you, your so desparate and want me to take your money you cant hand it over quick enough for me the more I tease you the more you want me to financially ruin you well im more than happy to take your money
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1080 HD You are so weak for a girl in a tiny little shiny bikini. Amadahy wears a bikini well, and she knows it. She knows the power in looking good. Wearing the tiniest, shiniest little bikini by the pool gets her anything she wants. She knows you’re weak. You’re powerless to a hot girl in a sexy bikini. She’s going to use you all up and spit you out. Bikini girls rule your life.
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I guarantee that I will have your mouth watering, your mind mush and your dick will be fucking weeping. A long, slow, deeply mesmerising tit worship session. A complete mind and body fuck, JUICY delicious tits and powerful brainwashing, h1pn otic language and imbedded commands, you are My prisoner from the very first second. My glorious tits right into your face, so close you can almost taste them, imagine that, I am literally rubbing in your face what you can NEVER have. The pleasure you feel is unparalleled when you get to stare UP at Me this way, how small and insignificant do you feel, weak? I can do anything to you, and you will let Me because you are obsessed, and so very weak for My perfect tits. Dick in hand you stroke which only increases My control over you. No distractions. Just My voice and My tits. Intense. As I seductively spill My powerful words into your gaping mind, you stare up at Me in rapture, cock THROBBING and you realise there is NO escape from this weakness you feel for Me and My PERFECT tits. I could drain you, leave you with nothing right now, I am the owner of your pleasure, your pain, and you are FALLING down and DOWN My rabbit hole. A slave to My tits, dumb, drained, owned. Whichever way this ends for you, you will KNOW that you are nothing but My toy, your pleasure and satisfaction only exist as a result of My schemes, or My whims, and in the face of such BEAUTY and POWER that is exactly how it should be isn’t it slave. Contains: imbedded commands, tit worship, brainwashing, manipulation, JOI, tease and denial, findom, mind fuck,
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