Life Under Valentine: Gym, Shower, Work

Today, I had to go to work late, so I went to the gym first. This means it’s going to be a new experience for ass-slave because I went straight to the gym from home, then came over to his place sweaty and nasty, used his face as a place to sit and undress, and then showered before getting dressed for work. That means he got to smell me sweaty and clean all in the same day. (Lucky him!)

First, I sit down on his face in my tight sweaty workout pants. I really like grinding down on him. I think that’s my favorite thing about sitting on his face. Then I slowly take off my nasty sweaty clothes. I wrap a towel around me, pull off my panties, and make it look like he’s actually going to get to touch me there… Nope. I walked off to the shower and told him he better not move an inch while I’m gone. hehe! I’m so mean to him now.

When I get back, he hasn’t moved! Good for him. Now I’ve got to get ready for work. I slowly put on my bra, stockings, and dress. I slip on my shoes, but not before grinding and burying his face deeper into my butt! I love doing that to him. Especially when I can feel his nose press against my butt hole! <3


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