meanworld – Mercedes Carrera – POV Slave Orders 5 [FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, SWEAT] Full HD

You wanted to hire a personal trainer so you came to Mercedes’s Gym. She doesn’t like wimps. She makes you her BITCH… she makes you lick her sweaty asshole and kiss her sweaty feet!

Format: MP4
Duration: 10 Min
Size: 584 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Mercedes Carrera POV Slave Orders 5.mp4 – 584.4 МБ

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The Queendom: The Executrix Files: In Kawaii’s Smother Harness SD

Mistress Kawaii has been having a blast slowly crushing and destroying her most recent condemned male. After a full day of being crushed and smothered by Mistress Kawaii and her Executrix friends, the slave has finally been removed from the smother box only to have his face locked into Kawaii’s massive ass with the smother harness! The straps wrap around the slave’s head and neck tightly, pulling his face deep into Mistress Kawaii’s ass and preventing him from pulling away. The slave’s wrists are cuffed to the front of the harness, preventing the slave from being able to undo the straps himself and leaving him totally helpless, just how Mistress Kawaii likes her men! She laughs at the slave’s pitiful, muffled moans and desperate attempts to plead for air, but no amount of begging will convince her to release the slave. After a very long day, Mistress Kawaii is ready to sleep and she’s going to keep the slave locked in her harness all night long! "You better not wake me up either or I’ll fucking crack your neck!" She says, tightening one of the straps to make it clear her threat is real. She shakes her ass, pulling the slave’s head and neck around as she effortlessly wiggles her hips. Her amazing ass and thighs are so much bigger than the slave its clear Kawaii could easily break his neck or smother him out just by rolling over, but she wants to see how long she can make this slave’s ass-ecution last. And the slave, for whatever reason continues to fight for his life of ass, struggling for each breath while being careful not to disturb his Mistress as She falls asleep…
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MeanWorld / MeanDungeon / Daisy Ducati 3

Mistress Daisy Ducati is a world-reknowned pro-Domme .. she is ruthless and arrogant and expects complete servititude. She uses slave jason for her pleasure, at one point using a weight belt to force his face into her ass. Hot scene with FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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