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Princess Nikki Next is soooo fucking cute and sweet in this clip, you won’t even notice as she ruins you mind and your wallet.

I think it’s so cute how obedient you are and how much you worship me knowing that you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s quite sweet how you are well aware that you’ll never be good enough for a hot young girl like me but yet you still crave my attention. You serve me, and you pay my bills, and buy me gifts all the while knowing you’ll never mean anything to me. It’s so stupid but also kinda cute. I think you enjoy knowing you’ll never be anything to me. In a weird, twisted way it turns you on. I know it gives you a boner.

I know I make you blow huge loads. Just looking at my hot young body and listening to my sweet voice makes you cum so hard. And you love listening to me go on and on about how I’m going to manipulate you and how you’ll never mean anything to me. You exist only to serve me, obeying my every command. And you love that, don’t you? You need to make my life easier, it’s what gets you off, it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. Isn’t it amazing how I can control you in such simple ways?

It takes very little effort on my part to make your mind go crazy for me. The more I tell you that you mean nothing to me, the more you crave me. It’s pretty simple really. You love how easily I control you and I love how pathetic you are and how much you adore me. I know you’re rock hard right now, so go on and rub it as you listen to my sweet voice. My words are so humiliating but I’m so cute and sweet that you don’t even realize what I’m doing to you.

Just listen to how cute and sweet I am as I slowly milk all the cash out of your wallet. I know that I make you cum so hard as I drain your wallet. You’re never going to be anything to me but a wallet that I can drain. And I’m so glad you understand that and want that more than anything. I know it gives you purpose. So jerk that cock knowing you’ll never be anything to me except my human atm.
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You get off on everyone knowing what a pathetic little slave you are for me. You Love when I mention your name. It’s so sad. You’ll do Anything for some fucking attention. You losers jerk off furiously when I write your name in my blog. You want the whole wide world to know you’re a pathetic bitch for me. But I’m not just going to Give you that privilege. You love it too much, and you don’t deserve it. So I’m not going to post your ugly face or your tiny little dick on My site… unless you BEG me.

Beg me to expose you on my website and on twitter. I have thousands of followers who will see what a pathetic loser you are, and you are going to beg me for that honor. And you’re going to beg me because you want it so badly. You want to jerk off seeing yourself exposed to the world. It fucking turns you on so much!

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to write, ‘Tierra’s Pathetic Bitch’ on yourself, and you’re going to take a picture. I want it to be Really humiliating. Then send me that photo and beg me to post it. Show me how badly you want it. I know you crave this, you need this.

There are going to be so many guys who want this, so you better beg really good, make your email stick out from all the others by being the most pathetic. I’m not going to expose every single one of you and I Know how many guys are going to come begging for the honor of being on my blog or on my twitter account. Just having me acknowledge you and post your picture is more than your tiny little dick and brain can handle.

And your picture better be top notch too, if your picture sucks I’m not posting it. This is going to be like a loser competition. Who’s the biggest loser for Goddess Tierra? Here’s my email losers… Tierra@.
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Hi! I’m your new neighbor, Rene. Looks like I just missed your wife – oh well, I’m gonna have to meet her next time! So, anyway, I really wanted to come over here because I overheard you talking in your yard the other day. You were saying how you find it funny that so many males are so easily manipulated by hot girls and that you could never succumb to feminine flirtations. Well, I’d like to make you a wager! I’ll tease you for 5 minutes and if you can control yourself and NOT stroke and cum, you win! Point proven! However, if you cave and jerk and cum for me, you’ll pay my mortgage for me. Should be easy, right?! I mean, you’re not one of those weak males, right?

[Includes cock tease, tit worship, JOI, femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, goddess worship, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, upskirt fetish, breast tease. Shot in HD.]
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HEY FOOT BOY, ARE YOU EYEING OUR FEET? YEAH WE FIGURED. YOU ARE SO WEAK FOR OUR SOLES. We dangle our gorgeous feet right in your face. We know you are a weak footboy who only gets off to brat feet. You enjoy taking advantage of you, we like to see you squirm and jerk like a foot idiot. We know your dick dedication to our soles runs deep. Our feet own you completely. Submit to us now FOOT BOY!

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1080 HD Charlotte makes a loser worship her feet. She really enjoys having the loser lick and suck her soles and toes. Charlotte is wearing a very nice French pedicure. The careless loser chips Charlotte’s nice pedicure with his stupid teeth! They need to go straight to the mall so that Charlotte can get her pedicure fixed. While they are there Charlotte wants two new pairs of ballet flats. Bratty young Charlotte loves using her stupid loser. He’s so weak. He’d do anything to make Charlotte happy. What a sucker. Dummies like this get taken for all they’re worth by bratty young girls like Princess Charlotte.
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Hellen Roxx

So there’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about and um.. promise you won’t laugh? Well you know we’ve been friends for awhile, in fact, you’re my best friend, and I thought maybe it was about time we took it to the next level. I mean we hang out all the time, we’re so close, so I was thinking maybe we should have sex and um see how it goes. I know it sounds weird because we’ve been friends for so long without ever doing anything but well I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I mean we’ve never even seen each other naked so I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I mean we don’t have to… but well you go first cause I’m too shy. And maybe if I like what I see we can go a bit farther from there. So let’s see, take your pants off. I’ll turn around so you don’t feel embarrassed.

