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How much do you love pantyhose? As much as I do… as much as this piggy does? Aren’t they wonderful? That black sheer fabric clinging to my gorgeous legs and feet swishing as I walk and shining ever so slightly with each movement. When wearing boots they quickly get damp with sweat and fragrant with a scent that makes any pantyhose slut drip with excitement. I can’t even recall the last time I let this bitch out of its cock cage, but I was sure it had plenty of foot lotion stockpiled in that storage sack I allow it to maintain. Sure enough, it was engorged and ready to spurt upon release. It would do anything to feel my hosed soles step on its neck while rubbing its little thing. There was a lot to lick up when it did finally explode all over my pantyhosed feet.
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Princess Brittanya

Hey there you pathetic loser. I know that just listening to my sweet voice and staring at my sexy body turns you on instantly. It’s so easy to fuck with losers like you, and to prove it to you, I’m going to make you eat your own cum while you stare at my ass because I know how much you love them both. You love my tight hot ass and I know that you love tasting your own cum.

I know your cock is already hard just thinking about it. It gets hard so fast and it cums even faster. It’s so pathetic. Stroke your cock for me you stupid loser. You need to do two things, first you need to obey all of my jerk off instructions, and the second is that you need to swallow your whole load. And well it might not be that big of a load judging by your tiny cock.

Look at my perfect ass and stroke that cock for me. Get lost in a jerk trance as you stare at my ass. Rub that pathetic little cock loser. Jerking off is your whole sex life, do you know why? Because no woman wants to fuck a man who eats his own cum. Your destiny in life is to jerk it and eat it. That’s all you’ll ever amount to. You’re a waste of space, you’re pathetic and stupid and uninteresting and boring. That’s why you’re here jerking your cock getting ready to swallow your load.

Now I want you to get into the legs over the head cum eating position, I’ll even demonstrate it for you. Now jerk it in your face, look at your penis that’s about to cum in your own face. I want to make sure that all the cums gets in your mouth. Don’t stop loser. I know you’re going to cum so soon, the thought of eating your own cum has you so horny.

Stare at my ass, jerk your cock and get ready to cum in your mouth as I count you down to orgasm. Cum in your mouth loser! Now lick it off your lips and swallow it all down. Didn’t you enjoy that loser? I’ll bet you feel so stupid now.
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You have waited all year for this day. The most romantic holiday any couple could celebrate, Valentines Day. You are alone, again this year, so typical of a loser like you. Luckily for you this past year has been the best year of your life. You have submitted to your alphas and served a full year as their cuckold. House cleaning, errand running, paying for dates, rubbing their feet after a long night out. You have done it all, you are virtually their slave cuckold bitch. Tonight you have been instructed by your alpha male to bring Champagne and $200 over for Valentine Day. You hurry over hoping you’ve made it in time to still be of use to Sir. He graciously accepts your cuck offering and gives you the reward of your pathetic lifetime. Watch how a real man celebrates Valentines Day. Orgasm after orgasm he delivers your goddess into ecstasy. After you’ve been humiliated like the desperate cuckold you are, alpha serves you a Valentines “treat”. A “toast” to another year served at the floor of your masters.
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Mandy Flores And Princess Barbie

Hey there fag boy. C’mon don’t deny it. We have a test. We’re going to see how hard your cock gets based on different stimuli. Take a look at my pussy, does that make your cock hard? No? What about Barbie’s tits? No? What about if we show you Barbie’s huge black strapon? Oh yea, that’s it, you just got so hard. You need to admit that cock turns you on. You crave cock. Look how big this cock is, I know that turns you on. It’s so much bigger than yours.

We know that when you watch porn all you stare at is that big beautiful cock. I’ll bet you’re jealous of the girl who gets to suck that big cock. You wish it was your mouth slobbering all over it. C’mon admit it. You need cock. You’re going to stare at Barbie’s cock and you’re going to admit it. It’s ok, you can stroke your cock to this big black strapon. We know you wish you were on your knees sucking on it. Don’t be shy faggot, it’s ok to want this huge cock. You want it in your mouth.

