Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Each Time You Pull Out That Credit Card And Join Again You Feel So Stupid

Princess Candy Glitter

Why do you even try to leave this site? You know that you shouldn’t even bother because you just come crawling back, all of you. In fact, just seeing that this video went up on the site will cause so many of you to rejoin. You just come crawling back because you’re weak and addicted to the hot bratty girls on here. We make your dick so hard loser! And you’ll never get away from us. We’re always there in your mind.

You can try and take a break for a week or a month, but we both know how it will end up, so why even bother? You’re just going to keep crawling back, every single time, every single one of you. You’re all the same. You’re never going to be able to kick this little addiction. And that’s exactly what it is, an addiction. You need femdom humiliation from bratty girls. You fucking live for it. You need it to make your dick hard, you need it to get off, nothing else turns you on the way this does loser! Nothing else makes your dick this hard and that’s why you always come back like a little pathetic pervert.

You can’t get away from us. But I do love reading in the forum about how you pervs somehow think you can get away, or take a break but always find yourselves coming back. Some of you have been members for almost ten years now! It’s kinda of like edging your cock, you back off just a little, but then when you start again, it’s that much more explosive.

You miss it when you’re gone, don’t you? Even when you’re not a member you’re checking the updates each day until finally you give in Again! You need the brats on this site, you crave us. And each time you come back you feel even more pathetic. Each time you pull out that credit card and join again you feel so stupid. But even that turns you on, you’re so fucked! We’ve already planted the seed inside your mind, we’ve already infiltrated your brain with our images, and our words. You can’t stop jerking off for us. It’s such an addiction, isn’t it?

You’re a little femdom addict and that’s all you will ever be. So don’t even try to get away because we will just mindfuck you twice as hard when you return. We will just toy with you even more. You probably like that, don’t you? So just accept your addiction, accept who you are, an addicted loser for the brats of HumiliationPOV. Admit it, you’re addicted to this website and all of the hot brats who would never touch you. But that just turns you on even more.

It’s so funny to see you humiliation addicts convince yourself that it would be good to take a break. But then you feel so empty, you just need it so bad. It’s just like any other addiction, and you’ll never break it. You’ll always come crawling back because you’re a loser who loves being abused. That is who you are and you’ll never be able to escape that. So just keep jerking your cock and don’t even try to get away. This is your reality. This is what you need and that will never, ever change. Your dick is so hard right now isn’t it? You see, your cock betrays you, you’ll never get away, you will always come back.


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