Jodi West: Mistress Jodi Milks Restrained Young Man With Latex Gloves

Mistress Jodi has you, her young slave, tied down to her table for your daily handjob cock milking. In sexy black bondage outfit, Mistress Jodi is straight to work on you while you lay naked, bound and helpless. She puts on her latex rubber gloves and applies a generous amount of lube all over your flaccid cock. Jodi begins her task of getting your pathetic cock nice and hard so she can get all of your filthy cum out of you. She slowly strokes and jerks your dirty boy cock with one hand, then two, all the while not making any eye contact with you. You see her gorgeous body pleasuring you, but you know that she can’t stand the sight of you. You are almost in tears by the time you finally shoot your load. So much comes out that a bit even hits her face. Wanting nothing more from you, she quickly cleans up and leaves you bound to the table to sit in your own mess.

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