We know sucking cock is your biggest fantasy, so if you suck on this big strapon, we’ll invite some of our big black boyfriends over here and they’ll take turns fucking that faggot mouth of yours. Won’t that be fun? They’ll all stand around you and jerk on you! LOL! And you’ll take all their cum. We’ll have a fun bukkake party. Yes we know that turns you on. But for now, suck this cock like the true faggot that you are.

And we know that you want it in your ass too. Do you think you could take this huge cock in your ass? You’d love to get pounded by Barbie. Or would you prefer a real cock? LOL! You want real cock so bad. Just stare at that big, fat meaty cock, fantasize about it cumming all over your faggot face. I’ll bet you’re salivating just thinking about it. We want you to suck your big dildo, we know you have one, and jerk your cock at the same time.

And when you cum you’re going to cum on your own face and into your own mouth. We want you to do the legs over the head position so you’re used to seeing a cock cum on your face. You’re gonna love all that creamy jizz sliding down your throat. You’re our little bitch now. Cum on your face while you stare at Barbie’s big cock. Swallow it down you little cum loving faggot.
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Your wife really knows how to have a good time. Too bad it never includes YOU! The two of you own a beach resort together, and she loves meeting all the men who visit and stay at your resort. For example, she tells you about last night…. and how she fucked 6 black men that are in town for a bachelor party. She was the life of the party and took 6 big black dicks. You have created the perfect life for her. The little slut wife who loves banging all the hot guys on the beach. You’ve always been fine with it because, like she says “it is her right to do what she wants.” But now it is getting somewhat humiliating because she wants you to jerk off while she tells you about it. Today she wants you to flip your legs over your head in front of her and cum on your own face…. catching some of it in your mouth. What’s NEXT?
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Princess Rene

Have you ever thought about going gay? I feel like you’d make a good gay guy. Honestly you’d probably be pretty good at sucking dick because you know what feels good so you’d know just what to do. It just kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Maybe you’d like it. Have you ever tried it? I’ll bet you’d like getting a facial, having a guy cum on your face. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you should give it a try and see if you like it. You never know until you try, right? I’ve experimented with girls, I liked it. It was fun having another girl lick my pussy. So maybe you should have some fun and see what it would be like for a man to cum on your face. You might like it honestly.

Let’s give it a try. Stroke for me while you think about a man cumming on your face. C’mon I think you’d be a good faggot. I don’t mean it in a mean way, I just think you’d be a good cocksucker. So to try this out you’re going to jerk your dick and see how it feels to cum on your own face. It’s not even gay if it’s your own cum, right? I mean I can finger my pussy and lick my finger and that doesn’t make me a lesbian. So cum on your own face and I’ll have you lick it off. Maybe you’ll like the feeling of having hot jizz running down your face. Look how horny you are, are you excited to try something new for me? Are you excited to release that load on your face? I can tell you’re super horny, look at you pumping that cock for me.

Can you imagine a big cock being jerked in your face? I’ll bet you can. I’ll bet that makes you so hard. I know I’m excited thinking about your potential new life as a fag, as a little cocksucker. C’mon you know you’re excited at the thought. Maybe I’ll open up a whole new world for you once you realize how much you love cum on your face. You’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on.

Keep stroking thinking about a man cumming on your face. If you’re feeling a little shy, just know that you have me, a hot girl telling you to do this. Are you gonna pump that cock on your face for me? When you’re about to cum I want you to lift those legs over your head and I want you to look at your cock while you’re pumping it in your face. I want you to stare at your fucking cock while you jerk it in your face and then I want you to watch that jizz explode all over your face. I want you to move your face around and make sure it’s completely covered. Then I want you to lick your lips and get a little taste. Are you excited to cum on your own face? You should be, it’s kinky. You’re such a good little kinky whore for me, aren’t you? You’re such a good little fag. It just feels so good, to stroke for me, to cum for me, to cover your face with that jizz for me.

