Lindsey Leigh Addiction: Cat Burglar

I break into your home, only expecting to find your family tied up where i left them. I rummage through your drawers looking for you safe pass code when you walk in and discover me. I immediately point my g** at you which stops you in your tracks. “Get on your knees, put these handcuffs on” I bark. Scared and slightly turned on you do it. “You think you’re the first man Ive ever robbed, oh no hun and you wont be the last” I say followed by a grim laugh. I explain to you that your family is tied up upstairs, i threaten to hurt them in order to get that passcode. Still you won’t give it up so I decide to change my tactic and tease the code out of you. The more you resist me the more holes you’ll find in you. “Give me the passcode” I demand. Slowly you read off the numbers until you reach the last two. You assume I will off you anyways so ask for a happy ending, knowing it will ensure getting the numbers I agree. The minute I sit on top of you you tell me the numbers and then boom off with your head and off with your money!


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