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Custom vid for Ryan, his name is mentioned throughout You’re soon turning 34 & still a virgin. You’ve always wanted to be with an older, more experienced woman but you were too under-endowed, a quick cummer & a chronic masturbator. Now you figure the closest you’re going to get to sex is to be my cuckold. You’ve never seen sex up close though so I decide to work you into it slowly. I just tease you & get you to help put my lovers condom on. Then I blindfold you & let you listen to us having sex. When I take the condom off you’re told to help me remove the condom full of his cum. The whole thing is pretty humiliating for you…but you like it. Then I tell you that if you want to continue to be my cuckold you’re going to have to graduate from condom placer to cock fluffer.
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1080 HD Harley’s boyfriend is late. She decides to use her cuck while waiting. She texts while the cuck licks her ass. Harley blows some bubbles and snaps her gum. She’s mad that her boyfriend didn’t text her to tell her he was going to be late. That’s inconsiderate. The cuck doesn’t fully understand the hurt of inconsideration, because he’s never experienced consideration, but he tries to be sympathetic and make his Princess happy. But he isn’t making her any happier. He’s being a bore. His ass licking has become very routine and predictable, and Harley’s frustrated that he isn’t trying harder to please her. Harley’s boyfriend surprises her by sending a really sweet text. The text sends Harley off on a bit of a rant about how great her boyfriend is. It’s actually tiresome to compare him to the cuck, because he’s just so much better than the cuck in pretty much every possible way. Harley just can’t stop gushing about how great her boyfriend is in bed. Like, his dick is huge, and he knows a lot of great sex positions. The cuck’s in chastity. All he’s really good for is ass licking, and he’s not even, like, all that great at it. Harley hopes that her boyfriend likes the lingerie the cuck just bought for her. Oh no! They bought it all in black, but Harley’s boyfriend just texted that he prefers red. Harley and the cuck are going to have to go back to the mall and buy all the same lingerie sets, but in red. The cuck starts working a little harder on Harley’s asshole. She just ignores, texts, and snaps her gum.
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Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention, And knows just how to get out of it early, She locks the door and puts a leash on Mr Johnson the teacher and tells him she isn’t wearing any panties she puts him on his knees and starts rubbing her pussy telling him how wet she gets controlling men, and masturbates right in his face them shoves her fingers in his mouth and tells him too strip and lay down, Then she slides her wet pussy back and forth on his hard cock grinding on it as she moans and talks dirty to him then she explodes in orgasm and tells him not to touch his dick or jerk off until she gives him permission, Then takes his wallet from the desk and takes his credit card and leaves but promises to see him again tomorrow , left frustrated Mr Johnson just lays there hoping tomorrow could come quicker, He knows he is her bitch, and always gives her little bratty ass her way.
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Miss Nina Dolci’s pathetic husband just lost his job, and that is the last straw. He has a little dick, and Miss Nina Dolci is sick and tired of this shit. He begs and pleads to do anything to make it work, and Nina takes him up on his offer when she pulls out a chastity device. Nina Dolci sits on his chest with her spread pussy just inches in front of his face, but it may as well be miles away as he is too pathetic and weak to get it. Nina Dolci dangles the key to his chastity device in his face as she fucks her married pussy with a pink vibrator, and forces him to smell and taste the pussy he will never be able to play with again. Miss Nina Dolci has her pathetic jobless husband locked in a chastity device. She is sick of his tiny itty bitty little prick. All Nina Dolci wants is for him to keep his tiny dick hard for more than two minutes so maybe she can ride him, but he can’t keep his pathetic dicklette up for her. Nina Dolci straddles his chastity device and rubs her wet horny pussy on the hardest his dick has ever been. She taps her finger on his locked up cock, teasing it with her fingernails. She rubs her pussy against it while rubbing her hard clit. Her pathetic husband is powerless to do anything. Miss Nina Dolci wants to feel full with cock, but she only has her tiny dicked husband to service her. Instead of using his pathetic dick, Nina fits his head with a chindo so she can fuck. Nina pulls his head into her wet pussy trying to give him a concussion and for the first time in their marriage Nina Dolci feels like she’s being fucked. As long as her pussy is wet and there is something hard and long going in and out of her pussy, that’s all that matters. Miss Nina Dolci is in charge of everything now; the bank account, the credit cards and her subby hubby’s little pecker. Miss Nina Dolci is hungry after cumming for the first time with her subby hubby. She orders a pizza with extra sausage to quench her desires. The pizza boy comes in with his extra sausage ready to be used. Nina wastes no time and climbs on top of that big cock and impales her married pussy with his extra sausage while her subby hubby bitch looks on humiliated. Nina bounces on his hard cock with her subby bitch between her legs seeing his wife get fucked for the first time. When the pizza boy cums all over Miss Nina Dolci’s married pussy, Nina forces her pathetic subby slut to clean her up with his tongue. He better get used to the taste since this is the only way he will stay married now. After getting her order of extra sausage from the pizza boy, he makes a silly mistake and assumes only her subby hubby is bossed around by Miss Nina Dolci. Nina quickly slaps him and puts him in his place letting him know that every guy is her little bitch. Nina Dolci forces him on his knees to start licking her pussy. Nina quickly grows tired with his pathetic attempt to eat her out, and instead has him lick her ass like all the bottom bitches. Now that Nina Dolci is sexually satisfied, she decides to teach her subby hubby how to really fuck. She has her pathetic subby kneel down and start sucking on her big strap on cock, letting him know that if he doesn’t get it wet, it’s going to go in his ass dry. Nina Dolci likes the view of her subby bitch bobbing his head on her cock. Nina then bends her pathetic subby hubby over the bed and starts pegging his tight inexperienced ass. Nina tells him to give her his ass as she strokes her hot beef injection in and out of his tight man pussy.
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Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Narcissa decided to have a cleaning competition between two of the Atlanta Dungeon slaves. The slaves had no idea there was a competition going on, and the winner would get to worship the asses of both Mistresses, while the loser would be put in chastity, caged and forced to watch the winner. The winning slave gets an erection quickly while being smothered and the ladies make sure to rub it in that the losing slave is locked away in chastity with no chance of getting hard.
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I walk into the room, having finally finished work for the day and while I’m closing the door I tell my boyfriend how much I’ve been looking forward to this. But when I turn round, my husband is there with him. “What are you doing here?! So, I guess you know I’ve been cheating on you with this black guy? Well, I’m kinda glad you found out actually. Because now we can get divorced and I can finally start fucking him every day like I’ve been wanting to. Your cock is just…not the same. His cock satisfies me like yours never could. What, you don’t believe me? Take your cocks out then, both of you!”

