humiliationpov – Princess Mika – MP4/HD – Members Get Roasted And Exposed

Princess Mika

This is the video you all have been Begging me for! It’s our loser roast! In the forum in the members area, we asked you losers to post humiliating pictures of yourselves for a roast video. And wow did we get some fucked up pictures! Princess Mika will go through each and every picture and comment, laugh, scoff, and belittle you beyond imagination. We know those of you posted your pictures can’t wait to hear what Princess Mika has to say about you! I’m sure you’ll be jerking so hard when your picture comes up! Not only are we going to humiliate you, but you’re also being exposed to anyone who downloads or buys this clip! For those of you who didn’t post, I’m sure after watching this video, you’ll want to post your pics so you too can be exposed in our next video. If you’re not a member, join now and get degraded by the Brats of HumiliationPOV in our members forum and be featured in our next loser roast video!
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Little Perv Goes Gay

You are visiting your older br0 and his roomie. You spent day 1 with your friends and the first night you disappeared into my roommate’s bedroom. I come to confront you and find you out by the pool. I try to yell but I’m so distracted and instead go to Starbucks for you, when I return you tell me to calm down, all of the noise I heard last night was him begging for sex. Instead you had him service you and left him blue balled. You explain he is ready to do anything for you.You notice that my eyes keep sliding along your body. It’s no surprise to you. When we lived at home, I used to spy on you and jerk off. But I didn’t know that you knew. You ask me if I want to go watch you from the window and jerk off for old time’s sake. I’m so embarrassed.Then you let me in on what you two discussed last night – what he needs to do to make you happy. When roomie comes home, he is going to take me into his room to show me something. He’ll start some male-horseplay but after a while he is going to try to kiss me. And you tell me I am going to let him. You say its okay for me to ‘protest’ (‘what are you doing dude?’) but then I need to reciprocate. Then he is going to bend me over, stick it in and cum inside me.I’m mortified, but you don’t care. I’m getting weaker by the second looking at your amazing body and you know it. You explain that roomie will probably not be hard and so if I want to get the whole thing over with, I better take it in my mouth until it is hard enough to do the job.You explain one more thing. Roomie is going to lock the door for our ‘session’ but I am going to work him over to the door and unlock it while we are going at it. The reason I am going to do that is so that you can come in and film it.
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Humiliation POV Hellen Roxx: It’s Kinda Small, Maybe We Should Just Remain Friends – BFF SPH

Hellen Roxx

So there’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about and um.. promise you won’t laugh? Well you know we’ve been friends for awhile, in fact, you’re my best friend, and I thought maybe it was about time we took it to the next level. I mean we hang out all the time, we’re so close, so I was thinking maybe we should have sex and um see how it goes. I know it sounds weird because we’ve been friends for so long without ever doing anything but well I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I mean we’ve never even seen each other naked so I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I mean we don’t have to… but well you go first cause I’m too shy. And maybe if I like what I see we can go a bit farther from there. So let’s see, take your pants off. I’ll turn around so you don’t feel embarrassed.

Oh ummmm cute. That’s not what I was expecting at all. Is there more? Does it get bigger when it gets hard? No? That’s it? Well um I don’t really like this game. I think I made a mistake suggesting it. I’m not going to take my clothes off but well, um, thanks for showing me yours.

Oh nothing’s wrong I just thought it would be a fun game and now I realized it’s not. Cute though but well it’s kinda small. Maybe it’s best that we just stay friends.

Well I can’t lie, you’re my friend, I have to be honest and well it’s kinda small and sad. Like it’s just really disappointing. I was kinda hoping for more. I don’t even know what to say, that’s really tiny. It’s just so small. I kinda feel bad for you. I feel like I wouldn’t even feel it inside of me. Have other girls told you that? Gosh it’s so small. It sucks to be you I guess. That’s just sad. Are you sure it doesn’t get any bigger when it’s hard? Jerk it a little so I can see if it gets any bigger.

You only use two fingers to jerk it? Wow. It really is tiny and it’s really not growing. You poor thing. That’s definitely the smallest one I’ve ever seen. So put your pants back on, I don’t want to see it any more. But thanks for showing me what I’m not missing.
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Juliesimone: Slapped, Choked, Kicked, Spanked and Caned!

