Humiliation POV Princess Kira Star: Wipe The Poisonous P0pp3rz Toxins On Your Nostrils, Inhale Until Your Brain Leaks Out

Princess Kira Star

I’m so hot, you’re so addicted to me. Admit it. Your loser cock wants me so bad. And you love how your cock just throbs for me. I am your only reason to live. Yes, and this is so good for you. You need this. You need me because I know how to fuck with losers like you. You see I know you’re a p0pp3rz freak. You love sniffing them, and this is so good for you. You love to sniff those poisonous toxins and get so stupid, so out of control. You love the perverted thoughts you get when you sniff. So much lust, so much perversion. So much power they give me over you.

Your cock is so hard, just waiting for you to take a sniff for me. Your cock is so excited already. Today we’re going to blast your brains, harder than ever before. Just for me. You’re going to lose more brain cells than ever, and you’re going to cum harder than ever before. Are you ready to party with a woman as gorgeous as me? Do you think you can handle it? I want you to show me how much you lust for me. I love fucking you up like this.

So get your bottle of perverted poison, open it, put your finger and on the top and turn the bottle upside down. Now wipe the poison on your nostril. Now do it again, lots of poison p0pp3rz on your nostril. I want you to have constant fumes as you jerk and breathe deeply. This is so powerful, all the is racing to your cock as you lust after my gorgeous body. Stroke for me, pump your cock for Princess Kira. Your heart is pounding from so many p0pp3rz. But don’t worry about that, just keep jerking your cock and look at me. Show me how much you lust for me. Keep breathing it in and stroking. Put more on your nostrils every time you need more and just keep jerking your loser cock.

The p0pp3rz make you so weak and perverted. But it feels so good you can’t stop. You are filled with sexual desire. Keep breathing loser. Your brain is leaking out as you jerk for me. Jerk and tell me what a perverted freak you are. Rub more of it all over your nose and stroke it with the same hand. You must be going crazy by now. But you love this. Stroke your fucking cock and tell me all of your fucked up desires, you fucking perverted p0pp3rz freak. Your cock and your brain can’t handle my extreme beauty. Stare at me, so many p0pp3rz, you feel like you might not make it, but you can’t stop. You’re crazy with lust for me. It won’t be long now, your loser balls are ready to explode. And they will.

You’re constantly breathing in the p0pp3rz, your head is ready to explode. You stupid fool. Pump it out. Cum for me. Show me how much you lust me, show me how much you can cum for me. You are a braindead mess, lol. I’ll bet you’re still breathing it in, LOL! What a fucking loser you are!


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