Humiliation POV Hellen Roxx: It’s Kinda Small, Maybe We Should Just Remain Friends – BFF SPH

Hellen Roxx

So there’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about and um.. promise you won’t laugh? Well you know we’ve been friends for awhile, in fact, you’re my best friend, and I thought maybe it was about time we took it to the next level. I mean we hang out all the time, we’re so close, so I was thinking maybe we should have sex and um see how it goes. I know it sounds weird because we’ve been friends for so long without ever doing anything but well I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I mean we’ve never even seen each other naked so I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I mean we don’t have to… but well you go first cause I’m too shy. And maybe if I like what I see we can go a bit farther from there. So let’s see, take your pants off. I’ll turn around so you don’t feel embarrassed.

Oh ummmm cute. That’s not what I was expecting at all. Is there more? Does it get bigger when it gets hard? No? That’s it? Well um I don’t really like this game. I think I made a mistake suggesting it. I’m not going to take my clothes off but well, um, thanks for showing me yours.

Oh nothing’s wrong I just thought it would be a fun game and now I realized it’s not. Cute though but well it’s kinda small. Maybe it’s best that we just stay friends.

Well I can’t lie, you’re my friend, I have to be honest and well it’s kinda small and sad. Like it’s just really disappointing. I was kinda hoping for more. I don’t even know what to say, that’s really tiny. It’s just so small. I kinda feel bad for you. I feel like I wouldn’t even feel it inside of me. Have other girls told you that? Gosh it’s so small. It sucks to be you I guess. That’s just sad. Are you sure it doesn’t get any bigger when it’s hard? Jerk it a little so I can see if it gets any bigger.

You only use two fingers to jerk it? Wow. It really is tiny and it’s really not growing. You poor thing. That’s definitely the smallest one I’ve ever seen. So put your pants back on, I don’t want to see it any more. But thanks for showing me what I’m not missing.

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