SENSUAL PAIN: Jul 5, 2017: Out of the Pit and onto the Log | Abigail Dupree

Usually when a lady is asked to get all gussied up from head to toe, she can expect a nice dinner and maybe a show for a night on the town. But slave abigail knows that when Master James asks her to get all dolled up, it is only for the purpose of destroying something beautiful.
It’s mid afternoon on one of the hottest days in the midwest when she presents herself to her Master, hoping that she is wrong about her assumptions concerning his intentions.
She is immediately met with a burlap sack over her head and is dragged stumbling in her stilettos across uneven ground as she suddenly drops down into what she has been slaving away at digging for the past few days. Heavy metal bars close in around her neck and then solid metal doors are closed on top of the bars and locked into place as the lights go out under a metal bucket placed over her hooded, itchy and sweaty head.

Download file – 881.0 MB
Download file – 881.0 MB
Download file – 881.0 MB
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