Subbyhubby: Maid to Service

FULL LENGTH………………Giselle is a housekeeper for a wealthy family. When the parents are out of town, the college age son makes sexual advances towards her. Giselle is having none of it. She turns the tables on the spoiled boy and turns him into HER maid. Giselle blackmails the young man into becoming her cuckold. She locks him in chastity and brings home her lover for him to service. Giselle teaches the slut how to get her off by worshiping her ass. She forces him to suck cock and take a facial. Just when the slut thinks it can’t get any worse she makes him lick both her and her lover’s feet. Giselle tells the young man that she is going to fuck him in the ass before the day is over. She makes good on her promise by pumping him full of her huge strap on cock. There is no limit to the humiliation that Giselle puts her new cuck through as she transforms him into her sex slave. *CUCKOLD* FORCED BI * CHASTITY* STRAP ON * FOOT DOMINATION * ASS WORSHIP* DANGLING SHOE* HEARTLESS HUMILATION *

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