Oh ummmm cute. That’s not what I was expecting at all. Is there more? Does it get bigger when it gets hard? No? That’s it? Well um I don’t really like this game. I think I made a mistake suggesting it. I’m not going to take my clothes off but well, um, thanks for showing me yours.

Oh nothing’s wrong I just thought it would be a fun game and now I realized it’s not. Cute though but well it’s kinda small. Maybe it’s best that we just stay friends.

Well I can’t lie, you’re my friend, I have to be honest and well it’s kinda small and sad. Like it’s just really disappointing. I was kinda hoping for more. I don’t even know what to say, that’s really tiny. It’s just so small. I kinda feel bad for you. I feel like I wouldn’t even feel it inside of me. Have other girls told you that? Gosh it’s so small. It sucks to be you I guess. That’s just sad. Are you sure it doesn’t get any bigger when it’s hard? Jerk it a little so I can see if it gets any bigger.

You only use two fingers to jerk it? Wow. It really is tiny and it’s really not growing. You poor thing. That’s definitely the smallest one I’ve ever seen. So put your pants back on, I don’t want to see it any more. But thanks for showing me what I’m not missing.
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Goddess Vega And Princess Madison

These two hot girls bring this lucky guy back to their hotel room for sex. Its his lucky night. They peel off his pants and are shocked at how little his penis is! They start laughing at him. Theyre literally in shock. So they tell him theyre going to measure it, they always do this they tell him. But the truth is theyve never seen a cock this small before. It measures two and a half inches! They laugh in his face and asked him if he really thought he was going to get laid with such a small dick. How humiliating to have two hot girls ready to fuck you and then they laugh in his face when they see the size of his penis.

Hes so humiliated and embarrassed. The girls pull two big dildos that they keep around because of guys like him. They tease him with their big dildos telling him theyd rather fuck a dildo. His dick wouldnt even reach their pussies. They hold up his little dick next to the big dildo so they can compare the difference. Its soooo small. The girls cant stop laughing at him. He feels so stupid as they continue to measure his cocks length, width and circumference.

Then Miss Vega holds up her heels next to his cock. His little dick isnt even half the size of her heel! Its such a pathetic little nub. They make him look at it to see how truly small it is. The girls are so disappointed they wasted their time with him. So instead of them sucking on his dick, they force him to suck on theirs! They fuck his mouth with their dildos while they laugh at him and berate him for being such a tiny dick loser. They turn him into a girl as he sucks dick and they rub his little clit. How fucking humiliating for him!

And to further humiliate him and turn him into a girl, they push his little nub dick inside of itself. They tuck it completely inside and it actually looks like a pussy. So much so that Madison is actually able to finger it! OMG this is so fucking hilarious! He gets his pussy fingered! They turn him into such a little bitch. Then Vega beats his dick with a dildo, punishing it for being so small. Then she fucks his mouth some more while he jerks it. They want him to get it hard so they can measure it again. Sucking that dildo actually made him hard and he grew a whole inch! LOL! Then they just dick him out, naked!
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Mistress Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori are bratty spoiled Femdom anal stretching queens. They just love using mens pussy holes to Fuck Hard and stretch wide open until the pathetic bitches scream for mercy, it’s what makes them wet. The power of owning every male slut. They have their bitch bent over the fuck horse Goddess Rachael sits stroking her huge 12″ black strap on cock as she smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke right into the slaves face and asks him to beg her to fuck his hole finally the ladies really tear into this bitch fucking him hard and long making him scream for every inch
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1080 HD: Princess Jennifers favorite class at Brat Princess University is Corporal Punishment. Princess Jennifer demonstrates to Princess Sasha Foxx how to administer a beating on a male. The helpless janitor cannot stop the girls or we will lose his job. Possibly even arrested depending on what the girls say. You want her to get an A dont you? Youre getting so much better Sasha. He is getting more and more hurt! The girls make the janitor oink as they beat him. The flogger has metal buttons at the end that tear into his flesh. They even make the Janitor promise to be Jennifers paypig for her Findom class. Jenifer loves hitting balls. Its her favorite. The janitors back and ass are covered in deep welts. The welting continues. Jennifer shows him no mercy. She hits him over and over with all her might. The girls are so pretty and the whip rock is so ugly from his beatings. The blows even cause damage to his balls that required some medical attention. This shows bratty school girls beating a hapless janitor improving their skills for their Corporal Punishment class.
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