Scissorvixens: Getting Her SCISSOR FIX!

Many of you will remember Alexis Rain from when we first shot with her several years. Back then she was very fit with well-muscled legs and a genuinely dominant attitude.

Fast forward several years later and she’s back but this time she’s packed on even more muscle and her scissors are most definitely stronger as well!

This video features three vicious REAL KNOCKOUTS and several semi-conscious moments for our victim as Alexis’s thighs prove to be way too much for him!

In this video Alexis is happy to be home with her boyfriend after a long two-week trip which deprived her of one of her favorite ways to get-off…SCISSORING!

He’s taking a nap on the couch when she finally arrives and is initially happy to see her until she smiles and says…”Hey babe, it’s so nice to be home but after two weeks away I need my fix and you know what that means!?”.

Watch as his face quickly goes from excitement over finally seeing her after such a long time apart to frightened knowing after two-weeks of Alexis not getting her fix he was soon going to be in a world of pain between her POWERFUL THIGHS!

Alexis wraps her big quads around his neck and starts pumping her scissors saying…”It’s so good to wrap my legs around your throat and SQUEEEEEZE…how I missed this!” forcing him to quickly tap-out and go limp in a state of semi-consciousness!

And in a BRUTAL, but oh so SEXY, reverse headscissor she clamps down, tightening her glutes to the max, and turns his lights out for REAL!

Watch as Alexis scissors her way to near-orgasm over and over again while caressing her bare breasts and finally reaching CLIMAX in the end by turning him off one last time in a murderous side reverse scissor!

If you like BRUTAL, VICIOUS, NO MERCY SCISSORING with a few skull crushing knockouts and many near-knockouts then you don’t want to miss Alexis Rain in ‘Getting Her SCISSOR FIX!’.

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