Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Addicted Pay Junkies Need To Be Fucked Over, I Don’t Even Have Convince You

Miss Tiffany

You’re fucked and I don’t even have to do anything, because I know your secret. I know the truth, that’s right loser. I know just how much it turns you on to pay. And I know that each time you need to pay a bit more to get that same rush. Your dick just twitches and throbs each time you pay, I know it does. You see you’re an addict and I know it, and I know how to exploit addicts. Addicts need more and more each time to reach that same high.

I know that paying sends you into that submissive subspace, you love being a good little piggy, sending your hard earned cash to your princess. And I know that you need to increase the amount each time or else you don’t feel it. You need to pay more, you do, and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you keep paying the same small amount, you don’t get that rush that you so desperately need to feel in your cock. It’s because you’re helplessly addicted to paying. And you don’t want to plateau, now do you? It’s only going to get worse for you because you are a little junkie, completely addicted to paying me, to getting that rush, that high.

The excitement you feel when you’re on your knees next to your computer with your credit card in your mouth, it’s getting more expensive for you. That’s why your loser taxes start so low, because I know it will only go up. That’s just me slowly sinking my claws into you. It’s so easy to fuck with findom addicts. You are my victim and all of you have the same mentality. You’re all addicts. You’re addicted to being used, drained, completely fucking rinsed for my amusement. You love seeing how far your boundaries can be pushed. It’s so obvious, you practically beg for it. You get so stupid when you get horny, and paying is the only thing that makes you horny any more.

Soon you’ll being paying amounts larger than you ever imagined, just to get that same feeling again. And all I have to do is sit back and watch as you destroy yourself. Every single one of you piggies comes back for more, even if you’ve been completely drained. It all started out so innocently with ten dollar or fifty dollar tributes. Now you need to spend your whole paycheck just to get that same rush. And I don’t even have to convince you. You’re an addict. You need that high from being completely drained. You can’t help it, you love it too much, it’s such a rush for you. And do you know what loser? It’s never going to end. You’ve completely fucked yourself. I absolutely love draining pay pigs like you. It’s the easiest thing, getting in that simple little brain of yours and fucking it up to the point that you can’t even cum unless you pay.


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