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Mistress Raquel is continuing to teach Nicolette’s husband how to be a good submissive bitch. Part of the process of breaking him down includes showing him what is most important in his life, his wife’s pussy, and also being shown that her pussy is something he may never have again if she wishes it. Nicolette teases him with her pussy with a dildo while Raquel also has some fun with that dildo. Nicolette moans with pleasure as Raquel shows him how a real man should be fucking his wife. It makes him so horny and the women decide to force him to jerk off and eat his own filth. They laugh at him and his new predicament.
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The Mistress B

I know your secret. And I’m not talking about how you jerk off all day long? No, everybody knows that. Or maybe about how you pay women to humiliate you? No that’s not much of a secret either. The secret I’m talking about is the fact that you pay women to ridicule you while you jerk off and think about sucking cock. Does that make your cock tingle? To know that someone knows your secret.

You see I’ve found you out as the closet faggot that you are. You’re just a little sissy bitch who wants nothing more than to be on your knees with a throat full of big alpha cock. This little secret is something I plan to use against you. I’m going to humiliate and degrade you over this little secret that I now own.

Take that needy fag dick out of your pants and start stroking and repeat after me. ‘I want to suck cock. I am a pathetic little bitch who knows his place.’ That’s a good faggot whore sissy cocksucker. Say it as you jerk. You are a beta male and you get down your knees gladly, willingly to worship me. And from here you realize that there is a man in my life, an alpha male who is far superior to you. And eventually you begin considering your place in my life and in his life. And that leads to exploration of cuckolding, even deeper humiliation than just I alone can give you.

You realize that not only are you inferior to me, but you’re inferior to my man. And you get down on your knees not only for me, but you do it for the alpha cock in my life and for alpha cock everywhere. Say it, tell me how you want to suck alpha cock. You need to feel his superior cum shooting down your throat. You want to submit to utter humiliation by having a man’s dick in your mouth. I know that makes your cock hard.

This is who you are, you’re a beta, a bottom, you’re a bitch. So it’s only natural that you’ve found yourself here, needing cock. You want cock in your mouth. Admit it. You want to choke on it, making you feel so fucking degraded. You love that feeling of inferiority. Tug on that needy dick as the truth sinks in. And you’re going to squirt for me knowing you’ve finally found and accepted your place where you belong. On your knees with alpha cock in your mouth and me whispering in your ear. This is who you are faggot.
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Rikki Rumor is finally getting what she’s always wanted; deep fucking with a big satisfying cock. It’s been too long since she’s fucked someone of a decent size and this is just blowing her mind. Too long has she been denied pleasure by fucking her small husband and now he is watching her get what she needs. He looks like he might cry, but Rikki pulls him closer so he can get a good view of how huge this big black cock is that is inside of her, pleasuring her. The stud cums all over Rikki’s sore pussy and she forces her husband to lick it all up.
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Cuckoldress Carissa Montgomery

You are nothing but a little dick cuckold and I need a real man to satisfy me. Just look at my Goddess body and you know I need a huge cock. Do you think I’d ever suck off a little cuckold like you? No, I only suck big cocks. In fact, I can’t stand pathetic cuckolds like you. You don’t even deserve to watch me get fucked. And you certainly don’t deserve pleasure. So I’m going to lock you up while I get fucked and deny you the pleasure of even watching!

And I’m going to let my lover pound me tonight, I need it rough and hard. And maybe I’ll let you watch, but only so your cock will get hard in it’s cage. I hope it hurts, I want you frustrated and in pain while I get pleasured. And I’m going to wear your key around my neck so you can watch it bounce around as I get fucked, knowing I’m not going to unlock you. You’re going to get harder and harder while my pussy gets wetter and wetter. And there’s nothing you can do about it because you’re a weak loser cuckold.

So not only am I going to get pleasure from the huge cock that’s destroying my pussy, but I’m going to enjoy watching you suffer! And I want you to look at his huge cock and then look at yours and KNOW that you will never be anything but a cuckold. You belong in the corner locked up in chastity while I get man handled by a real man.