You and my black boyfriend both take your cocks out. His is a huge, throbbing hard black dong (8 inch realistic black dildo). Yours is a pathetic, 2 inch, flaccid white dick (2 inch realistic white dildo). I humiliate your cock while I worship his, while slowly stripping off. I show you how much bigger his cock is in my mouth, in my hand and in between my tits. “Imagine how much better his feels in my pussy!” You still don’t seem to understand, so I guess I have to fuck him.

I get completely naked and climb on top of his cock. As soon as it slides inside me, I’m moaning, practically screaming with pleasure. I tell you how much better it feels than yours. How much bigger it is. I suck your cock a little while I ride his, but only for a minute because I don’t care about your pleasure. I’m going to cum. “Watch as this big black cock makes your wife cum!” I orgasm all over his massive cock, screaming and moaning with pleasure. “See? His is just so much better. Sorry! I’ll be serving you divorce papers soon.” I exit, leaving you all alone, forever.
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I have a treat for my little cucky today. You’ve been such a good boy lately and you deserve a release. Now you look excited like I am gonna help or that you can use your hands.. no. Why would you think that? If you’re getting off I want to be laughing. Ive grabbed my boyfriends oldest, dustiest, stingiest pair of shoes, I want you to sniff and hump them. I want to see your eyes roll back and your dick get hard from smelling a mans shoe. I want to see you change from adoring me to adoring these sneakers for my amusement. Watch me while you fuck his shoe and listen to me carefully as I instruct you how to hump. I want you to cum in that stinky shoe, thank me, then beg me to buy them. Aw little cucky, how do you like be used as my toy?
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Watch all 6 parts of Rikki’s Revenge in one discounted movie!