Now lift your legs up and pump your cock. Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like? That hot load spraying on your face. Are you ready? You’re doing such a good job and you’re gonna feel so good cumming on your own face and then afterwards when you’re all covered in cum. See I told you, you’d be a good faggot for me. Now look at that cock and I want you to feel that big load burst out of your cock and onto your face. Pump that jizz on your face. Open your mouth and be a dirty stroke slut, a kinky cum whore for me. Cum all over that face, be my sweet little faggot boy.
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Custom for Jeff & his name is used in the vid…I plan to turn you into the cum slut that you really want to be. Deep down, you crave cock. You want to be the dirtiest whore. I’ll help you transform. I plan to take you to a gay bath house where you’ll suck cock, get fucked & guzzle cum for me. I describe how you’ll be sucking every dick there, how the guys will line up to use you as a warm, wet place to blow their loads. You’re just an object, a cum dumpster…
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Goddess Raven bay and mistress Alina Long find a poor excuse of a man tied up in the woods to a tree all tattered and torn the ladies decide to have a little fun with this looser they offer to cut him down but inform him that he will have to fuck his way to freedom by doing everything they tell him Goddess Raven hands him a blow up lamb and makes him fuck it and onk like the man pig he is completely humiliating him and making him lick his own filth up just to amuse them, and this is just the start of his day. Goddess Raven bay and Mistress Alina Long now have their new found slave back at the clubdom estate and tell him maybe he can lick his way to freedom by worshiping their thigh high shiny black boots, That’s right bitch you heard us start licking our filthy boots, Worshiping the ground beneath our feet licking our filthy dirty boots that’s right suck=ck the heel like its a big black cock swallow it up, deep throat it and maybe we will set you free, the ladies start to laugh at this eager boot slut, Goddess Raven Bay spreads her wet pink pussy and lets him get a look and then rubs it as she starts moaning and asks if he would like some ? yes, he replies and they both laugh, your not worthy slut back to the heel of my boots keep licking your way to freedom. Goddess Alina Long and Raven Bay are still having fun with their new pathetic slave boy the one they found tied to a tree, they made him fuck his way tp freedom by having him fuck a blow-up sheep Then they made him worship their boots and teased him with their pussy’s letting him breathe in their essence but never touching, so now they have decided to go for a pony cart ride and make this poor slave pull them all around the estate and Goddess raven hand the out of breath bitch a teaspoon, and tells him it’s time for his nourishment so he better start stroking that tiny little slut stick and fill the teaspoon up with his filth and then he will eat up every last drop
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Princess Kaelin

If you wanna stroke that cock for me, you’re gonna have to eat your cum. I know that deep down in that brain of yours, you long to slurp up all that spunk for me. So today you’re going to stop being a fucking bitch, and you’re going to do it. You would do anything for me, wouldn’t you? So start stroking that cock and show me how desperate you are to cum for me. I know you want to lick up every last drop of that cum for me. I don’t have to seduce it out of you, even though I could easily.

Jerk it loser, faster, faster, now stop. LOL! Do you want to jerk it again? Then say, ‘I’ll eat my cum for your Princess’. Good boy, you may stroke again. I own that cock so I decide when, how and if you cum. I know you’re so excited to slurp up all of that spunk for me. I know it’s been in the back of your mind. You want to eat it. Jerk it and show me how desperate you are to blow a big, fat load for your Princess. You must be desperate, otherwise why would you even be watching this video? You’re watching humiliation porn trying to get enough courage to eat your own cum! LOL! You’re watching internet videos just to have me convince you to eat your own cum. Think about how pathetic that is!

And I know you want to do it for me because, well, I’m perfect. I’m sexy and cute and I’ve got your wrapped around my little finger. My perfection makes me so powerful. So clear your mind of all those doubts and just obey me. You’re not going to think about how gross it is, you’re just going to fucking do it! Get out of your own fucking head and let me in there. So just stroke and think about how exciting it’s going to be when you do it. And your life is so boring, I mean you are here being coaxed into eating your own cum. You need some excitement, you need to feel that rush. You need this, you need to eat your own cum. You so desperately want to, that’s why you’re still here watching, LOL!

Stroke it fast, edge your cock, show me how desperate you are to cum for me. Ride that edge. Now I want you to clear your mind and mentally prepare for this. It’s easy. I want you to say, ‘I’m ready to eat my cum for you’. Good, I know you are ready to swallow that load. It’s going to feel so good to do exactly what I tell you. Are you ready? One hand on your cock and one hand ready to catch it all. Now blow a big load right into your hand and as soon as you’re done, don’t think, just slurp it. Slurp it all up! Good boy. That wasn’t that bad, now was it? Now you’ve actually accomplished something today. I know you’ll be back again, hungry for more.
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