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Hot and bitchy biker babes Nikki and Anina love to tease you with their leatherclad asses and sexy biker jackets. They want you to come closer so they can feel your hard-on with their gloves and mouths. Are you ready for an outdoors blowjob from these leather biker babes?
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Let’s go, I am ready and fully dressed in my leather. I see you are still naked, I wonder what you are waiting for? Are you too horny to move? Let me give you some motivation and slip in your favourite red leather gloves. I know how excited these make you! They are made from the sofest leather and red is always a hot colour. I see your cock twitching already so lay back and let me take control over your manhood, mind and orgasm. I am sure you will cum hard for me!
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I love how hard your cock gets when being touched by my soft gloved hands. Such a sexy contrast and I can see the precum dripping out. Let me stroke, stop, stroke and repeat until I think you are ready to get your release.
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