Julie Simone, dressed in a long line latex corset, latex bra and thigh hi boots torments Kade outdoors. Kade is bound with a straitjacket. A rope around his neck keeps him in place as he precariously teeters on the edge of the large machinery on which they stand. Julie takes him through a variety of activities and sensations including choking, face slapping, inflatable gag, slapping the tender inner thigh area, using a leather strap, kicking and caning. Julie mixes up the intensity, keeping him on the edge as she alternates between sensual stroking with her fingers and vicious strokes. Intense scene with two experienced players.
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Juliesimone: Sinnamon Hates Small Dicks

What did you think was going to happen? Did you think you were going to come over, eat my pussy and I’d never notice you had such a tiny dick? What I am supposed to do with that? It’s too small to even jerk off! Your dick would get lost between my butt cheeks, you don’t have enough length to even penetrate me and that’s bullshit! Starring Sinnamon Love.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Love Letters From Losers Are Gross (720 HD)

This was SO funny. One of the fat, ugly loser house slaves that serves me at Mean Girl Manor (I don’t even know its name) approached me while I was sitting on the Mean Girl throne and begged permission to speak. Can you believe this fat slob had the AUDACITY to profess his “love” for me!I fucking LAUGH IN HIS FACE. I literally make him look me right in the eyes so I can stare directly into his poor, pathetic soul as I tell him he REPULSES me!

I can’t believe that this idiot actually thought that it could be anything more to me than a SLAVE. I tell him that there are BUGGS that I STEP on that mean more to me than he does! I tell him that he is fucking LUCKY just to be a SLAVE for a woman as hot as ME!! Well trust me, after this experience- it will never get any “ideas” like this again LOL.

It really does amaze me that I could treat someone THIS badly day-in and day-out and yet it STILL falls completely in love with me. I mean, I know I’m HOT and all, but…seriously? Men are so pathetic. And honestly, this happens to us all the time. We treat these idiots like absolute SH**TT and yet they STILL fall in love with us! HAHAHAH!!!! We think it’s fucking hilarious.
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Lindsey Leigh Addiction: True Cucky Treat

I have a treat for my little cucky today. You’ve been such a good boy lately and you deserve a release. Now you look excited like I am gonna help or that you can use your hands.. no. Why would you think that? If you’re getting off I want to be laughing. Ive grabbed my boyfriends oldest, dustiest, stingiest pair of shoes, I want you to sniff and hump them. I want to see your eyes roll back and your dick get hard from smelling a mans shoe. I want to see you change from adoring me to adoring these sneakers for my amusement. Watch me while you fuck his shoe and listen to me carefully as I instruct you how to hump. I want you to cum in that stinky shoe, thank me, then beg me to buy them. Aw little cucky, how do you like be used as my toy?
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cruelgf/Cruel Girlfriend: My Bull – Your Bully (HD WMV)

Y’know what I love most about cuckolding you? More than all the awesome sex my big, hung stud gives me? More than making you buy all the expensive lingerie, all the hot outfits, and paying for our date-nights? What I love the most is watching HIM bully you! OMG I love it SO MUCH! The way my bull puts you in your place, humiliates you and emasculates you right in front of me drives me wild! It’s so fucking hot. No matter how hard you try to please us and keep on his good side, he still finds a way to smash you down a peg or two. I mean besides physically bullying you – spanking you in front of me, pushing you around and making you suck his cock – he’s an expert at psycholically bullying you too. I love it when he makes you thank him for fucking me and making you call him sir! I love it when as he’s fucking me hard in our bedroom he tells you you’re going to be next. The fear and humiliation on your face makes me want to cum so quickly! I love it when he tells you to clean up his cum after he’s emptied his huge alpha load. Most of all I love it when he bullies you in public. Loudly telling you to buy something hot for him to fuck your girlfriend in at the lingerie store. Calling you bitch, sissy or cuckold when we’re all out together. He loves to bully you and I LOVE to watch him bully you.
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I got a nice thick treat for you! A rubber dick! I am going to give it to you good, RIGHT IN YOUR ASSHOLE. I’m going to take your anus with my dildo and you’re going to cum from prostate play! You’re going to like this little secret we share. I will turn you into a butt slut, but don’t tell any of your friends. Don’t tell anyone because they would think you were so pathetic and disgusting!
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