Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Hotwife Fucks Your Friend

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a 2 part vid (both parts in the same vid). In the first part I tell you, my husband, that your friend has sent me an email, propositioning me. In the email he tells me that he thinks I’m really hot & he’d like me to meet him at a hotel for sex. He sent me a dick pic. I show it to you. He & I had flirted before, there’s definitely some sexual chemistry there. I tell you that I’m considering it & notice you getting aroused as I talk about it. I start to talk about how nice & big his cock looks. I get excited about fucking it & then decide to go for it. I tell you to NOT jerk off, to wait until I get back.

In the 2nd part I’ve returned home after fucking your friend all day long. I tell you all about it while instructing you to jerk off. I really emphasize how big his cock was & how much of an alpha male he was. I tell you all the details & finally let you cum telling you that I plan to invite him into our bed & maybe I’ll even make you suck his big cock.

Note: Light small penis humiliation & light, teasing references to forced bi play. Sensually Dominate cuckoldress style scene.



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