Scatshop: Bikini Pool Girl Locked out of bathroom – Pees & shits

What A great day for a Pool Party! I have a bunch of Friends over and I have to use the bathroom after all this Party food and Drinks. Dancing in my Bikini eating chips, I knock on the Bathroom Door over and Over.
I gotta go! I yell over and Over drinking and spilling my vodka all over my tits.
After holding it and repeatedly banging on the door, I pull down my bikini bottoms and PISS into a plastic cup, hoping No one CATCHES ME.

I bang on the Door Again And beat on the Bathroom again!
I really have to go!! I pull down my Swim Bottoms, Peaking around the corner to see if Anyone is coming and Poop a HUGE LOAD on my Chip plate.
One leg On the wall and one on the ground I Shit So clear in your face.
MORE MORE keeps coming
After I poop, I check the door again, It was just stuck this whole time!
I get rid of the evidence, wash my hands and head out to party!

Light music playing in background

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