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Somewhere on a lonely road, a Land Rover with smoked windows is speeding, the S.U.V. turns right, and then goes down on a trail that leads to a 18th century property, the Land Rover stops, 3 Girls – Sephora, Anais, Sephora – get out of the car, in the trunk, there’s a special cargo: slave Bob.

After having held during one day and one night, the sub is going to be whipped by 3 sadistic chicks who intend to flog him until he passes out…
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The weather is sunny despite some scattered clouds, the temperature is hot, summer is coming and it’s good to get some sun, Anais is nude on a tanning bed when suddenly Sephora arrives on Bob’s shoulders, this guy who needs no introduction is not just a masochist but also a foot fetishist…

“slave, give me my sunglasses”

“slave, lick my feet”

“slave, open your mouth and suck my toes”

Bob doesn’t need to be told twice, he only has eyes for Sephora’s infinite legs and delicate black feet, the Caribbean girl loves to get her little footsies worshipped especially by white slaves and she particulary wants to show Anais how her slave is a well-trained and very obedient bitch…

You dream of becoming a good slave? You desire to belong to an Ebony Mistress? You love tanned feet? This video is for you.
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It’s been one hour already he’s bound under the sun to one of the gates of the villa, and when you know about the temperature during this season in southern Spain, you can imagine that Peter’s got a good sunbath. He’s better known under the name of Bob Analto (the prefix of this name is troubling), faceslapping, ballbusting and strap-on dildo enthusiast, Bobby, who can’t be stopped on his road to posterity has decided against all expectations to change is own name into Peter Woudâne. So you know everything my little friends.
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Jim is a 25 yo computer science student, he has been practicing ballbusting for many years with some unscrupulous and venal girls. When his nuts are not used as a punching ball, Jim spends his time searching for some ballbusting videos on the web, social networks, BDSM forums.
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Hugo is nostalgic, the kind of guy who misses the old days. We can understand him, this 60 yo bald masochist has been serving so many women for over 40 years, you want an example ? 7 years ago, when he has been humiliated by Rachel – 18 yo, it was her very first time – in the street in front of people.
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You get off on everyone knowing what a pathetic little slave you are for me. You Love when I mention your name. It’s so sad. You’ll do Anything for some fucking attention. You losers jerk off furiously when I write your name in my blog. You want the whole wide world to know you’re a pathetic bitch for me. But I’m not just going to Give you that privilege. You love it too much, and you don’t deserve it. So I’m not going to post your ugly face or your tiny little dick on My site… unless you BEG me.

Beg me to expose you on my website and on twitter. I have thousands of followers who will see what a pathetic loser you are, and you are going to beg me for that honor. And you’re going to beg me because you want it so badly. You want to jerk off seeing yourself exposed to the world. It fucking turns you on so much!

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to write, ‘Tierra’s Pathetic Bitch’ on yourself, and you’re going to take a picture. I want it to be Really humiliating. Then send me that photo and beg me to post it. Show me how badly you want it. I know you crave this, you need this.

There are going to be so many guys who want this, so you better beg really good, make your email stick out from all the others by being the most pathetic. I’m not going to expose every single one of you and I Know how many guys are going to come begging for the honor of being on my blog or on my twitter account. Just having me acknowledge you and post your picture is more than your tiny little dick and brain can handle.

And your picture better be top notch too, if your picture sucks I’m not posting it. This is going to be like a loser competition. Who’s the biggest loser for Goddess Tierra? Here’s my email losers… Tierra@.
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Princess Ruby is HOT, GREEDY and completely out of your league. The only way for you to gain her slight attention is through your wallet. You have the privilege to be one of her many workers, grovelling at her feet whilst handing over your wage slip. Knowing you are slaving away endless hours to hand over your cash to fund your Princess’ lavish lifestyle makes you heart content.

Knowing you get NOTHING in return makes you work harder. You love the humiliation that comes with being a pay pig, you crave her attention daily and make cash from any means just to satisfy her greed. You are addicted to Princess Ruby and you are addicted to PAYING. To see her get even richer and you poorer is your goal in life.

She has strict guidelines and extremely high demands and enjoys teasing and tormenting you with them. Knowing it will only make you weaker, dumber and hornier to serve her. Being Princess Ruby’s pay zombie gives your worthless life some meaning and there is nothing that gets you harder than your bank balance decreasing.
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Kneeling in front of his Mistresses, the white slave awaits his SPANKING. Goddess Miss Foxx and Fetish Liza want his asscheeks bright red! He follows their orders and bends over Miss Foxx, his butt at her disposal for a sound and HARD SPANKING. His skin turns more and more red with each slap as Mistress Fetish Liza joins in and both DOMMES spank him together.
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Under the swimming pool, there’s a basement, not finished yet but it will be finished in a few weeks. You come in through a hole in the wall, and then, you find a corridor that leads to an underground cell where Mistress Sephora locks her white slave at night. During the day, the Ebony Goddess get him out for her daily SM sessions: ballbusting, strapon, foot worship, it depends on how she feels but today she needs to flog Bob…

The whip: 1.50 meters (4.92 inches), real leather, the kind of accessory you like to feel on your skin, the kind of instrument able to satisfy Sephora’s vices and fantasies.

The sub: 1.96 meters (6.43 inches), white but sunburnt, completely addicted to Ebony Girls, a good masochistic bitch, and money-slave.

Masochists, don’t look any further, this movie is for you, the story of a white whore whipped without limit….
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Welcomes Flawless Goddess Sonia! You piggies are in for such a treat. Her tone is filled with such contempt, she’ll make you feel like the worthless little pay pig that you are!

When I look at you, I don’t see anything but a pig. But just because you’re a pig doesn’t mean you can’t be useful to me. You can be very useful. So get naked and get down on your hands and knees and oink like the pig that you are. Snort and squeal like a little piggy. You sound so fucking ridiculous. But what else could I expect from a man who has no pride about himself. The only thing you should be proud about is that you get to serve a Goddess like me. Keep oinking! You’re disgusting like a pig is. You’re stupid like a pig is. If it weren’t for me, a dumb little pig is all you would be.

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