Reality Girls Scissors: She Won’t Let Go: hd

This clip showcases an insane tag team featuring new Reality Girl Jennifer and Ivey who are matched against Tom and dingbat Iris. Every time two people face off, there is domination. There are long, relentless holds, two knockouts — one as the brunette beauty Ivey catches Iris, who is always her bitch, in a sleeper. Iris also is in a ton of pain in Ivey’s legs, which could beat her by themselves. More scary is when Jennifer (a tall, solid young girl with legs developed from 5 years of waiting tables and good genes) puts Tom in a bodyscissors/chokehold that she does not release for about 15 seconds after Tom taps furiously. I don’t think anyone knew he was in real trouble until he said he’d gone out, and then on watching the video. He just said he was fine. This was filmed before Tom’s broken rib last week courtesy of ere. His return remains doubtful. note: Jennifer now promises to put Iris to sleep when they wrestle next as Iris put the new girl in a cheap sleeper and locked it on hard in this clip

Download file – 401.0 MB
Download file – 401.0 MB
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