mfvideobrazil – Radassa And Vivi – Karateka Fatal Kickings [fight ,feet domination, domination] Full HD

Karate girl with dark hair, Radassa punish her slave with lot of facekicking. She put a matress to the wall and start kicking her face, even so hard she falls off, and when she is on the floor Radassa stand on her back and she is start crying, while Radassa is celebrating herself. She is a really cruel domina.
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Mfvideobrazil: Spitting Mummy Swallow By Karina Reis And Wanessa Camargo

Top domiatrix Karina Reis wrap her cheap slawe in plastic foil, tape down her eyes, and starts to humiliating her by a real spit-river. Karina collect a lots of spit together in her own mouth, then she flows that slowly into the slaves mouth. The slave must to swallow the whole, and enjoy the taste of every piece of spit from her mistress Karina.

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Mfvideobrazil: Trample Twins By Graziella Gueicha And Rafaella Gueicha

Double pleasure with sexy twins! In this domination video they humiliate the tiny Vaninha with trampling. They stand on her lap, neck, belly, thighs and breasts. It is really painful for her but Graziella and Rafaella Gueicha know no grace! They torture their victim for 24 minutes. The trampling is made with their sexy, well-manicured feets. The Brazilian twins have big breasts and round butts which they show in the video. You can also see Vaninha topless during the trampling. Graziella and Rafaella do the show on a sofa where they have enough space to humiliate Vaninha. They also stand on her beautiful, but tormented face.

Format: MP4
Duration: 24 Min
Size: 1196 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


Mfvideobrazil: Pony Police Extreme By Aline Cruel And Vivi

Slave Vivi smoking in the house, but police woman Aline Cruel doesn’t really like it, so she punish her by slaps, then sit on her back and beat her head to carry her around the room, then they change position and Vivi carry her around in a much harder way and they fall off. Then Vivi have to go to all four legs like a real pony, Aline sit on her, smoke on her and humiliate her in many ways, and they finish the movie with a carry around in the pool where Vivi drowns her head under the water a lot. Little Vivi shouldn’t be smoking in the house if it’s she doesn’t want to be a pony girl. Luckily for us, police woman Aline Cruel notices it, and punishes her accordingly. Aline slaps Vivi around, makes her sit on her back, lands a few punches on her head to let her know who’s in charge and makes her carry her bigger body around the room, occasionally revealing the nice big ass of both Aline and her petite slave as well. Aline casually lights up a cigarette and smokes it on top of Vivi while she carries her around on all fours. She keeps pulling on her hair as if she was a real pony. Then they enter the pool, where the pony play continues.
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Mfvideobrazil: Tickle Face Sitting Domination By Cruel Sabrinna Senna And Jessy

Do you want to see a video about tickling and face sitting? It can be really amusing if it is performed by two young girls. The blondie, Sabrinna Senna is really cruel to poor Jessy. She is tied to the bed with ropes and wears only purple lingerie. First, Sabrinna Senna tickles her which is really funny. But then, the dominant woman sits on her face while she wears only a sexy, red thong. Later, Sabrinna Senna takes off her thong and sits on Jessy’s face completely naked. She screams and howls but there is no escape for her. Sabrinna Senna shows Jessy her beautiful, round butt and her warm, pink pussy very closely.
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Mfvideobrazil: Hot Kisses Attack By Karina Reis And Isabella

Lesbian kissing is incredibly sexy, so you must see this video with Karina Reis and Isabella! They put their wet tongues into each other’s mouth. The Brazilian woman play with each other for a really long time, so you are going to be able to watch their hot act. Karina Reis, the domina really wants to kiss her slave, so she must do what Karina says. The lesbian kissing is very hot because the girls are squeezing each others body. They also play with the hair. The Brazilian women are really pretty so you are going to enjoy the video. The girl with girl kissing is extremely good, so don’t miss this opportunity and watch them!
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