Humiliation POV Goddess Tierra: Real Loser Exposing By Goddess Tierra

You get off on everyone knowing what a pathetic little slave you are for me. You Love when I mention your name. It’s so sad. You’ll do Anything for some fucking attention. You losers jerk off furiously when I write your name in my blog. You want the whole wide world to know you’re a pathetic bitch for me. But I’m not just going to Give you that privilege. You love it too much, and you don’t deserve it. So I’m not going to post your ugly face or your tiny little dick on My site… unless you BEG me.

Beg me to expose you on my website and on twitter. I have thousands of followers who will see what a pathetic loser you are, and you are going to beg me for that honor. And you’re going to beg me because you want it so badly. You want to jerk off seeing yourself exposed to the world. It fucking turns you on so much!

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to write, ‘Tierra’s Pathetic Bitch’ on yourself, and you’re going to take a picture. I want it to be Really humiliating. Then send me that photo and beg me to post it. Show me how badly you want it. I know you crave this, you need this.

There are going to be so many guys who want this, so you better beg really good, make your email stick out from all the others by being the most pathetic. I’m not going to expose every single one of you and I Know how many guys are going to come begging for the honor of being on my blog or on my twitter account. Just having me acknowledge you and post your picture is more than your tiny little dick and brain can handle.

And your picture better be top notch too, if your picture sucks I’m not posting it. This is going to be like a loser competition. Who’s the biggest loser for Goddess Tierra? Here’s my email losers… Tierra@.

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