Rikki’s Revenge
Rikki Rumor is on the phone with her best friend Jade Jantzen. She is telling Jade that her husband cannot sexually please her and has failed again. Rikki tells Jade that she should come over and spend some time with her. Rikki’s husband comes home from work and is surprised when Jade comes to the house. He hasn’t met Jade yet but Rikki plans on the two of them getting to know each other really well. Rikki takes Jade and her husband into the bedroom and Rikki and Jade start making out and fondling each other’s hot young bodies. Rikki insists that her husband only be allowed to watch.

Rikki’s Revenge 2: Foot Servant
Rikki and Jade are just getting st arted. They make Rikki’s pathetic husband worship their feet while they kiss, caress, and eat eachother’s pussies. He is not allowed to interact with the two women at all, and is reduced to licking the sweat off of their feet and watching what he cannot have.

Rikki’s Revenge 3: Orgasm Assistant
Rikki grabs the double-sided dildo that her husband holds pathetically in his mouth. She sticks it into her lover Jade’s wet pussy and starts working it in and out. Rikki and Jade are ready and they both bend over and insert the large dildo inside both of their dripping wet pussies and ride it right in front of Rikki’s horny slave husband. Rikki is determined for her and Jade to cum so she makes her husband assist and use only his tongue to work over their pussies while she uses the dildo on Jade. It’s all about their pleasure.

Rikki’s Revenge 4: Ass Eating
Rikki and Jade are not finished teaching Rikki’s husband a lesson, breaking his male ego and turning him into their slave. He now has to lick their asses. Both of the women’s asses are a bit sweaty from all of the heavy petting they have been doing and now her husband gets to slide his tongue up and down both of their asses and lick all of it off and then some for the pleasure of the women. He still cannot use his hands or cock. He’s just a tongue and lucky he is even that.

Rikki’s Revenge 5: Castration Threat
Rikki decides to allow her husband to have one more chance at pleasing them. She sees him kneeling there with his hard cock and decides it might as well be put to use. However he must obey her one wish. He will fuck Jade until she cums but he is not allowed to cum at all. If he does cum, she is going to take his balls and neuter him forever. He thrusts his hard cock deep into Jade, making her moan. He struggles to keep himself from cumming…

Rikki’s Revenge 6: Ass-Fuck The Pool Man
Now that Rikki’s husband is neutered and he is silent and cleaning the house as Rikki’s trained maid, Rikki decides to end their day by ass fucking the pool boy. Jade and Rikki watch him clean the pool and know that they absolutely need to. It will definitely reinforce the idea that Rikki is in charge of the household, something Rikki needs to show her submissive bitch husband on a constant basis now. The women go outside in their sexy attire and it isn’t long before they get the pool man to come inside. Unfortunately for him, the girls decide to make him get fucked like the little bitch that he is in order to keep his job. Be gets both of his holes stuffed with their huge cocks as the women laugh and smile.
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1080 HD Cali’s got a cuck who’s practically good for nothing. When she gets home from working out at the gym, she likes to use his tongue to clean the bottoms of her white sneakers. Cali is in a crabby mood because she’s been fighting with her boyfriend all morning. She takes her bad mood out on the cuck, even though it has nothing to do with him. After the cuck has licked Cali’s dirty sneakers for a while, she wants him to clean her sweaty feet. They’ve been inside the sneaker without socks during her workout, so they are really ripe! Cali does not care, it’s a cuck’s job to lick them clean, especially when they are stinky. When Cali is finished, she tells the cuck that she wants him to give her a ride over to her boyfriend’s house. She wants to have makeup sex with her boyfriend. The sex should last about two hours. In that time, Cali wants the cuck to detail her boyfriend’s car. When they’re finished fucking, Cali’s going to need the cuck to come in and clean her pussy. The only thing her worthless cuck’s good for is cleaning up.
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