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1080 HD Harley’s boyfriend is late. She decides to use her cuck while waiting. She texts while the cuck licks her ass. Harley blows some bubbles and snaps her gum. She’s mad that her boyfriend didn’t text her to tell her he was going to be late. That’s inconsiderate. The cuck doesn’t fully understand the hurt of inconsideration, because he’s never experienced consideration, but he tries to be sympathetic and make his Princess happy. But he isn’t making her any happier. He’s being a bore. His ass licking has become very routine and predictable, and Harley’s frustrated that he isn’t trying harder to please her. Harley’s boyfriend surprises her by sending a really sweet text. The text sends Harley off on a bit of a rant about how great her boyfriend is. It’s actually tiresome to compare him to the cuck, because he’s just so much better than the cuck in pretty much every possible way. Harley just can’t stop gushing about how great her boyfriend is in bed. Like, his dick is huge, and he knows a lot of great sex positions. The cuck’s in chastity. All he’s really good for is ass licking, and he’s not even, like, all that great at it. Harley hopes that her boyfriend likes the lingerie the cuck just bought for her. Oh no! They bought it all in black, but Harley’s boyfriend just texted that he prefers red. Harley and the cuck are going to have to go back to the mall and buy all the same lingerie sets, but in red. The cuck starts working a little harder on Harley’s asshole. She just ignores, texts, and snaps her gum.
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Pig #2 is a Local pig in Oregon and begged for an interview! I busted him so hard my Pig #1 was crying lol and of course I ended ball busting both of them while I was at it. My Goal was to bust one open id say i came pretty close. My Hits are Hard and I am merciless when it comes to ball busting. Ive learned most pigs are weak and can’t take much pain so all interviews are done with pig tied up. This way if pig ever backs out he can’t go anywhere until I’m done with him! FOR WMV CLICK Ball Bust Interview with local pig!
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Miss H

You like when I tell you how to stroke your cock, when to cum, when not to cum. So you’re going to obey my instructions. When I say, One, you’re going to stroke it nice and slow. When I say, Two, you’re going to stroke it a little bit faster. And when I say, Three, you’re going to jerk as fast as you can. Ready loser?

Let’s have some fun. I know how much you love to jerk to my instructions. One. Slowly. Good boy. Two. A little faster now. Three, jerk that dick hard. Now hands off. Let’s start again. One… Two… Three… One… LOL this is so much fun. Do you like this? Does it feel good? Are you starting to feel your cock grow and your balls swell? Keep jerking, slow and steady. Now Three… Really fast! Hands off! LOL good boy. You’re good at this game. Doesn’t it feel so good to jerk to my instructions?

Again loser.. One… Two… Three… I want to get you just where I want you. I want you on the edge. I want you stroking thinking just how hot this is and how you have no idea what is about to happen to you. I’m going to give you a cum countdown and you’re going to follow my instructions, very, very carefully. I want you to get ready to explode. Here comes your countdown, Ten, nine, eight, seven…

Now when I say One and it’s about to flow out, you’re going to put your thumb over the head of your dick and hold it as hard as you can. You’re going to plug it. Plug and cum now loser. This is called a thumbing ruined orgasm loser. It’s what you deserve. All losers deserve to have their pathetic orgasms ruined. You know it’s true. You’re going to want thumbing ruined orgasms all the time now. I ruined you, it’s so easy.
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1080 HD This slave is very new to ballbusting and he hates it. But, he is Amadahy’s property and she can do with him whatever she pleases. His likes and dislikes no longer matter. Not only does Amadahy decide to ballbust him, she invites three friends over to help break him in. They do not go easy on the newbie. He’s going to have to get used to ballkicking at some point anyway! Every time the weak slave drops to the ground, the group of girls make him stand right back up again and take some more. Amadahy puts on a good display of hard kicks for her girlfriends before inviting them to partake. The slave can’t really take an assault from four girls, he can barely take ballkicks from one. The girls have to literally hold up his limp body to keep kicking it. Every girl gets a turn! At one point, it seems as though the slave is really down for the count. But Sasha still hasn’t gotten her turn! They force the barely conscious slave to stand and take a few more kicks, because that’s what’s only fair for poor Sasha, who had to go last. When the slave drops one final time, he starts babbling incoherently and crying out loudly in pain. Amadahy just keeps kicking his prone body as he rolls on the ground, trying to avert impact from Amadahy’s boot.
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Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention, And knows just how to get out of it early, She locks the door and puts a leash on Mr Johnson the teacher and tells him she isn’t wearing any panties she puts him on his knees and starts rubbing her pussy telling him how wet she gets controlling men, and masturbates right in his face them shoves her fingers in his mouth and tells him too strip and lay down, Then she slides her wet pussy back and forth on his hard cock grinding on it as she moans and talks dirty to him then she explodes in orgasm and tells him not to touch his dick or jerk off until she gives him permission, Then takes his wallet from the desk and takes his credit card and leaves but promises to see him again tomorrow , left frustrated Mr Johnson just lays there hoping tomorrow could come quicker, He knows he is her bitch, and always gives her little bratty ass her way.
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Goddess Anna Lee is enjoying her cigarette while she sits above her slave’s quarters. While this worthless slave tries to look up at her through his cage bars, Goddess Anna makes him beg her to fuck his boy pussy while she blows smoke in his face. Then informs this pathetic bitch that he must first please his Goddess and lets him out. Once her slave is unlocked and on his knees she straps a chindo to his fuck hole and instructs him that he better please her or else. Bratty Dom Anna Lee is using her pathetic fuck boy for her own amusement, she has made him already fuck her young wet pussy with a chindo, and he failed to make her cum, So now she has dragged him out of his cage and straddles his chest and makes him watch closeup as she masturbates with her big black vibrator, Letting him taste her nectar as she shoves it in his mouth after she has reached orgasm, Then tells him that’s how it’s done now beg me to fuck your boy pussy Bratty Dom Anna Lee has had to satisfy herself And now is strapped up with a thick 10″ inch cock and ready to spread and gape some boy pussy. Bratty Dom Anna makes her slut puppy suck and deep throat her hard cock, Gagging and spitting all over it as she makes him beg her to Fuck his boy pussy She smacks his face and bends him over the fucking horse and spreads that tight little boy cunt and rams and fucks him hard.
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Nikki Next

