Juliesimone: Rubber Lover Pt 2 Bound Orgasm Race

In Part 2 Julie Simone wraps Her submissive in a latex sheet, then adds rope over it to keep it in place. She gives him a rope blindfold to make it easier for him to drift into subspace. She leaves the slave to enjoy his bindings for a bit, then returns w a hitachi maid wand. Of course there’s a twist. Since Julie gets no pleasure in giving a slave an orgasm, She straddles the bound slave and tells him T/they are going to race. If Julie cums first, he doesn’t get an orgasm. If he cums first, then he’ll be subjected to post-cum torment until She orgasms. Either way, Julie wins! Julie Simone wears a latex hood, latex dress and latex bolero with striped Wolford Pantyhose. The slave wears a latex catsuit, latex bolero and hood.


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