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Syren Productions – Mistress Aleana – Cruel Countess Full Body Bullwhipping

Dressed to the nines as a cruel Countess, I have slave bart strung up in my dungeon and I must admit that there is nothing more intoxicating than having a male slave bound and helpless ready to accept my whip and all the pain that it will bring. There will be no mercy tonight as I want to see the fear in his eyes and hear the screams from his voice as my bullwhip devours his flesh. No part of his body is spared as I use my new found “whip wrapping” technique to leave welts and cuts all over his back, ass, chest, legs, and I even whip his cock. The last few minutes of this clip I unleash a barrage of full force whip strikes that wrap around and I have spinning around trying to avoid the lethal lashes, but as he will quickly learn there is no escape from my bullwhips.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Jul 21, 2017: Creep Love | Sierra Cirque

"The horror and the grace", she knows that line all too well. Poetically, it describes her predicament perfectly. Her inability to remember the lines, under the stressors that Creep delights in applying, will result in much suffering.
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Worship Violet Doll – Mesmerized & Drained by Latex

If you’re reading this, you’re already feeling weak. So we’re going to play a little game. It’s too late to say no.

First Im going to guide you into total relaxation. Complete submission. Then the game begins. I’ll drain you slowly and gently at first. . . think you can handle it?

If you make it to the end, you’ll win the ultimate pleasure.
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Chateau-Cuir: Balls drained on her pants part 2

Miss Yasmin is a real cruel beauty, she loves to tease her bondage slave with her tight leatherclad ass and big boobs.
He is not allowed to cum until she tells him too, but looking at his hot Mistress makes him edge so much! On her command, he is finally released and drained on her leather pants.
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London Lix: Exactly As We Say ft. Mina Thorne

You come here for jerk off *instructions*, not encouragement. You need no egging on when it comes to touching your cock; you’re a jerkaholic who does it every night. So if you want to stroke to us today, you’re going to have to be obedient about it. No mindless f1st-fucking here, you little hand-humper. No; Mina Thorne and I are going to tell you EXACTLY how to stroke. When to stroke, how hard, how fast, with how many fingers, in what direction – and you are going to follow every single jerk off instruction. You won’t be able to resist following our every command when you see how hot we look in our tight corsets, fishnets and wet look leggings. Of course this is not just any old JOI though…and we have special instructions for how you’ll be cumming today, if at all…
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