Hey there stoner loser boy. Are you done smoking your bowl so you can edge your cock to some more porn? I know it feels so good to edge while you’re stoned. That’s all your good for, just edging your stoned cock while you get mindless and stupid. You know you’re never going to have a chance with a girl like me because no girl wants some loser who just gets high and masturbates all day. No one wants a stupid stoner who’s going no where with their life. Your purpose in life is to get high and jerk yourself stupid while hot brats like me take advantage of you.

So keep edging that cock to me, to my hot, young, tight body. Yea, that feels so good, doesn’t it stoner? You are a stoner loser and that’s all you’re ever going to be in life. A useless moron to be manipulated. And you love it. It’s all you want out of life, to be stoned and toyed with. No hot girl wants a stoner like you. We want real men who have their lives together. You’re just a jerkoff idiot.

But it’s ok, you just go ahead and keep smoking and jerking off. I mean if that makes you happier than fucking a real girl, then so be it. Enjoy it loser. You stupid little stoner, jerk your own cock to my hot little ass. Get lost in my ass, get lost in your hazy head as you edge your brain out. Stroke it my little stoner, get dumber for me.

Jerk off to my hot young body loser. You love being my little stoner loser boy, don’t you? Nothing feels better than this. You prefer it to pussy. You prefer your own hand a nice bowl. Instead of fucking real women you prefer to get stoned and stare at your computer screen. It’s kinda pathetic. You waste you life, your brain and your cock, all because you can’t control your addictions. I’m going to help you blow your brainless load. That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s all you want. How do I know? Because you do it night after night after night. Smoking and jerking your life away.
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Things don’t always go as planned around the Mean Girl Manor. Accidents DO happen. We had this one slave all prepped and ready for a ball busting. But it sustained a fucking injury after two only 2 kicks! (ARGH! Not NEARLY enough for a full video!!)He needed medical attention so we got his dumb ass out of there,and called in a backup ball kicking slave. By this time we were tired of waiting, and so ready to destroy some nuts for real. Princess C. was there to film and to judge the ball kicks on a scale from 1 to 10 cuz me and Princess Kianna are new and may not kick good enough yet I guess. It was Princess Kianna’s first ever Ballbusting so we wanted to make sure she had a good slave to take a pounding to its nuts. It was funny because she kept going and going. It’s hard to believe that there are pathetic losers that we can just USE as slaves and they will just stand there and take it until we are satisfied…

Princess Chanel
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Custom: So I come back from walking around the fetcon convention this week only to find Jason Ninja the little midget going through my panty drawer!. He tries to attack me but I punch him in the balls causing him to cup himself and while he cups himself I turn him around and pull his pants down. And he’s wearing woman’s panties. I can’t help but laugh and tease him for this, Then I grab his balls and squish them making him squeal like a girl. , I toss him around the room for a bit then give him a wedgie lifting to his feet, and slapping and bunching his balls. Not surprised Jason has a tiny little DICK lol so I grab and squeeze it, mocking his size, and commenting that’s why he wear’s woman’s panty because of his small dick. and than you spank him, and finally kick him and punch him in the balls and carry him out the room and toss him into the hall way wearing his cute girl panties. – This is Fetcon and This shit Happens All the time!
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Goddess Alexa

You want to fuck me so bad, don’t you? You love the way I talk, you love the way I look, you love my sexy body. And you wish that you could fuck me so bad. Wouldn’t you just love to grab me and slam your fucking cock inside of me? I’ll bet you’d give up just about anything for that opportunity. But here you are, jerking to me, still a dumb fucking loser, and still a virgin. You’re always going to be a virgin. You could pay me everything you have and I would still never fuck you. God, I mean nobody would fuck you. No one ever has. And that’s never going to change for the rest of your life. First you’re a loser, and no girl wants to fuck some insecure loser. And second, you’d suck in bed. No girl wants to fuck some loser virgin who has no idea what he’s doing in bed!

Not to mention your cock is not even close to adequate. I would never want that pathetic little dick inside of me. Ewww No! I don’t want some little dick virgin boy inside of me. I only fuck real men, with huge cocks, not stupid loser boys with little dicks who jerk to humiliation porn. I’ll bet you couldn’t even pay a call girl to fuck you. She’d probably reject you too. Not to mention I’m sure you can’t get it up for sex, losers like you need humiliation, not pussy to get an erection. You’re useless as a man.

You are so pathetic. You’ll never be a real man. You’ll never feel a real pussy. The only thing you’ll ever fuck is your fist. Ewwww and I hope you don’t think about fucking me while you jerk, that’s disgusting. I’m too good for your imagination. You know I’m so out of your league. You have no chance with me at all. You should fuck your pillow and lose your virginity to it, LOL!

But you’re happy being a virgin, you’re happy knowing no girl will ever fuck your dumb ass. You know that your little dick will never please anyone, so why even try? You will remain a dorky, awkward, stupid virgin forever. You’re a nobody. You’re a virgin dumb fuck. No girl wants a stupid dorky idiotic virgin like you. Just keep fucking your hand, it’s the only pussy you’ll ever know, and you know it. Now thank me for telling you what a useless virgin you are.
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