I’m going to get my pussy, ass and mouth fucked while you sit there whimpering like the little dick cuckold that you are. I know how badly you’re going to want to jerk off but you won’t be able to with that chastity device on. You will Never get a woman like me. Your pathetic little cock would never satisfy me. And it probably couldn’t even get hard to fuck me. Your little penis only gets hard when you watch other men fuck me. That’s how pathetic you are! Your cock is useless just like you. A pathetic, useless cuckold.

I’m going to look right into your eyes and laugh as I’m getting fucked on all fours. And you’re going to have to listen to my moans and the sound of your key banging against my tits as I get pounded. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll let you lick my heels as I get fucked. And even though I want my man to cum in my pussy because I’m a dirty fucking slut, I don’t want you near my pussy. So I’m going to have him cum inside my heel and I’m going to make you drink every drop.
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Now Mistress Raquel is going to teach Nicolette Love’s husband how to lick her ass. He has never licked an ass before in his life and doing so will make him feel even more reduced to just a submissive cuck. He licks her ass as he is instructed while she touches the wet pussy he can no longer have. Raquel teaches him to give his wife the pleasure she deserves.
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You so badly want to be used… As my sex slave, my toy, my cuckold, cock fluffer… What is your kink, you twisted freak? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have some dark, dirty, depraved secrets. You love it when I talk dirty to you. No one else talks to you the way I do. No one else sees you the way I do. I can’t wait to watch you crying in shame after you shoot loads of cum in 10… 9… 8… we’ll, you get it.
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Paris Knight now has her submissive husband and her stud in collars and she decides to lay back and masturbate. She shows both of the men her gorgeous wet pussy. She tells her husband that if he really wants to save their marriage, he will do exactly as she says. She makes both men lick her gorgeous feet and toes while she cums over the control she has over them both, even the stud.
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This is part 3 of Princess Nikki Next’s Date Cuckold Series. Click below for parts 1 and 2.

Be My Date Cuckold, I Know It Makes Your Cock Throbg

Cuckold To A Young Brat And Her Boyfriend

So you still think you can date me, huh? I think it’s so funny that you still think you could stand a chance with me after all the times I’ve already rejected you. Look at how hot I am and then take a good look in the mirror. You’re a fucking loser who has nothing to offer a hot young girl like me. The only thing you could ever off me is your cash. Your money is always welcome but you’re never going to be with me. Ever.

But if you want, you can let real men take me out and you can pay for our meals. That way it will feel like you’re dating me as you’re paying for my dates. You just don’t have to be there. Then I can go home and get fucked by a real man while you sit at home and jerk thinking about what it would be like to fuck me. Or maybe you’re jerking thinking about another man fucking me. I don’t really care just as long as your my wallet cuck.

You will never have my young sexy body loser. I only want a real man and that is not you. So you can pay for my dates and that will be as close as you will ever get to dating me. It’s so funny that you still think you can. You’re a fucking loser with a little dick. Why would I ever want to touch you? I would never consider a guy like you, you pathetic little loser.

And I especially would never want a guy who obsesses over hot girls online and gets addicted to them and spends all his money on them. Why would I want a loser like that? A real man wouldn’t do that, a real man would go and get the girl he wants. But you’re a fucking loser who hides behind his computer screen. And that is why you will be paying for my dates so I can have those real men. I think next I’m going to make a video of me and a real man so you can see how a real man acts and how a real man fucks me and how you’ll never measure up. Now go pay for my date you fucking loser.
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Paris tells her husband Jason that he must beg Austin to come over and fuck her every single weekend. "Can you come over and fuck my wife every weekend" he whimpers as Paris smiles. Austin agrees and starts fucking Paris right away. Austin fucks her pussy good and hard and deep right in front of Jason and Paris keeps Jason on a short leash, close to them, watching every moment. She shows him what a real man looks like, having a bigger, better cock to satisfy her with.
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This isn’t what you expected on our honeymoon but instead of consummating our marriage I tell you that you’re going to serve me as my cuckold instead. I explain what your new life is going to be like. I stroke you to get you to cum, getting you into the idea of it…while also making it easier to get the chastity device on after…

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