Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Fuck My Pumps Heelboi – MP4

I never go out wearing dirty pumps. Why should I? There’s so many heelbois out there just dying to lick them clean. It doesn’t matter what I may have stepped in, does it? You’ll get on your knees where you belong and beg me to lick the soles clean. For a proper overall cleaning I make this little bitch remove my pumps from my silky hosed feet so it can lick them all over, including inside. Smells so good in there, doesn’t it? Tonight I decided to take my shoebitch out with me. Um, no… not like that. I made it fuck my pumps and cream all over the insoles, and then I slipped my foot back inside the squishy fluid. That’s how it will be going out from now on. The rest of it can wait in my toilet until I get home!

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